6 Gate Ireland – Anchor Group Reports Part Two


6Boog4 The Activation was amazing!

We were seven people, everybody was profoundly connected with the 6th Gate Energies. We could perfectly feel the Activation of the Star in the Core of the Earth and the powerful waves of light being projected to all humans, countries, everything. The Starry Processional Dance was beautiful, synchronized, fluid.

The reading of the Anchor Groups all over the world was unbelieveble. It is so powerfull and beautiful to have so many people connected in the same High Purpose. The Dance of the Six Elements was very light and we were very happy!


We also felt very conected to the Master Cylinder. You have made such a wonderful job! I felt the Presence of Archangel Michael, Jesus, Mother Mary and Buddha….They were giving us the teachings about Power, Wisdom and Love.This was really special. Almost everybody was crying tears of Light…

I’m sending some pictures of our Anchor Group.. In the waves of Love of our One Heart,
With deep Gratitude and Respect, Cris Boog

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We were 9 in our group in Perth. All in white in a beautiful healing room in Hamilton Hill with two huge golden hearts hanging from the ceiling and crystals, candles and bright cloths on the walls and tables. The group had made three circles on the floor with a globe, 2 stones and candles in the second and outer circles.

We began at 7.11 and continued till 11.11 and beyond. We danced for 22 mins every hour, meditated for 11 mins and shared our experiences for 11 mins, then took a break and began again.

The most amazing transformations took place as the Guardians held their ground sometimes with difficulty and the dancers kept the Starry Procession going. The Earth was healed as were we. The dross was burned, the light emerged and a giant star and cylinders of light covered us all.

To turn inside out, we all lit a special candle each, 11 in all, and stepped over them into the heart of the Earth shedding darkness and dross as we stepped. Turning as One, we turned outwards and stepped out into a new light. Finally, dancing altogether with the Guardians, we spun a cylinder of new bright clean light into the whole world.

It was very beautiful and the sharing of the changing process was transformational. People saw and did things they never had before.

Thank you everyone and especially Solara for bringing us the impetus and direction to join together and heal ourselves and the planet. One Earth One Being.….El Aa Ra Christine


We had a very simple small gathering for the Brisbane Anchor Group. It was held in the very beautiful Maroochy Shire Botanic Gardens just out from Buderim.

The ceremony was simple, meditations and each consciously choosing to walk through the 6th Doorway.

We definitely felt connected to all the other Anchor Groups around the world and at the end of the ceremony felt a beautiful inner peace and heart harmony.

Hope you all had similar experiences …Lots of love and light.……Ka~RA


I was so happy to read the line saying “magnificent Activation”! We felt the same!!! And we had two magnificent unforgettable days in Anykshchiai. On Friday, when we were learning the sacred movements, there were 35 of us, while on the day of activation we were 33. All very dedicated people.

We had a large hall inside an administrative building of a spralling resting place which is 2 kilometres off the town, near the river Holy, surrounded by beautiful woods.

On Friday we were together from 11am to about 7 pm. We had very special decorations as one of us – Neringa- has drawn most incredible mandalas which she felt were specially channelled thru her for that particular occasion. They radiated very powerful high frequency energy. When I came near one of them, I suddenly felt it was a mandala of CREATOR’S HEART itself…

Later when we were all dancing / improvising the new 6 Gate Dance on the smaller circle of Earth – after we have stepped on it in full responsibility– someone saw our movements as exact replica in energy patterns of that particular Mandala!!! Only she said the colours were far more vibrant while the energy strings were so spaciously alive! What a rotating dance it was!!! We danced with such joyous abandon! Many, myself including, saw and felt the HEART inside Mother Earth we connected to…

I should have started perhaps, with telling you that on the morning of the 29th just before 6 am Irish time when I was about to comb my hair, I suddenly caught a stream of energy coming from you and your image flashed in my mind’s eye. A heart to heart connection was established which later helped me feel when the Master group needed our support most. This made it easy to feel when this or that dance should be performed, ie. to be in tune with you.

We were connecting with all the Anchor Groups hourly. We danced the Starry Processional, the Lotus, the Starry Spiral and could feel the energies building up real powerfully. Such pleasure!

Oh, you should have seen our improvisation of the Six Elements Dancing!!!.How organically it got woven into a dance of all! Personally, no element “called ” me as I so strongly felt all of them in me… but at the last minute I was drawn by water, and a blue scarf was all that was left for me; I grabbed that one. Yet all the water people were already dancing in pairs… Suddenly I felt my energies turning into ‘wind’, and in no time I was” a river in space”, which was accompanied by a very special sound…I was rushing in between them, disrupting their orderly patterns, hissing and foaming with incredible might – a whirlwind – that was no longer a body of a 66 year old – it was a body of some wild goddess! My, my.

Other elements were so creative: their dances were accompanied by poetry born of the moment. And what poetry!!! We all had a feeling we were transfixed and living really large!

Then we had a break for lunch…Interesting was the feeling which made me say : “We’ll start again … no, not at 1pm, but at 12: 45 your time.” Yea, people were relaxed; some were eating, when we started feeling the onrush of incredibly strong new energy! It came earlier than expected. Many were so overpowered by it they couldn’t move… Some, as they shared later, saw visions of St Germain and YOU turning into a large violet sphere… One person saw an abundance of white feathers falling down into the center and taking a shape of a beautiful swan… Some had visions of so many of us embracing all the GLOBE. No end of visions.

By one o’clock we were all rotating in a mad dance of joy!!! Such a beautiful feeling of ONENESS, of deeply connecting with EARTH and all LIFE.

When we were overcome with the joy of those new strong energies, I had an urge to suggest we dance an old Lithuanian folk dance which is called “Threads, threads, weave yourselves into a ball”. Every child used to know it… It is very simple, but so much fun. As all are standing in a large circle- as we were at that precise moment- the leader disconnects one of his / her hands and starts circling in ever diminishing spiral, leading all the “chain’ of others behind himself till they all form a very tightly rotating ball.While dancing we are all singing a special song which says ‘Threads, threads, weave yourselves into a ball without leaving an end…’ This special tune sets the rythm.The energy was extraordinary when we all turned into a laughing, hilarious Globe of rotating EARTH ITSELF!!! We were really One organism while the rythmic thumping of our feet in precise unison, which went ‘thud- thud- thud’, was our pulsing heart…I have never ever seen or experienced such a happy, singing, laughing EARTH before! The energies were really deeply grounded

In about half an hour after we left the hall and were driving to a country house of one of us, there came torrential rain! That reminded me of Bled, Slovenia after the 3rd Gate Activation. I will never forget how you SOLARA, managed to talk the Spirit of the brewing storm into just waiting till we finished; for I heard you doing that… It agreed and the sun shone again till we finished. And then, at the precise moment we were all speeding to our coach, it broke loose with extraordinary power.

And then came the rainbows! And most extraordinary “cloud effects”, including a golden, sparkling BIRD flying upwards from the very horizon! As I said, impossible to describe all… People are starting writing letters to me. They are so very impressive!

And so, we’ve done our best… At times it was not easy at all..There was some dark resistance…But we’ve made it!!! Is that why many of us felt suddenly so utterly sapless afterwards, on the way home we felt so thoroughly exhausted… I just wonder why? Nothing of the kind happened either after Bled or other Anchor groups. ..Perhaps I’ll find an explanation in your story…which we all eagerly await.

In the JOY of ONE HEART, with tremendous Love for all.….. Lilija


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