6 Gate Ireland – Anchor Group Reports Part Four


In spite of the challenges, the aim was arrive to the Activation of the 6th Doorway with a party atmosphere …and 29 people got it!

Previously, we worked together a lot, as a group, in order to be prepared for the event. Also, we used elements as a mandala with hearts candles, white flowers, the claddagh ring (Ireland’s symbol), and the list of the Anchor Groups around the world. We also worked with clean aura spray, Bach’s flowers drop to anchor us in earth, and flowers drops in hands to harmonize us, the music of Omashar and rose incense.

The Sacred Dances, stone circle and the final anchor with the sacred dance of the star were sublime.
The ONE energy was captured in our photos. Thank you very much, Solara. Especially for doing so much personal effort.

6JosefinaAnchor Group One Heart / Corazón Unico with Josefina Ratti in Argentina.



I was at the Sabanci University Campus during the Activation, and though being alone, I felt deeply connected with everyone and all that there is. It was really a moving experience, and I’m glad I did my part. Thank you Solara, and thanks to everyone. With love and light….Can


Yes, we felt it a powerful Activation also. There were 29 people in our Anchor Group here in Wales. We have been inundated with thank you letters for the day. Nearly all the letters say that they experienced a day of great joy and at times tenderness and tears of compassion.

We began our day with the Starry Processional Dance as always. ThelLink with the all others taking part around the world was most powerful. This was followed by a series of meditations which took us through the 5 Gateways of the 11:11. Then we actually formed the Gateways; each one was different. The Fourth Gateway had everyone in tears. The Fifth Gateway of Personal Freedom had everyone rejoicing. not-6G-263

Then came the Earth Star Dance. Always so powerful. The four children loved it so much. The Dance of the Elements was amazing with paper masks made by the children, with headresses of branches and blossoms for the Earth team. Winged masks for the Air Team. Flame masks for the Fire Team, and Dolphin Masks for the Water Team. The most beautiful mask was for the Moon, the colours of silver and purple, worn with a beautiful purple swatch of material. The Sun had a huge crown of golden and orange cardboard with flowers and a wooden wand wrapped in orange ribbon with a huge sun on the top. The masks and coloured scarves were then swapped in a most graceful dance and slowly the masks and colours abandoned until we were all once again dressed in white. The dance was so powerful and colourful.

not-6G-262We ended our day with the circles of the One Earth / One Being and a meditation using some of Solara’s words. At one time everyone was in tears as we spoke of the Earth and the destruction. Then tears of joy as we spoke of the New Energy and the Oneness that we are all helping to anchor here on Earth. We sang the song of the One Heart; everyone embraced until all had beed hugged.

The flowers in our Centre of our circle were then taken to the woods and each person chose a tree to lay their flowers beneath.

Thank you Solara for making the day possible and for all that you do. Sending spheres of Love and light on the Golden strands that unite us in One Heart.…. Amma Ra

Yes, please put us down on the list for 7th Gate. Everyone is so looking forward to it.


Our Lawrence Kansas anchor activities were not as extensive as the 5th Gate, but were nonetheless powerful.
We all consisted of energy healers of various backgrounds, so we feel that our purpose was more of sending and replenishing the energies of the main focus group in addition to serving to Anchor. We hope it helped…. Dawn


Please find our photograph from the 6th Gate activiation in Kirn / Birkenfeld, Germany. The Activation was done right between the 3 trees in the background. Afterwards we had some tea and cakes. The Activation felt quite good, moving almost steadily. From time to time we could feel that the energy decreased / turned the direction, but then it came back to normal. We were all very happy to participate. Thank you for organizing this big thing.….. Petra

6Kirn smpurp1


Look at which gate Mark and myself went through in Sydney to go to the Anchor Group in Hawaii,
How syncronistic is that….. 6Airport

It must have went well in Ireland, because we felt the connection in Hawaii. It was great, we met Osha, Iree, Sienna , Donna and Marga. What fantastic people!

6MarksPhoto of Mark, Iree & Mark at one of the Big Island Hawaii Anchor Groups.


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