6 Gate Ireland – Anchor Group Reports Part Three


I wish to tell you about our spiritual experience as an Anchor group in Las Flores,Argentina. We began blessing the Earth.We were placed by a beautiful lake in a cold morning.The lake was quiet; it seemed a mirror; it could reflect the sunlight. It was full of ducks and birds.There was quietness wherever you looked.

When we connected with the Master Cylinder in Ireland and with the other Anchor Groups of all over the world, we felt the One Earth / One Heart / One Love flowing through everyone.

When the 6th Gate was activated, in this place we could see a light and brilliant tube going downstairs into the
middle of the lake .It seemed a great flower. Its light illuminated everywhere, the surroundings too, and entered into the Star of the Earth. When the lighting neon tube arrived to the Star, there were lights of marvellous colours going in and out, an explosion forming symmetrical spheres. It was magnificent; we were all in One Being anchoring the Unity in ourselves, in this group, in Las Flores, in the Earth.

Then, we thanked God for everything we received. Finally, our day finished at 6.30.
Here from Argentina, all together in One Love, One Heart. Thank you, Solara, once more…. Las Flores Group Argentina.






I really felt an unusual and special energy on the 29th during the afternoon into the eve. I was happy to be a part of it! Am looking forward to the next one! Love…. Vickey / Altara


Dearest dearest Solara,
You are never alone in anchoring the unseen, the new reality. La’Re El, myself and others in this South Eastern part of Australia may not have been at the 6th Gate Activation in Ireland, but boy, did we do stuff on the day.
We worked from the heart, the ONE heart and felt extraordinary shifts both on a planetary and human level.

It is so real. More real than what some would like us to believe…..

There is an incredible split in all aspects of our lives at the moment and often things seem way out of kilter. It is so easy in the course of the day, to feel totally at sea and delusional. Even those we love and trust seem buffeted and dumped on by waves of duality.

Many times I lose sight of where up is, seem to swallow water and feel overwhelmed by the 3D world. I experience the whole spectrum of emotion in the half hour I watch the evening world news. I often struggle to teach classes of teenages who seem totally disinterested in education or indeed the future. However, they enroll in my classes to be there and take part in art. They feel important and I feel trusted. Something in them subtly shifts now and again. It is always quiet and goes with out notice. No drums, no fanfare, no high marks in exams. Just an inner knowing and an awareness of being who they are.

I guess what I am saying is we are part of something profound…..

About a week ago, El Dayana was saying how blessed we are to be part of a unified being and that we recognise who we are. I know that I will be at a Master Cylinder in person one day, but I know in the core of my being that we are all linked and fulfilling a role we assigned ourselves aeons ago.

I love who you are and will always fondly remember that evening so long ago when La’Re El and I drove to hear your talk in Melbourne.That night, we made a conection with so many who have proved to be such a strong and focused group of people. The light web is strengthening in every way and will continue to grow until we finally arrive at our point of origin and see ourselves as we truly are.

This is sent with the love and recognition of your work, your joy of being part of the Greater Reality, and your wonderful insights and creativity.…. Aumanarius


1 person-Anchor in Austria:
I don’t know why, but I knew, it wasn’t necessary for me to find or found an Anchor-Group. I only knew, it would be very important to anchor this new energy of the 6th Aate where I’m living.

When I made my preparations in the morning (some candles, some roses) I suddenly had the feeling, the Gate would be activated at noon. At about 10:30 a.m. (same time as in Ireland) I felt very strong energies coming in ….. wow ….. I had to lay down ……. and fell asleep for more than one hour ……… I slept like a big, big, heavy granite-stone ……… when I awoke I knew, that the 6th Gate must have been activated and be wide open. ……. I had a feeling like “Hey, it’s over, we can stop the ceremonie” …. 😉 …..

During the afternoon I suddenly felt new, fresh energy coming in, so sparkling, so funny, so delightful. What a surprise!

The way reaching the 6th Gate has been full of challenges, mud, tears, sorrow, pain, emotions, sinkholes, sludge … And now these gentle energies. What a wonderful surprise! Now, I just need some time to understand this miracle.

Thank you to all of you who helped activate this Gate! Thank you…. Martina


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