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Fifth Gate began for me a few months ago. The energies were strong and continued to accelerate up until the day of its official Activation. For the past month or so, I was immersed in preparations. Never before, have I had to do so much. There were the arrangements with the hotel and the complicated task of dealing with the ever-changing registrations.

I could tell that Fifth Gate was going to be powerful, just by the issues it brought up in those who wrestled with their choice of participating in the Master Cylinder. People signed up and others canceled. Each time this happened, I had to totally redo the list of rooms and roommates. I waited up until the last minute to receive flight information and arrival times so I could give the hotel their final rooming list. I dealt with all the confusion and emotional upheaval that the Fifth Gate energies brought up, not just in myself, but in many others. And I saw that the responsibility and preparations for all the rest of the 11:11 Gates must now be shared by our One Being.


I did my best to answer numerous questions and requests from our Fifth Gate Anchor Groups, format translations that flooded in at the last minute, and find the site for the Activation itself. At times, I became overwhelmed by the profusion of tasks at hand, by the ever changing list of people who were coming or not. Then, I would have to stop and let go of everything, trusting that the energies of Fifth Gate itself would call those who were meant to be here.

In the midst of everything, the Activation Site came to us rather miraculously. Kima found it from a chance encounter on the other side of the island. She checked it out first and then arranged for me to see it with her. The gracious owners of the land in the southern part of the island knew that Fifth Gate was meant to be there and were most welcoming. Kima, Bruce, Mike, Diane, Scarlett and several others from the Hilo side of the island took on the huge responsibility for preparing the site and organizing the Guardian program. Things started to click into place.

On October 8th, Anastra arrived from Australia. She was the first to come. From then on, there was a steady stream of arrivals, and until November 1st, I didn’t spent a day by myself.

On October 11th, fifteen of us crammed into a minibus and visited the volcano of Kilauea. It was a joyous adventure. Most of us knew each other from previous Master Cylinders and hadn’t seen each other for over three years. It was immediately obvious how much we had grown; how stronger we were anchored in our One Being.

At the volcano, we purified ourselves in the steam vents, walked through lava tubes, left flowers for the menehunes (nature spirits), and threw our leis into the gaping crater as offerings to the Goddess Pele. There was a strong wind that day and I expected my lei to fly right back into my face. Instead, it lifted high into the air and going the opposite direction of the wind, soared far into the crater. Zak’s lei went flying up and to the right, landing perfectly positioned on an upper branch of a tree at the crater’s edge. These were good signs of Pele’s approval. We decided to complete our journey by encircling the island.

flowerliOn the evening of the 12th, our first session began. My heart burst open in gratitude to these shining beings who had actually come on the physical to participate in the Master Cylinder. It had been a challenging journey for us to get here, both literally and figuratively. And what a strong group we were!

We went around our circle with each one describing what Personal Freedom meant to them. This brought us into a closer understanding of the true meaning of Personal Freedom. It’s not just “doing our own thing”. But Personal Freedom has a wider meaning within the context of our One Being. It’s being constantly aware of the ripples we send out to our One Being through our actions and reactions. It’s the freedom that goes hand in hand with responsibility— the ability to respond with the fullness of our beings.

The following morning we began in earnest, meeting three times a day for sessions. Although these sessions take various forms, their main focus is on honing and refining our One Being, to get us ready to serve as a hollow tube or focal point for the Fifth Gate energies to enter the planet. Our group swelled to about 44 people, the smallest number we have ever had for a Master Cylinder, but one that was incredibly strong and dedicated.

Our sessions were extremely intense, not because of what we were doing, but rather because of the realness of the energies involved. We were strongly immersed in the Greater Reality from the very beginning. The energy continued to grow in intensity throughout the week. Many of us embraced the energies of the Greater Reality with the feeling of, “Ah, now we can finally breathe!”, while some, especially those who were attending their first Master Cylinder, took awhile to adjust to the powerful energy which grew stronger every day.

Due to our prolonged immersion into such heightened energies, we would occasionally take turns falling into sinkholes as old emotional issues or patterns of the past would rise up to be healed and transformed. The sense of mutual support was enormous and very helpful.

On October 13th, we realized that it was the 7th anniversary of our tumultuous night at Machu Pichhu during Star-Borne’s 11th Reunion in 1995. At least 12 of us had been there and it was amazing that we found ourselves together again at the end of this seven year cycle. During the lunch break, we went into the ocean together and received such a great healing, also sending it out to all others who had been with us in Peru. We were finally free from the past.

Most of the week passed in a blur of activity. We learned the Sacred Dances. Our One Being grew continually stronger. We were constantly stretched beyond our limits. The energies deepened. Omashar’s music and presence has never been more magnificent. We were all embraced in the One Heart.

We created our new dance of the Five Elements. This time was quite different than Fourth Gate. In Tahiti, the Earth and Water elements had come up with their dances in a matter of minutes, while the Fire Element had gotten into a huge fight, causing several of them to angrily walk out. And the Air Element had required two sessions to pull their dance together. This time, Air redeemed itself by coming up with an intricate and wild dance in the first five minutes. The Air dance was so forceful that it actually created a huge wind. Fire worked together in harmony to create an intricate dance, Earth took awhile longer, then pulled itself into a marvelous dance, while Water took the longest time to find their movements.

After all the elements were dancing, a new dance was formed to merge them all together into the Fifth Element. The dances were totally beautiful and greatly enhanced by the brightly colored pareos worn by the elements: reds and oranges for Fire, blues for Water, yellow & white for Air, browns & greens for Earth. The dances were so awesome, they made me laugh in total delight.

For me, it was nearly impossible to sleep or eat. Throughout the week, I never had more than three hours sleep and my appetite was almost gone. Whenever I was faced with the choice between a meal or a dip in the ocean, the ocean was my undisputed choice. As soon as I got in the water, I felt totally revitalized and ready to continue on. By then, many of us were taking several showers a day, plus a few swims in the ocean and late night visits to the jacuzzi.

Our breaks were also full of interactions. As Ora put it so succinctly, “It’s not the sessions that are difficult; it’s the breaks.” There were waves full of releasings, so much to constantly integrate, and all those beloved ones of our One Being to simply be with. Each night, there would be a cluster of us in the lobby until the wee hours, just savoring being together again. We decided that we didn’t want to miss anything and that sleep could wait until we returned home.

On Thursday night, we had our evening session open to those who wished to serve as Guardians at the Activation on Saturday. We demonstrated parts of the Dance of the Five Elements, taught Guardian training as well as the Starry Processional. Although we had never before allowed people not attending the Master Cylinder to serve as Guardians, our new Guardians felt strong and committed. And since we had a smaller group of dancers in the Master Cylinder, it allowed us all to dance at the Activation and still have Guardians.

By Friday morning we were coasting along. Our One Being had never been so strong and together. We felt ready for Fifth Gate. And although I had been issuing warnings all week about staying in our One Being whenever we felt ourselves facing the unexpected, most of us were waiting for this to happen during the ceremony on Saturday, if at all.

That said, on Friday afternoon, the unexpected arrived, just when we didn’t expect it. A shattering within portions of our One Being took place. And one of the first lessons of Fifth Gate emerged. Which is: IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE PERSONAL FREEDOM, WE MUST LET GO OF JUDGMENT.

Then the second lesson arrived: THE ANTIDOTE TO JUDGMENT IS COMPASSION.

Great lessons were learned….

flowerliHere, I must honor each one who participated in the Fifth Gate Master Cylinder. There are no words to adequately express our experiences. The 11:11 Master Cylinder experience is unlike anything else. It’s a swirling crucible of transformation, constantly stretching each of us way, way beyond where we have been before. It’s a life changing experience which burns away the dross we have accumulated in our journeys through life. It requires tremendous courage. It’s full of immense Love. It’s actually fun and exciting. It gives us numerous opportunities to manifest our greatness. And afterwards, we are simply not the same ….

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from Josephina in Buenos Aires, Argentina and from Jeronimo in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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