5 Gate Hawaii – Anchor Group Reports Part Six


Angel… Our day’s activities began at high noon Texas time (7 a.m. Hawaii), when all nine of us joined in a smudging of the rooms where we would be anchoring the 5th gate energies. Outside in the rain, symbols of the four elements marked the four directions on each side of the house. Inside, candles symbolizing the Living Spirit of the One Heart were kept burning throughout the day’s activities. Guardians were invoked and their stations around the parameters of the rooms were marked by statues of various angels and icons; participants would on occasion take turns standing in for one of these great Guardians and get the opportunity to experience the incredible power of this awesome responsibility.

As One we joined in the GO and aligned with the Master Cylinder. We were instantly and solidly unified into One amazing Being which literally grew as the names of each Anchor Group was slowly read aloud.

The day was magical and flowed effortlessly from one dance or activity to the next until 9 p.m. We began a day of sacred dances with the Starry Processional. In the hours that followed, we preceded every activity with a conscious reuniting with the Master Cylinder and each time it felt more solid and more intense. All of the 11:11 Gates were honored by rededicating ourselves to the transformative energies of each and performing a dance. The Sacred Spiral Dance for Gate 1…. the Earth-Star Dance for Gate 2… the Lotus Dance for Gate 3… the Elemental Dance for Gate 4… and the Emergence Dance ( a ‘gift’ to the facilitator) for Gate 5.

Each dance seemed to open our group for greater and greater receiving capacity. By day’s end we were so in love with each other, the world and even beyond; that the One Being was not just a concept… it was a living Reality. The energies of Gate 5 were wondrous and even more powerful than previous Gates… reminiscent of the energies of the opening of the 11:11 in ’92. Perhaps these were even more sweet and tangible because of what has been accomplished (or shed) over the past ten years.

I thank you, Solara, for your commitment and connection and guidance. I thank all of you who joined us, both in the Master Cylinder and the Anchor Groups. I thank you, my Anchor Group companions, for opening your hearts and making this a magnificent day. And I thank those unseen forces of Love, who are part of us all in the One Heart.


Eva … On behalf of our group here in Calgary I am sending this report of our experience with the 5th Gate: AnaTara (Lorraine) took up organizing the event at her house. Thank you Lorraine for providing such a beautiful space for us !

On evening of October 18th, four of us gathered at AnaTara’s place to go over what we expect to happen during the 5th Gate Initiation, also to go over the dances which we haven’t done since 1999 and to prepare the sacred space for the ceremony itself. It took us a little bit of time to remember the steps to Starry Processional and also to ground ourselves and the energies around. I have not seen anybody from the group for 3 years; I participated in Third and Fourth Gates before. For each Gate initiation, it seems our group is getting smaller, yet more powerful. It felt wonderful and all the answers came to us during our meditation. Tamarah was called to be our Guardian; when it came to her, she described an incredible surge of energy running through her body. When the preparations were complete, we finished off with a GO and parted for the night.

Next day, we started gathering at 11:00 AM . (7:00 AM Hawaii time). We all wore white and off-white colors with little bits of other color added. Our sacred space for the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Silver color dominated the decorations. We had four elements in four corners and four directions of the room. Our altar was absolutely stunning, we had a huge silver 11:11 sign and the pyramid symbol from the cover of Solara’s book on the main wall. Everybody brought something: crystals, singing bowls, art, rocks, shells, flowers. The whole space was lit by candles. On another wall we had Master Cylinder and Anchor Group places highlighted on a map of the world. There was nine of us: Myong (Sunara), Lorraine (AnaTara), Shlomit, Maya Elana, Dolores (Mylea), DJ, Lori, myself – Eva and Tamarah – our Guardian. (Myong was born in Korea and I am from Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, so I also felt that in a way we both represented these two countries that did not have an anchor group).

We started with the GO and aligned with the Master Cylinder in Hawaii. After that, Maya Elana played her Crystal bowl for transformation and I played the Tibetan bowl for second chakra – birthing the NEW Reality. We read the names of the Anchor Groups around the world and aligned with each one. We continued with the Starry Processional dance. The energy around us became more and more vibrant and electrified. We danced in unison until the music finished.

After that, we anchored and held the energies of the 5th Gate -a pillar of bright Silver-Gold-White light in the middle of our circle. We stopped for lunch around 1:30 and after the break we continued with very powerful Earth-Star Dance. After the short break, we went to dance the Four Elements to Native Hawaiian music (Facing Future by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole). There was so much happiness and joy in this dance. When we danced the Four Elements we also had the sense of Master Cylinder and other groups around the world doing exactly the same. The Fifth Element Dance turned out to be the mix of the four dances and actually turned out to be a completely different dance. At the end, we all rested on the floor in the circle in a Yoga Child’s pose. We finished with an incredibly powerful Lotus Dance around 7:00 PM.

Our awesome Guardian Tamarah held the energy the whole time. She later described it: “What an extraordinary experience, I felt linked to all Guardians in all Countries”. Also Lorraine (AnaTara) helped us to stay focused when we got too distracted by the energies. At the end of our ceremony we did the GO and aligned with the Master Cylinder and read the names of the Anchor Groups one more time.

Some of us stayed almost till midnight; there was a lot of stuff coming up that needed healing and cleansing. We felt very much part of ONE and what was happening to one of us, all of us experienced it as well. It was and is incredible. Myong (Sunara) described it as follows: “It is symbolically new beginning. Recognizing new purposes and New Reality”. We now meet on 11th of every month; we do whatever comes up. In the last one, we focused on Letting Go of Judgement and on bringing in Abundance.

This Gate for me was the most powerful, yet it felt and still feels very different from previous ones. I feel very happy and alive and I feel so much part of the Whole. There is still a lot of work to be done, yet for the first time in my life I know where I am going and what it feels like.

Thank you Solara and all the participants in the Master Cylinder in Hawaii and all Anchor Groups around the world and all the light beings and angels assisting us in this transformation.



Amma Ra… Our 5th Gate Ceremony in Wales was nothing short of amazing. 20 people gathered, the bond between us all was immediate even though we had never met some of the group before. We had made alters to the four directions with flowers, statues, and sacred symbols in colours that matched the elements.

First we anchored light into our bodies and Earth and shared mudras with each other using Solara’s Tape “Star Alignments”, so that we had her voice with us, giving us all a strong connection with the MASTER CYLINDER. Then came the Starry Processional Dance with made everyone weepy. Next came Earth-Star Dance which was more incredible than I ever remember, and we too had difficulty in parting some of the couples at the end. But we managed it.

The Dance of the Elements was so powerful, we had four people dressed in full costume representing the elements and music to match each one, which everyone danced to waving scarves the same colour as the element. The merging of the elements was so spontaneous as the dancers held all the coloured scarves high and interwove them in an intricate pattern. The energy coming from the dance was so powerful, I could hardly hold my place as a Guardian. Then total Silence and the Fifth Element appeared dressed in irridencent streamers with an amazing headress all made out of paper. We all danced to the music we had chosen for the fifth element.

Then we held silence whilst we linked with all the Anchor Groups and activated our Fifth Gate ceremony. We radiated out the light to all the world by ending with a toning of the ONE HEART. This was at 11:11pm our Time.

The Incoming energy from the other Anchor Groups was commented on by the Guardians. Also, the energy spinning out from our group. We ended at 2:30 am. Exilarated and honoured to have been part of this Planetary Activation. For me personally, it was the most powerful Gate since the First Gate in 1992. My love and thanks to Solara and all.


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