5 Gate Hawaii – Master Cylinder Report


KALASARA…. It all began one day when a handful of Beamings from around the planet gathered together in a small room on a Big Island in the middle of the ocean. I looked around at everyone’s beautiful faces. Some knew exactly why they had come, and were glowing with anticipation. Others had no idea why they had been called to this gathering and emanated a concerned curiosity. But no matter what brought them, I knew immediately that this was to be a very powerful, loving core group, and I was elated to be among everyone.

We gathered everyday, all day, learning the dances and about each other. Each day we practiced being larger than our normal selves, intricately weaving ourselves together until there was no separation. We were each defining what this gate of personal freedom was to be and how it would play out in our lives, both as One Being and as individuals.

There were many shifts within the group as the week went by. Some left, others came in. There were high highs and low lows. Everyone took his / her turn to crack or shift only to open up even brighter and emerge stronger. The love and support was unconditional and the One grew deeper. Even on our breaks, many would stay up to the wee hours to hang out, not wanting to miss any precious time together, often causing physical exhaustion. (Thank God / dess for coffee!)

In what seemed like months and at the same time, overnight, the day of the activation arrived! We got up before the sun to drive to the southern end of the Island to a most gentle, loving valley. Mountains showing majestically, with trees circling our soft grassy circle. Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, bees and other critters circled around. Amazingly, there were no mosquitoes! The day started out sunny, but soon we were embraced under a warm blanket of clouds, breezes keeping us cool, and the lightest misty rain sharing the sky’s love.

We started the ceremony by going through the gates of initiation, calling in the anchor groups that were gathered around the planet, and honoring our guardians who came from I’m not sure where. There was a chant and dance to honor Pele, the dancing started and out of time we went. I don’t remember what dance was when, and the day flew by in an hour. Everything flowed so smoothly! This was a gentle gate to activate. The energy was bright. I could see the trees dancing with us, hear the mountains sing, and feel more Love than my body could contain.

Looking back, the highlight of the ceremony for me was the Greater Central Sun dance. I was part of the insertion point in the center. With each cycle of the dance, the energies grew stronger and so did we. I could have done that dance all day. I heard later that the sun came out, but we were already so bright, I didn’t even notice. (I also realized that it was during that dance that my fear dropped away. I now feel a freedom I never had before and look forward to stepping out and living my larger truth.)

The next day, everyone looked bright and exhausted at the same time. We gathered to share stories and experiences. Everyone was transformed. I had to leave after our morning session to go home, which I found almost difficult. I am still there with everyone, loving and beaming and dancing with them. Thank you all who participated. It was truly an honor, and I look forward to our next activation.


INDIGO: (after arriving home.) …. The lions have arrived in Pittsburgh!

For the first week I was back in Pennsylvania, each night I found myself in the dance circle still dancing with the Master Cylinder group. This weekend I laid a labyrinth in acorns as part of Tibetan Monks coming to Pittsburgh to do a sand mandala. It seems to connect to 5th Gate in that the intention of the labyrinth is personal freedom and emergence, compassion and non-judgment. The energy seems to be holding a little longer this time, although I can feel it moving.


ALIX….. Deepest gratitude to you Solara for so very much. I thank you for holding me in the beam to get me to the 5th gate. I thank you for your commitment to the 11:11, your strength and courage and love and knowing of the One which helped me so in finding and in becoming who I truly am by your not feeding life into my illusions of separateness… my neediness for approval, attention, praise, specialness, love, my fears of failure, my insecurities.

Wow, I thought these were long gone from my being, and as I see now that I had only become a master within duality and in my aloneness in holding the beam with me, myself and I. Coming together in this group, in the One Being took me to another level of surrender and truth of these, so very deeper within to the core, maybe to that very time of separation here on earth, the feelings of loss of our One Being, and those judgements of myself as unworthy, a failure, those longings for union from feeling so alone, all these that played out in my actions and thoughts from insecurities. I see how I projected these out at times during our time together, that I received the reality that I projected, especially to and from you, for you are the part of me that I longed most for, that I envied as separate from myself, that I missed so, that I wanted so to be, that I judged from judgement of myself, and I am sorry. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to hold myself in my purity and truth more fully for you, for the One Being in more moments during our days together. And, I see that the energies were both clearing and emerging, and woaah, did I have some letting go to do, as in one moment I thought that I had gotten it and I was real and true, and in the next back in again for some more refining.

I am still refining, and as in the last day together I thought for the first time of my life circumstances back here, I felt overwhelmed, fell dreamily into the drama, yet at the same time knowing that it was not real, that what is real is the experiences that we had together, the truth that I found that I Am, Our One Being. I was Atlas feeling my self in the truth of it all, a nightmare that I had created and bound myself in from my feelings of separation and limitation. And my responsibility now to myself, to the One, is to hold and to take these new energies of the 5th gate, my new emerging self, and walk forward as a Golden Winged Lion and transform my illusive nightmare into my true new life, the Greater Reality.

I am home and deep within, cherishing all that was and has become from this activation, trying to see / feel my way clear out of here and into my new life. I am so greatful to have Omashar’s music with me now, something in the physical from Hawaii, helping me hold to truth of what is really real as I find my personal freedom and move through and out of my boxes.

I am so called from within myself, the One, to assist you in responsibility, commitment, and in the One Love in opening the gates and bringing the doorway of the 11:11 to its final closure. I have been silenty serving alone for so very long, and it is time for my coming out party. And what better way for me personally than to dance, to teach the dances, to become them, and along with my voice (a part of my path as teacher / healer in this life time) to assist others in birthing and anchoring the Greater Reality, Oneness within themselves and this world. How incredibly joyful serving in this way was for me, a clue to a part of my new life. Yes, it was hard work as in all from within that was brought to my attention from the energies of the dances, but Ooooohhhhh, Aaaaahhhhh! I want to aid in any way you need now, to help lighten the load of full responsibility and caretaker that you have taken on for all these years. Anything. Is there anything else that I can do now?

Thank you Solara for sharing and being your greatness.


RAA*MAA*LAR….. (to Solara)

Deepest acknowledgment and gratitude from me (and all those participating individuals all over the world) for your Herculean efforts on behalf of Fifth Gate. Mere words of thanksgiving don’t seem to be enough in my book and, although I know you didn’t expend all that energy, initiative and devotion expecting accolades or remuneration (emotional, fiscal or otherwise) the Law of Karma sees to it that dedication such as yours is always rewarded. You are a remarkable facilitator, a dignified presence – and a discerning / beguiling human being, period!

smpurp1ANTION….. On behalf of Elandra and myself, I would like to thank you for your honoring of us by inviting us to the 5th Gate Activation. From the time we were picked up at the airport until we left the site on Saturday evening, we were treated with the utmost respect and hospitality.

I know that having us join the Master Cylinder at a late stage was a departure from your normal way of doing things and I would like to acknowledge you for that. If we in any way disrupted the energy I would like to apologize.

There were moments on Saturday of such incredible beauty and power that both of us were deeply moved. You are a radiant being of great beauty, love and light. It was a privilege to see you doing what you do best.


MARCO & MAYA: (Guardians)….. Aloha! We are very grateful for the privilege of participating in the 5th Gate Activation as Guardians. On the way to our site from Hilo, we witnessed a gigantic Guardian made of white mist emerging from the top of Mauna Loa. The Being was present for about 30 minutes and then dissolved in the thin air. Being co-participant in the energy generated by the inner and outer circles was indeed a unique experience. Mahalo ihi. Marco & Maya.


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