9 Bali – 27 An Unique Procession of all the Waves and Bridges

During several sessions in our week of preparations, we formed groups of First Waves, First Wave Bridges, Second Wave Bridges, Second Wave and Third Wave. It was a good learning experience to be with others from our same group. Some, like the First Wave Bridges, had a hard time getting along with members of their own group until they discovered the similarity of their shared experiences. Others like the First Wave with their lifetimes of training, came together effortlessly.

Each group created their part of a procession uniting all the Waves and Bridges. We practiced this several times and it was always very touching to watch. Again, the First Wave put together their part quickly and easily. They led the procession with power and authority until they tossed their sceptres to those following them. Then their weariness vanished and they simply embodied PURE HEART LOVE. The First Wave Bridges entered triumphantly, only to fall back when they experienced the pain of entering duality. Finally, they gathered themselves together and moved forward. The Second Wave Bridges came in with lots of confidence, but were hesitant to catch the sceptres of responsibility that were tossed to them by the First Wave. The Second Wave had trouble uniting in harmony since they weren’t used to working together as ONE. Once they set aside their egos, their movements were strong and true. The new Third Wave was the most striking, since they entered diagonally with such fresh, new energy. Their movements created a unique sacred geometry weaving strands of DNA.

During the Ninth Gate Activation Ceremony, we finally put together all the Waves and Bridges in an amazing circular procession. It was truly breathtaking to see them all together. But as many sacred activities are meant only to be directly experienced in the moment in which they are happening, and not to be photographed, so it was with our brilliant procession. And except for the Guardians, none of us who participated were able to see the overview of the experience.

Here are the few photographs we have that show some small scenes of this magnificent event….

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