9 Gate Bali – Anchor Group Reports Part Two

Oxborough, England, UK

We had a wonderful day . the energy set up well and we found ourselves united in the 11:11 energy as soon as we had started. we all felt in the flow and we regularly linked with the master cylinder and the world-wide anchor groups as we did the mudras and the dances. one of our group read out the names of all the world-wide anchor groups meaningfully as we tuned into each one. It was a cold but gloriously sunny start to the day [there was ice on the cars], but by the time we finished [at 11.11am local time ] it was a beautiful autumn day.

smpurp1Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

This is a short report for the Kilimanjaro Anchor Group. A group of 14 members. All members have positive attitudes to the development. Some are still at school and colleges, others are fresh at works and others are dealing with small scale business.

We the Kilimanjaro Anchor Group have a plan for the development of individual members, our families our nation, Africa and by doing so we know that the world will have been developed so far. We have our plans for the better future and are listed here under; to develop street children, to develop orphans.

By creating different ways that can lead them to get educated and living a standard life Through them our country will get leaders and professionals who have experienced how to step from a low to good life that can help to upgrade the economy of our country We have a plan to own projects that will fulfill our dreams.

The group members have gained a lot of experience since we happened to be together. We used to meet once per week and discuss different matters about development. Also there is mutual cooperation among group members and society. Also we got many friends than before after we have aligned with other anchor groups and through them we used to share different ideas. We came to know many problems that face orphans and street children. We have much thirsty to development and we are all busy with life than before. We have not yet faced much challenges but we know we must face a lot because no development without challenges. The big one we are going to face first is capital that will lead us to establish those projects.

Thanks be to Laya who enabled me to form such form such an anchor group and she used to activate us with latest news. Also thanks be to the 9th Gate organizer Solara the master cylinder and all who supports ideas that leads to the development. We are looking forward for advices opinions and anything that can lead us to fulfill our dreams. We are all happy to be together.

I have made this report after a discussion with my group and nothing has been hided.


smpurp1Buenos Aires, Argentina
I want to be a bridge, my Lord
A bridge of Love to join all men together, to tell them
That there is a madness to be separated by a river
I want to be a bridge, my Lord
To tell men all over the world that serving is so beautiful…
To tell the men in the left about the beauty in the right
And lead them who are in the right to the left
I want to be a bridge, my Lord
A big bridge of friendship, which is over all the rivers
And firmly establishes in the humanity, the brotherhood of 11:11 True Love.
Can there be anything better than Love?
And we look forward with open arms
To be again bridges, anchors of the 10° Gate
Because there we will find something of our mission
Yerom Yerome_BA_Argentina


smpurp1 Lake Namtso, Tibet

My heart is always with this great One Being! I was at a holy lake called Namtso / Sky lake which is the biggest lake in Tibet.

Izmir, Turkey

Since from the activation of the 9th Gate in Bali, we as a group in Izmir, Turkey always aimed to write a mail to you and tell you what we have experienced during the activation. I believe it is the time to write you what we have experinced and done during the activation. While doing the registration from nvisible.com, we thought recording our group Ardal from Izmir as a private group will be better. Our group consist of four people, three of them are women and one is male(me) During the day of activation we have gathered in the house of our meditation teacher. We placed a white blanket and put jasmines in a vase and placed it on the middle of the blanket, we all wear white clothes, used some crystals and pink quartz(they are all for attracting our focus and making us ready for the opening, we knew our intention is important) and started giving our focus to the whole groups that are doing the activation and the ones that support the gate. One by one we directed our focus to the groups and names that are written on the website. We started to meditate and feel the light and energy coming from bali and all other places around the world and within each group we visualize and anchor the energies with the places and groups that are written in the website and we connect them back to Izmir. Although we all visualise the light from the ninth gate to penetrate all the world while visualising(we all do visualising apart from each other in meditation) we saw certain areas on world that we have faced difficulties in accepting the light as easy as other places do. These places are the part of Germany and England. After we finished our meditation we stand up and hold our hands form a circle so can the energy be anchored via us.
After we finished we all feel love and joy.
We all are curious about the place where the 10th gate activation will be.

All of our group sends their love and gratitude to you.

Group Ardal


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