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ARAYA: In my experience, the Activation really started the morning of the 28th with the Lunar Eclipse around 8:30 a.m. in Udaipur; the Sun and Moon coming into harmony exactly opposite each other. We felt the shift first in the Earth Element group which for 2 days had no cohesion, no groundedness, no stability (This makes sense with the realization that the Earth Star in the core of the planet is no longer deep within, but just under the surface since the 6th Gate.) And then on the morning of the Eclipse we found a loving unity immediately. For the first time, the Earth Element Dance was soft, loving, supportive and silent; a sharp veer away from the heavy, primordial, rhythmic chant style of dance it typically portrayed. This felt right as we are in the process of shifting into new ways of doing things and breaking out of old patterns.

The rest of that day and the next felt lighter, more peaceful and more joyful with new spectrums of lightness to my being. The day before the Activation, as I lay by the pool, 7 huge eagles came in over the lake-bed from extreme heights up in the sky. As I watched them circle, I realized that energetically they felt like the winged lions arriving.

The day of the Activation: Magnificence, refinement, splendor, ease all the way around. It started with the procession from the hotel to Jagmandir, complete with marching band, elephant, camels, white stallions, horse carriages and camel carts (this part was even an hour long TV program for the locals!!) to transport us. Then came the palace itself. Solara had me prepared for roughing it. My bag was full of water bottles, extra sandals to dance on the “dirt / rock” surface, extra clothing, toilet paper, flashlight∑. I was even chiding myself for forgetting my pillow. What a surprise beyond my wildest imagination to discover the wonder of Jagmandir with lovely gardens, flower mandalas, candlelit courtyard, fountains, birds, a pavillion of pillows, blankets and soft cushions… It felt like Disneyland!!

And indeed it had so much magic in store for us. The evening began with the Starry Processional, which was followed by a stunning Elements Dance complete with a Sun and Moon dancing. Shortly after, we were served an exquisite meal in five-star style with waiters pushing in chairs and lighting the real candleabras.

And then the energies really started kicking in. We began the Greater Central Sun Dance and I think everyone felt the energies starting to build softly. The ensuing Lotus Dance felt them pouring in more steadily. Finally, when many people were pulled away from the circle for whatever reasons, the remaining 15-20 people rocked softly, rooted to their spots, unable (and unwilling) to move because of the magical energy flowing in at this point. In retrospect, it was almost a divine formation of so few that somehow intentionally created a magnifying lens effect for the energy flow. It was like being in the flow of a river that you can’t swim away from – powerful yet subtle, SO loving, refined, tangible – like being showered with grace and lasting several minutes.

We were off the map now – no leader, no direction, just swaying together softly, arms around each other feeling this gentle energy pouring through us and filling the earth. With my eyes half open, I lifted my hands to the sky as we transformed into the smaller circle and for the first time in my life, the blinders were lifted, the dust cleared and I could behold the vastness of the universe. For the first time, I could see the infinity beyond the moon, thus making the moon feel close enough to touch. The color of the sky was deeper and more brilliant than ever before and my being was ecstatic with expansiveness and joy. As I looked around the circle to the faces of beloved family, I could tell they were feeling it too, but part of me wanted to shout out loud „Do you see what I see?‰ And the nods as they caught my eye, the knowing looks on their faces, the joy beaming through their expressions told me that indeed we had just activated the 7th gate; the Diamond of the Unseen.

The energy continued to (and still continues to) ripple in all night in a softer, more subtle way ˆ especially each time we danced the lotus dance. The whole palace became a dance moving softly with these energies; people sleeping and dreaming, drifting to the tea table, gliding over to replace guardians, being drawn to a spontaneous dance in the circle, sitting huddled silently together in blankets watching the dancers, the stars∑ the grace.
Above all of this was a magnificent moon and our guardian Orion ever present through the whole of the night.

smpurp1Dearest Diamond Family of our One Being,

We are moving back out into the world, weaving our essence further into the unknown, deeper into the Invisible, braiding together the golden strands of our One Being, and stringing together the pearls of our experience.

Let us never forget that we are not alone,that there are always fellow Aslans at our sides andtogether as One, we Dance.

This world is not the same. – It is a new day that requests the absolute best of us, in every moment. It is our moment to shine, radiate the blazing essence of who We truly are. And there is always some One to remind us when our memory falters…that is the Power of One.

Vast Aslan Love, An*Nu*Tuk of the One xxxxxxx

smpurp1I sit here in my house, in my city, sipping masala tea, bringing again into focus what took place in the 7th Activation story. I remember now everything, so vaguely, only nine days afterwards. It ALL happened in another dimension. I will narrate it for you:

Breaking the Codes of Love:

The week prior to the Activation day was by itself an activation. An activation of our heart. The moment we danced the Lotus Dance, I was awed of the connecting power of this simple and exquisite movement. From that moment on, a healing matrix was created around our One Being in which each person used it as a safety net in order to be supported in his or her healing incidents. My heart slowly was nourished and became rounder and complete through abundant love by strangers beyond the stars, a thing until now fascinating to me.

Initiatory Dances:

The Earth / Star Dance in the preparation days was also an energetically powerful dance. Actually, I kept falling into awe and great apprehension with the power that each dance held. In the end of this particular dance, I felt like a real magnet in human form. I was attracting and attracted at the same moment. A highly charged dance necessary for the activation day.

Somehow all the dances in the week of preparation held future meaning. Each one of them was not a rehearsal, but rather preparatory initiation. Perhaps because in that special day of activation, the forces came solely in the simple form of a round circle and no other formation was needed for that moment.

On the Heart Island the 7th Day:

I had no expectations for that day. I was feeling a void everywhere. That noon a grand caravan of elephants and camels took us to an island, and though strange as it might sound, it was plainly true. We found ourselves outside Golden Jagmandir Palace performing a meaningful ceremony for activating the 7th Gate. I think that this was the only really ceremonial dance of that day and night.

Upon entering the 7th Northern Gate door of the Palace, a carefree feeling of relaxation filled me and never left me…..except when we danced the Lotus Dance twice, during which I was fainting severely and it was impossible for me to continue for some time afterwards with the next dances.

The energies were unbelievably strong for my body. I remember that as we were dancing, I felt strongly pressed by the galactic energies coming in the form of a gigantic horizontal ring which was pressing on us forcefully and concentrating the energy on the top of Jagmandir Palace. I also remember as I was struggling to stay sober in the circle, that I was soothed by a weird sensation of merging lovingly with Earth attempting to form a spiral in liquid movements. A surprising feeling because how come a solid planet like Earth melted liquid as planetary energy and was willing to be blended with human energy struggling sweetly all together to form something that looked like a spiral?

After that, I rested and came back to dancing. However, I kept admiring the Guardians all night. I never was one. They made me understand why statues existed and what was one of their purposes in ancient times.

In the night I also took a sleeping breakthrough. The sleeping mode for me, I felt was a protective and moderate way of passing the energy gate. I remember that my final thought before going to sleep was that ”I now fall in the arms of the One Being”.

When I woke up in the morning, I was deeply in love with the One Being forever. I also cannot forget the rays of the sun rising. Somehow, I felt the sun was also activated in a way. It got a more gentle tone that morning. Not rough, under which we danced a smooth and confident Lion Dance shining the thousand smiles. I was simply happy….

It is all a dream now, like an eastern fable, like a night palace court scene, but the 7th Gate was opened gloriously. In an island, where 3600 degrees vision makes it possible for the heart to see, envision and manifest its healing. ……K.S.

smpurp1The ONENESS

Energy anchored thru time and space,
ancient renewal of Love and Grace.
Shifting currents open the way
divergent reality comes into play.

Our eyes realign to a seeming New Place,
the one that was hidden in the Heart’s Sacred Space.
Held by the Dreamers, rising as One
the World illumined by the Great Central Sun.

The path that was clear now fades into mist,
as a Golden Age rises on a spiraling twist.
One Being moves to this synchronous Tone
as we each take our place, creating as One.

Joyful abundance, wisdom and grace,
lifetimes we’ve journeyed to reach this place.
Hearts open wide as Love expands
our World tranforms as we take our Stand.

The Gifts we have that are ours to share,
the Love we are, the Light we bear.
Through eons we’ve been, though all in the Now
as with grateful Hearts we release our Vow.

Love is always the final test.
All that remains when we relinquish the rest.

Thank you for allowing me to share my creativity with you. Love and blessings to you from my area of Our One Heart.… Angie Ti-Mon-Ra

smpurp1I feel like I could write for days about this Activation. Total immersion into an alternate reality pretty much sums it up. I literally could not walk faster than a graceful sway during the entire Activation, and actually that started days before.

This Gate was such a change in direction that it required more of me than I ever believed possible to ground into this reality. I knew it from the moment I fully committed, and then it started. It was a remarkable transition period prior to the Activation, moving me with a life of its own. Powerful releasing and recalibrating of my very being, of my beliefs about my reality, about my purpose for being here in this timing. All parts of my true being were called into accountability.

And then the Activation…. I was a Guardian for the Greater Central Sun Dance and then the Lotus Dance. The energy was so powerful I knew I needed to be relieved after those two dances. There was some activity at the front entrance as some people were asking to come in, and dancers were leaving the dance area. I was on my way back to the pallet feeling like I needed a moment to integrate, when suddenly I was drawn back to the dance area. And I knew this was it.

There was a small circle of us that began an impromptu dance of graceful movements. I don’t even remember what those movements were now, but I could feel the energy building and building and building. One of our members began shaking from the immense power of this Gate as it activated thru our small circle, and the Guardians that held us.

Time stood still….. And yet time merged into One….. I felt the connection to all time,…. to my agreement to be part of this,… should we reach the possibility of this moment out of time.

And I was almost overwhelmed by the absolute KNOWING of the Love that was now anchored, of the incredible possibility that now exists for us as our One Being traverses a new spiral of possibility. One beyond our ability to comprehend. I felt the hearts of the Ones who will come as children, to carry this energy forward. Our wildest, deepest imaginings of the world to come, immersed in the creative joy of Love, is but the stepping stone before what will be. There was such immense gratitude, from their heart to our heart; tears began flowing directly from the joy in my heart.

And Solara, true to her vision of the 11.11 flowing into a new way of being, began releasing to the energy of us as One. The dances from that moment forward, flowed in a very organic manner, one into the next. Spontaneous movements created from the One, in that moment.

Some of us flowing to dance, some of us as Guardians, some of us quietly sleeping our way into the Unseen, and some of us puzzling the world together into its new energy matrix of possibilities. It was a night out of time, out of step with the old reality, as it joined step with the New. We were in that nether Zone of Overlap as the transition took place, flowing out to the Anchor Groups around the world. An amazing journey, and one that I feel blessed to have been a part of.

There is no way to fully express the thanks and gratefulness for Solara and all who have been a part of these 11:11 Gate Activations. The uphill climb thru unbelievably dense energies to bring the 11.11 to this point. There will be no way to convey to future generations the difficulty and absolute focus of will and belief that it took to make that journey.

Because as this energy becomes lighter and the journey becomes easier, born by the abilities and focus of our One Being, and not carried by one, or a few individuals, the difficult journey becomes a Dance, and the Dance becomes a template for a new way of being, as our One Being worldwide begins living the energy of what is now available.

And as all of us around the world, all of the divergent group’s busy doing their part of activating and anchoring Love on this planet wake up to fact that we are All One, the world becomes the Master Cylinder and Anchor Groups, and Love becomes the new way of being. And so we begin…… Angie

smpurp1I believe most of us have returned to their homes. However, we are still together. Whereever we go, we still feel each other strongly.

My thoughts of the Seventh Gate Activation cannot be explained or described in words. It is hard to explain the core of the Love that I’ve felt; I’ve never felt it that much before. It has given me a stronger sense of self-confidence, that I still carry within my physical body.

We all had experiences according to our awarenesses. Whatever each one of us went through, it was a “very big” thing.

I was above the clouds for 20 years. It was my ever missed home. The most important thing is to bring those experiences into our “normal” lives, and into our relationships with other people.

We don’t need to be perfect. We all evolve in different directions. We all push our limits with a sense of security, and with seeing who we are not; we try to go where we truly desire to go.

Our love is clear and pure. Our belief has never been so strong. Seeing the Unseen deepens the confidence.

What we have shared with the people of 33 countries was beyond an Activation. It was reaching beyond the universe, it was the meaning and it was life; I thank everyone for reminding me of life.

No one should forget that we are One and we all come from the One. Therefore saying “Elif of the One” doesn’t limit that. It defines that we are all One. It covers the universe.

In One Love, Elif of the One


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