7 Gate Rajasthan – Master Cylinder Reports Part Two

Dearest One Being,
It took me some time to be able to sit in front of my computer and put my feelings of the 7th Gate in words. When there is so much to say, to keep it simple yet profound is a true task 🙂

Beyond the truth that the whole experience was a continuous recalibration of my heart, which still goes on, I never felt the One so much “interwoven” before.

I believe for me, Seeing the Unseen was through a much deeper understanding of how One is truly interwoven. My notion, knowingness has recalibrated itself to a higher unquestionable “conscious knowing.”

At the Activation night, my heart expanded so much that at certain times I felt physical pressure. The expansion was so vast that all illusionary borders blurred and faded. Although I felt very present in the midst of the most sweet and subtle Love, I simply wanted to burst out and merge with all that there was. To me, there was vastness and there was ecstatic feeling of pure Love.

I must say that I am profoundly touched and sweetly altered. I know in my heart that creation in Oneness is with Love, with Ease, great Joy and Fun. It is as simple as a choice and is as far as a choice.

The Greater Reality is here as it has never been before; and we are only a choice far from it. Whether we continue to linger in our old ways, when we know that Oneness is the Ultimate Way, is a choice. Whether we remain small in our old parameters, when we know that Greatness is in consciously Being One with All, is also a choice. Whether we hide behind our lives and emotions when we know that the strength is in our Oneness, transparency and interwoneness is again a choice…

I feel it’s time to be the ones of the present moment and to say that tomorrow is not our way. It is time to own the truth that we are nothing less than that ecstatic pure Love. As we each fully step and expand ourselves in our One Being, we expand our One Being simultaneously further. We create more Love. We truly change things!

I cannot thank each one of you enough for this magnificent journey !

In Our Vast Roaring Aslan Love.…. Asena of the One

smpurp1Dearest Dearest One Being,

I have not the words to describe the Love of my Heart for each and every One of you.

The past year has been a theatrical rollercoaster through hospitals and surgeries and illness, and before I left for India I was told that I should not go, that the travel and exertion may ultimately end my life. My human self was plagued with doubts as to what I must do, even in the final days before I was due to leave, but the voice of my soul and of my heart whispered a different story, preening my neglected feathers and letting the Light find its way through.

As I entered India I stepped into a circle of unconditional Love, with what seemed like a thousand healing hands placed upon my pain, and a thousand million hearts radiating such absolute Grace that nothing other than Love was able to exist. My soul sighed, and smiled.

I went to the clinic this evening in Spain, under the premise of a check-up following India, but really to show the doctors the miracle of my wellness. After waking up from the endoscopy, everyone was gathered around me and my mother was in tears, and I was told that my body was now perfect… That it was as though I had never been ill.

I laughed so blissfully, asking the doctor if he had seen a miracle! He wouldn’t answer me… he’s the very brisk, efficient type :-)…. but he grinned and dropped his eyes, and I knew a seed had been planted, somewhere, where the sun would touch it.

Afterwards, my mother told me that whilst I was sedated, in the moments before I began to wake up, I kept saying ‘We must trust in Spirit and open our hearts, trust in Spirit and open our hearts….’ which has amused her greatly and has been repeated to anyone who will listen!

How to thank the strength and support of You all, of our staggering One Being?… Where are the words?… How does language come close to telling you how I feel about You? It does not. Not even close.

I can only scream out loud from the rooftops that You are Magnificent and that my laughing Soul will never forget.

In One Vast Eternal Cosmic Breathtaking Love, El*En*Ra xxxxx

smpurp1Like Peru and Tahiti before, my experience of the 7th Gate Activation went slightly differently than that of the rest of the group. It was very clear and specific and stunningly powerful. I was actually so shocked by the way I experienced it and by the power of it that I could not speak about it to anybody. As usual I thought it would not be received properly simply because I would not have been able to describe it properly. For a while I thought it was one of my individual unusual experiences that perhaps did not relate to everyone because it was too personal, but I know now that it was exactly what the Activation energy was, experienced through a particular individual.

I came to this Activation unusually neutral, sort of unprepared, resigned to whatever forces were pushing me, or whatever waves I drifted on. No ideas what to expect, sort of – not giving a damn about anything, which is rather unusual for me when it comes to this type of work. I had also felt old energy burning out within me for quite a while, and I think that the inflammation I had gone through was an outer manifestation of that burning. I had felt depleted of energy and coming to India clearly energized me.

For the few days before we got together in Udaipur I had a conflict between my male and female aspects, experiencing my presence in India in a powerful male body of a past life in India, as if traveling in time from the past to the present, looking at India from the point of view of that powerful incarnation from the past, also looking at “my dearest people” struggling in poverty.

During the first day of looking at India (my trip to Jaipur and Amber Fort, which I recognized as a place I had stayed at) I was carried by curiosity, the second day ended in sadness and discomfort in my body.

After I arrived in Udaipur the integration of the two aspects began. It was not the same as unifying polarities (which was a process that had happened long ago and I had been balanced in that respect), because it was very much as if the process descended from my consciousness to the physical level, also as if there were a karmic link between the two because of the fact that the male aspect was a past life in India. It was a linking of the male and female energies, with the female accepting the male energy within the consciousness and the physical body, diffusing the karma of its past lives.

I felt as if both (consciousness and physical body) expanded and changed, as if moved a circle up the evolutionary spiral. Nevertheless my discomfort in my physical body, as well as general feeling of discomfort, of something at odds within me, continued. I knew there was a powerful change going on, while I had no idea what exactly it was. It was only after the Activation that I realized it was the old energy being replaced by the new energy coming into my whole being, including the physical level.

I realized that the matrix of the universe, the planet and our beings was reset, and moved to a new position. The resetting was total and included the physical level. Now it is up to us, individually, to accept the new settings.

At the Activation itself, I felt the energy of love coming gently, yet powerfully as we went through the dances. I did not feel anything in particular, wondering what was wrong with me again that I didn’t feel or experience anything dramatic. The dance that changed it was the Sacred Spiral Dance, the Lovers from Beyond the Stars. Anastra was my partner, when I suddenly realized I was in fact dancing with my Lover from Beyond the Stars. The energy of this being was not within Anastra; it was as if a beam behind her, stretching across the universe into infinity. I was also a beam stretching into infinity. It was a very powerful dance of beams stretching across the universe.

When the dance was coming to an end and we were standing in a circle, the energy from the being dancing with me went into me and then shot up through me, while at the same time the energy entering me from above went into the being of my Lover from Beyond the Stars and shot upwards through him. The two lines of energy went across the universe linking up and coming back through us creating a loop (I did not see it exactly as a circle). These were energy lines of pure love going through us, across the universe and the planet.

I saw the same lines in a microscopic dimension within the cells of my physical body, busting my cells, my DNA, and resetting them in new configurations. It was happening with such power that I was stunned (literally blown away), I felt myself out of my body and consciousness. I became that energy. I saw others as such energy lines going across the universe and the planet. We became a grid of pure love energy lines, a love grid of the universe and the planet.

I was still within that experience when the group started the Lotus Dance (the second one that night), and it just did not work for me. The Lotus Dance was the wrong dance for me and I could not do it. I stayed there for a while, but I felt a strong pull to get away from it, so I left with another person in order not to disrupt the dance. One reason why it felt inappropriate for me was that what was happening was not one beam coming into the core of the earth, being anchored there. We were not “holding the beam” or the energy and sending it out. We were multiple beams ourselves.

I felt it would have been more appropriate if we started dancing individually all over the place. The energy went through us in multiple beams wherever we were at the time, not necessarily in the circle of the Lotus Dance, all over the world in fact. I also believe that it did not matter whether we were asleep or conscious at the time. What was important (in my experience and understanding) was that we had given permission to be the vehicles of this energy. We accepted it and sent it through us regardless of what we were doing at the time. I saw it as a completely new way for the energy to precipitate.

I was pulled away from the Lotus Dance towards a far end of the courtyard, not really knowing why I needed to go there. As I approached the end of the path I sensed / felt / vaguely saw a being sitting on a platform. It was the energy of an Indian incarnation of my Lover from Beyond the Stars. Again, it was not without a purpose that this energy was that of a male since mine was female. We communicated and I got some more information. Among other things he told me we had not met in this life, but would still meet and be together for a fairly short period of time. He was leaving the planet, while I was staying.

Among the people that I will now be meeting there will be new partners for the new cycle of lives I am starting on the planet. The process is very much like the replacement of old energy with the new. It is happening within and in outer life. This is part of the nature of my individual personal bridge function (the whole bridging function is of course wider than that).

In terms of “Seeing the Unseen” after the Activation, the first “seeing” I experienced were realizations of myself and my potentials – the power coming from Love and Oneness, also a new view of the invincibility through love that we carry within.

By the way, I fully identify with what Asena wrote. We all experienced that power of pure love and interwovenness within the One Being, each one of us in our individual ways.

Love.… Alicja

smpurp1Canim Loved Ones,
After coming come and attending many unfinished daily tasks, finally I am able to share my feelings and experience….

Most of all, beyond my personal experience with India and Tibet, I would like to talk about our work and contribution that has affected the Oneness Consciousness. That is the part that matters most to me. I’ve have already turned away the personal pages in my book.

Previously, my experience of the Anchor Groups was always alone. It always happened that I was alone. It simply happened that way. At the Anchor Groups, people always try to their best when they don’t fully know what to do. Even if they receive specific instructions, since the full awareness of the real thing being done is somehow limited, in a way an improvised outcome occurs.

At the 7th Gate, for the first time, I was able to work with a group. And what a group that was! In our working together, I became more aware of the importance of the dances. With a group of 64 people, without any mistakes, in the same frequency, we were moving in the same way. It felt like All That Is was flowing with that energy.
I felt like I was the arm or the leg or any organ of that wholeness. It was almost as if Lale was left behind somewhere, or never truly existed. I carried the same feeling for a while even after the dances were completed. It would have been the best if I could permanently remain there. From now on, my goal will simply be to accomplish that.

Now, I am trying to feel the same way in my daily life. Even if people around me move in a different way in life than I do, I try to remember that all that is an illusion, a vision, and that in reality we all move in the same direction. I try to remain in the same frequency.

The interesting thing is that, after my return, certain things have speeded up. All the errands that I worried about completing; all my unfinished business was completed in a magical way.

I believe, for me, Seeing the Unseen at this Activation, was seeing through my own eyes the strong connection among the different parts of that Oneness. It was almost touchable with my hands.

We all talk about Love, and how truly it is important, how our heart is filled with it, and how we cannot survive without it. Almost like a abstract thing….

However during this work, to me, Love was like that strong energetic connecting cord among the different parts. The abstract notion of Love all of a sudden became very concrete. The description with words “I love or not?” was suspended. Not to love was no longer an option. That would have been like cutting that energetic cord that connects it all together. In that case, the Whole would be dissipated, torn into different pieces – something impossible to happen. That showed me that loving was required by our natural way of being.

To sum it up, I think I have seen many things!!
I embrace all of my other parts with the deepest love.
I am that I am and that is all…. Lale


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