7 Gate Rajasthan – Anchor Group Reports Part One


I was very sorry that I couldn’t make it to Rajasthan, but, last night, we did a wonderful Anchor Group for the Activation of the 7th gate here in Istanbul with Aysin and other dear friends and I wanted to tell you all about it.

We were connected to you and to Elif who was with your Master Cylinder Group there and with all the other Anchor Groups during the whole Activation. We all were so excited with the Activation, I cannot tell you how we were during all the Sacred Dances and bringing and anchoring the energies. We felt the energies so close and so powerful; we all were really amazed about the light and energy we were anchoring.

We got together with friends in one of our One Being’s flat in the morning of Saturday and stayed there in our sacred place till the morning of Sunday. There were 14 of us. We were all dressed in white, with colorful accents, scarves, etc. We had our candles, crystals, incenses, music and we had a world map. We meditated, we did all the Sacred Dances you have taught us in the workshop in Istanbul. I taught the group how to do the “GO”, how to dance the Starry Processional and Earth / Star Dance. Then we did two circles in one another (I do not remember the name of the dance, but we made it with the group in Istanbul and the energy were so high that we had someone to stay in the center of the circles.) (It was the Lotus Dance.)

We even made the Golden Lion (Aslan) Dance and you’ll not believe this, but we did it so well; I wished that you were with us to see. Remember we couldn’t succeed in the workshop here. We continued to dance in and out all night and meditated while we weren’t dancing. We kept three Guardians in the corners during the whole night. I had your CD’s and cassettes and they helped me a lot to remember the figures that I wasn’t sure of.

We also made the dance of One Earth / One Being. The dance was so sacred, almost all of us cried while in the Circle of One Being and the Circle of Earth. Two of us chose not to enter into the Circle of One Being, and it was also a very interesting experience feeling them behind, watching us while we were hand in hand as One, then doing the Starry Processional in the Circle of Earth…

We did all the mudras of the first 6 Gates. We tried to figure out the mudra for the 7th Gate and we have some mudras and I am wondering the real one and if it looks alike with one of ours. We did the “One Eye ” and walked around the house bowing each other. We even talked Star Language with each other.

During our dances, one of us started to dance the Sufi dance (Mevlana’s whirling dervishes, if you ever have heard about it) and the dance suited so well with the Sufi music we were playing.

Although I knew that we were doing great in Istanbul, I kept wondering how you were doing there, in Udaipur, wishing that I would be with you for the 8th Gate Activation and really be able to do it that time…

Every moment was full of amazing energies. I want to thank you for letting us being part of the ONE and serve the Earth for creating and spreading One Love…

In the One Love and light…. S….



The enegies were very big late in the afternoon of Saturday and Sunday last week and Thursday there was a physical jump where my body went into another plane. The others laughted when I asked them what their week had been? They said very strange but good. Max said that he woke up on Friday and felt the best he had in his whole life. Friday saw me with raw emotions and in tears.

It was a small group in Adelaide with three holding the beam in our local park and in my house. Max, Denese and BaVel. We sarted with a symbolic washing of our hands and spraying esential oils on our bodies. We called the names of the Anchor Groups and did the GO and looked at maps of the world and of India and found the Master Cylinder on a map.

We then went to the park and did the Lotus Dance. The enegy was HUGE. Towards the end of the dance, I saw people in another plane dancing in a circle and twirling within the circle swinging what looked like earth coloured “pareos” like the twirling dervishers out the back of them. Some children saw us and asked us what we were doing and I said dancing and they said they thought we were Egyptians.

I read your words about both the 6th and 7th Gates. We listened to the Starry Council cassette and even though I have heard this so many times, it transported me and I was abruptly jolted out of the space with the click of the tape cutting out.

As there were three of us we did the Starry Processional by drawing a star on the floor of my lounge room and stepping two steps in time to the music, WOW once again it was POWERFUL.

By this time it was well past midnight and I lost my companions, so I listened to Omashar’s tapes and then did the Central Sun Dance by myself knowing that for you Master Cylinder people the 3 to 4 am is sometimes the hardest part of the night.

By 4 am I was in bed listening to the Matisha’s CD, The Eyes of Home. Here are last minute photos as I almost forgot to take any.




In Vernon, we had 7 people dancing and 4 more linked who couldn’t come physically (2 were too elderly and 2 had to work on the Saturday.) plus one hairy cat!!! The energies were magnificent!

We did a powerful meditation about 6 hours into the event; then felt all we needed to do to complete was create
a Sacred Dance of the 7 Elements. When we checked the time, we had been working for 9 hours. We continue to hold the enegies (of course) and the candles continued for another 9 hours to match the 18 hours of ceremony in

A dear friend of ours (Dave Price) was with Solara’s Master Cylinder Group, so that made it so special. And three of us know Omashar fairly well, too. Seton Portage was our powerhouse group of ONE – Edith (Ahlora) Lovey. She’s
still holding the energies and being her joyful bouncy self!

In Banff, the three holding the energies were unable to physically perform the dances, but they anchored very well and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. (This was their first ‘active’ participation in the 11:11.)

Wow. Such a difference in the energies since October! Things feel so much smoother!
Hugs and kisses to all! Love….Trish



Coming together for 11 hours, our Anchor Group was committed to integrating and spreading the energies of Gate 7 throughout the day on October. 30th. We experienced our Oneness firsthand by each contributing something to the day’s events. These included leading the group in a breathing exercise, sharing poetry both published and original, participating in personality-soul skit dialogues, an exercise in the willingness to “See the Unseen” and in revealing our perceptual patterns, repetitions of a new dance named the Radiant Star Dance, adding a chant of “ONE” to the GO, and concluding the day with the viewing of the film, BEING THERE, whose last line was “Life is a state of mind.”

The energies of Gate 7 were experienced somewhat like the effects of a solar flare… with the awesome power of it felt the instant our Anchor Group connected to the Master Cylinder. We felt like human transformers stepping this HUGE energy down and channeling it forth to bless, uplift, unify and awaken the sleepy remnants of the ONE. And in the process our Anchor Group members were blessed, uplifted, cleansed and shifted onto the path of new Beingness. It is this new Beingness which will enable us to consistently and increasingly “See the Unseen.”

We thank the participants of the Master Cylinder and the other Anchor Groups for embodying Oneness, throwing wide the 7th Gate of the 11:11 to our unfolding Beingness….. Angel Audrey



We were about 20 happy people wearing white and feeling very opened for whatever would come….This time I’ve decided to make some advertising and invite more people for the ceremony. Some people that came I’ve met before, but most of them I met in the Activation day. We live in São Paulo which is a very big city, and we didn´t have time to have preparatory meetings. But since I had organize 5th and 6th Gate Anchor Groups, I’ve just trusted that everyhing would happen perfectly.

I spend the week before the Activation attending an Aikido workshop, so on the Activation day I felt very tired, and my body was really stressed out. But all the time I was asking for Divine help….I’m a kind a person who is always taking care of everything…You know that kind of person who prefers doing things alone, because in their inside they think they do it better? Well, in 5th and 6th Gate, I was the visionary of the group… and in the 7th Gate, a miracle happened…. We had a lot of very sensitive people, that had beautiful revelations and visions, and everybody was feeling that our One Being was very alive!!

We were all very synchronized. We started the Starry Processional Sance at exactly 11:11 am (someone said this to me..)…And after the dance, a women named Ana Maria started to describe the vision she was having about a Huge Diomond in the center of the circle….and she didn’t read anything in Solara’s site; actually, she doesn’t understand English… I thought she was a psychic, but she told me that she never got visions before!

not-7BoogDuring the whole ceremony, from time to time, a women named Mirian sang some beautiful Tibetan Buddhist mantras…. The room was purified each time she sang them…! Our ONE BEING was really alive and showing itself! Thank God! The energy was very very strong…..so strong that people start to feel very sleepy, including myself….and we allowed ourselves just to lay down around the center of the circle and see what happens….

All of the sudden, I felt like changing the soft music that we were listening to and put the Starry Processional CD on, and people began to sit and get in a lotus position. Then I saw a huge white pyramid coming from heaven upside down and another huge white pyramid coming up from the ground, upside down, and their tops began to overlap forming a very beautiful Diamond… And there was a lot of light shining from that Diamond and penetrating our whole bodies and going to the floor until the whole Planet got filled with that Amazing White Light.

The interesting thing is that almost everybody in the Group was having the same vision! And one of them told us that before I started to speak, he was already seeing the two pyramids… When that vision finished, I knew that the 7th Gate was opened! Everybody knew it.

Then we dance the 7 Elements Dance; that was a lot of fun….And we meditated after the dance….And then everybody felt like singing, and the most beautiful songs from a lot of traditions started to be sung…. That was lovely…We sang songs from Tibetan Monks, from Catholic tradition, from Jewish tradition…was very nice, and we are very very happy…..Cris Boog

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