7 Gate Rajasthan – Anchor Group Reports Part Three



…. Goran of Croatia


Grupo Luna Azul con SYLVIA




We participated as a small Anchor Group of 3 people: Aysegul, Hatice and Sevil. We are all Reiki healers of 3rd grade and Magnified Healing (Quan Yin), so we are experienced to work with energies. We had many meditations together and we know each other very well. But this was actually first time we had experienced a “cold energy”. We started at 12.30 with Turkish time (15.00 with Indian time) and finished at 23.30 (totally 11 hours).

Our Anchor Group was located in my house in Istanbul. We started with the GO and grounded ourselves and we read the main theme of the 7th Gate. Afterwards, we connected to Master Cylinder and the Anchor groups. We continued meditating for 3-4 hours but we repeated every hour our will to join with the Master Cylinder and Anchor Groups. During this period, although the weather was good, we felt as if it was cold. There was a cold air circulation inside the circle. We experienced a cool feeling around our body, but we feel hot energy inside!

Afterwards we continued with the Earth-Star Dance and the Sacred Spiral Dance. The dances were perfect; we felt our One Being and harmony. During the dances, the energy was hot. Later on we continued meditating again. Cool outside / hot inside feeling continued. Although we wanted to participate till the end, we were very tired and stopped at 23.30.

During my meditation I had seen you many times, Solara. We were greeting each other or you were dancing the Sacred Dances.

s You are always saying that unexpected things could happen during Activations. This “cold energy” was an unexpected thing for us, so we accepted it as it was.

One Love, One Heart, One Being… Thank you for being with us. Love from Istanbul……S.






We held a private anchor group here in Vernon, British Columbia …. (David Price – – Yunarah’s home town) … There were 7 of us, dancing heaven on earth, and it was a most profound and transcendent experience. How could it not be, with the flow of energies that have been blessing us this season. …

That week was especially intense, wasn’t it? We’d met for a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse meditation on the Wednesday, then it was the Grand Quintile on Thursday, and on Friday night, we started gathering at midnight to dress up our space. We officially started at the time you would have been arriving on site.

The connection, the Oneness we felt with the Master Cylinder Group, indeed all the Anchor Groups worldwide, was very strong. We didn’t last eighteen hours … I think it was more like eleven! But all was perfect and beautiful.

Beloved Solara, thank you for being the courageous and visionary beautiful Being you are … for walking the Path with such passion and commitment! I look forward to meeting you some day, in this earthwalk … and one day yet, I shall dance with a Master Cylinder group!

All Blessings, All Love, In Oneness, Love Is . . . Carol l’y’hara*



not-7VaniaHere in Uberlandia at the farm the 7th Gate Activation was great. The group was around 30 persons; they were very happy and anxious for the Activation. We started early doing yoga and then we went to the waterfall. At noon we had a workshop, and then we were prepared for the Activation.

The ceremony started at 8:30 PM. We read the 7th Gate activacion’s explanation, we sang 11 Bhajans and some mantras, then we started the Activation of the 7th Gate.

It was very touching all we have done, but the effects of this were much more beautiful and powerful. One of the women saw the plasmation of the 7th pillar of the Gate during the ceremony. The form is square and looks like a crystal. In the morning she went there to show us the exact place that she saw it. But in my visualization, I saw a cylinder pillar and the color was
violet. Another women who had radiothesia measure measured the energy of the place. She found the same place that the women saw and found another place that I pointed to. The amazing thing is that this point on the grass was burned. These two places are full of energy; in the squared place the energy comes and goes. In the other pillar the energy is transmutation.
So I thought we have two pillars and between them may be a portal.

Can you help me with some explanation of what happened there?

Thanks for now…. Vania Vilela



The Activation was amazing and powerful and I want to share with you the spheres with the Flower of Life that appears on the Activation photographs.

Blessings…. Gustavo Ferrer Istael


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