7 Gate Rajasthan – Master Cylinder Reports Part Four

The veils have been lifted! I am seeing the Unseen. WOW!

Each day everything becomes clearer and clearer. Simpler and more exciting. I can still see limiting patterns within my life, but I now realise that it’s ok. I am perfect right now. Nothing is impossible. I am Mark of the One.

Each night more and more I am in the One in my dreams. It’s like another world has opened up for me. Some nights we dance; some nights we sit and talk– always basking in love.

During the day at work clients are asking about what we experienced. At first it was hard to find the words, But I find myself becoming more and more present, then the words just pour out. People seem to be waking up everywhere. The thing that I find fascinating is that they look through our photo album of India and they all comment on all of our faces. The joy the peace, the happiness. It radiates out from the photos. They can see it, and they want to know more.

Its funny, at times I miss you all so much and then, writing this now I realise that I see you all day. I look down while I’m working and there is nearly always someone smiling at me. It then inevitably evokes a story out of me. It gives me the words to speak to that person and something sparks in them. We are all helping each other in every moment. We are always connected. Then when the day is done, I get to go home and dance in the One all night till morning. I dont know that I miss you all as much now, but I realise you’re all in my heart always.

How exciting to realise that the world conciousness is changing!

In the One Heart.…Mark Sutton Of The One

smpurp1Om Bhur Bhuvah svah
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devsya dhimahi
dhiyo yonah prachodayat

Through the coming, going and the balance of life
The essential nature which illumines existence is the adorable one.
May all perceive through subtle intellect
the brilliance of enlightenment.

We were a flash of Brilliance that night
and a taste of what’s to come
or what is present… .

In the One Love.…..The other, Mark Franzone of the One

smpurp1To 7th Gate Master Cylinder, all Anchor Groups, and those individuals who are assimilating the new sweet pure energies of 7th Gate into their hearts, minds and bodies.

Heart beat, eyes, spirit, all of me yearns for happiness…on planet #3. We have felt peace and joy among us, watched them melt away the pain. The strands connecting us all are now visibly stronger. Wow. There is nothing like being gathered together to activate more!

7th Gate Activation has been the deepest and most tangible of all experiences I can remember.

There are so many things that contributed to this. I am impressed with everyone. You are brilliant. You are magical. You are my greatest Loves.

Those that came to India gifted our precious memories with surprise and beauty. I delighted in our return. Dancing Sacred Dances in India sent extensions into our cells, stretching each one on several levels, cradling them as they called out, touching and receiving. Aligning, designing and adjusting our selves, we now move more consciously relative to one another and to more distant bodies. Anchoring 7th Gate energies wherever we are, so very much new sweet pure Love, a Love felt, but not yet described is our task.

The music of Omashar makes what Solara does on a regular basis, more likely to happen worldwide. We are obviously in harmonious motion with all Stars. Planets and Dancers, within an ever-evolving Greater Love Dance. And the Point is Manifestation.

So let’s keep letting go of unbeneficial patterns. And welcome in the radiant light of our Eyes until we can see everything. Let’s go Loves!

You have become so whole, so strong and so real to me, I feel as though we will always remain together.….Ongralea


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