4 Gate Tahiti – Solara’s Report Part One

not-04-4GateActivation-123How to describe what has happened and what we have experienced?

It’s an almost impossible task. We have traveled so far…..

smpurp1Many of us felt that the Fourth Gate Activation was going to be the most powerful one we had experienced since the original Opening of the Doorway of the 11:11 in January, 1992, and it was. It was infinitely more powerful and more all-encompassing than even I had imagined and it’s still continuing on.

Whenever we activate one of the Gates of the 11:11 at a Master Cylinder it is a very real experience. We enter a state of Supra-Normal Reality. We see and experience things that don’t often occur on this planet. We create a space of sacredness and beauty which is far beyond earthly experience. It is a profound immersion into the Ultra Greater Reality which transforms our beings on a deep cellular level and which will live within us forever.

We have been stretched way beyond any previous boundaries. We have gotten so real and true. We have opened our hearts into new depths of love and we have become so impossibly V A S T.

Now for some of the details:

Most of our Master Cylinder participants arrived in Tahiti on August 5th. The next morning we began our preparations for Fourth Gate with 69 people. It’s always fascinating to begin with a roomful of strangers and know that in a few days that we would become incredibly close and comfortable with each other. And that by the time we left Tahiti seven days later, we would share a deep love and bonding, for we had become a powerful One Being.

On the second morning we traveled by Aremiti ferry to the gorgeous nearby island of Moorea. These lush islands are the summits of the most sacred mountains of Lemuria, places that used to be inaccessible to all except a few sages and priests. Now, they are our reminders of the great continent of Lemuria and powerfully evoke memories that we carry within our beings. Since the islands of Tahiti hold the resonance of Vibrant Beauty, they help to bring us fully alive.

At the Polynesian temple (marae) of Titiroa on Moorea, we formed a circle and sang an ancient Polynesian healing chant to the spirits of the temple. As we sang, a gentle, misty rain came down upon us in the ancient way that a marae blesses those who come in a sacred way. It felt very welcoming. We had returned home.

That night five of our group decided not to continue with us. One person returned to the US and the other four decided to form an Anchor Group and observe 4th Gate in Moorea. I am well aware that the 11:11 Master Cylinders are a great challenge. They give us unprecedented opportunities to manifest our greatness and to step beyond our selves. They often tend to bring out both the best and the worst in people. But to achieve our goal as a true Master Cylinder and become One Being, we need to set aside our own agendas and focus on what is needed to become One.

We could only honor their choices and continue forming our One Being. We now had 64 people in our Master Cylinder. And what a strong group we became! Although we came from many different levels of awareness and from 18 different countries, we shared a commitment to activate Fourth Gate and we merged into a very strong, dedicated and highly effective Master Cylinder.

For the next two days we practiced some of our 11:11 Sacred Dances and created a stunning Dance of the Four Elements. This was a very funny and archetypical process. The Earth group created their carefully coordinated, precise movements in what seemed like mere moments. Soon afterwards, the Water group had become a beautiful, undulating, flowing wave. The Air group couldn’t seem to get anything together at all, while some members of the Fire group were in the midst of a heated argument over who was in charge. But of course, by the following day, the dance had miraculously pulled itself together.

smpurp1Early in the morning of August 10th, we boarded the very pristine and beautiful Va’a Rahi catamaran. This is such a magnificent boat with a great crew and very clear energy. We spent the nearly three hour voyage perched all over the boat, some of us lying on the nets which were stretched between the two outriggers. Underneath was the undulating ocean. It was a great day and Tetiaroa felt ready for our upcoming Activation.

One interesting weather note: I had been warned last March to expect huge winds on Tetiaroa in August, for that is the month when the trade winds blow. I didn’t even want to think of the possibility that we would be buffeted by strong winds all night and hadn’t given it much energy, knowing that we have always been blessed with perfect weather for the 11:11 Activations.

Upon arriving in Tahiti in late July, I was told that the winds were a few weeks late this year, but that they would certainly be there by the time of our ceremony. But we had perfect weather with only the gentlest breeze, just enough to keep us from getting too hot.

smpurp1After the Va’a Rahi anchored outside of Tetiaroa’s lagoon, we were transferred by small Zodiac boats to one of Tetiaroa’s small islets or motus. This was a wild ride as we lept over the reef by jumping on a wave and zig-zagged our way through paths of submerged coral to the shore.

Arriving on the motu, we walked down the beach to the place where we would meet Tetiaroa’s whale boats which took us across the shimmering aqua lagoon to the motu where we would hold our ceremony.

On a grassy lawn by the tiny hotel we practiced the Aslan Dance for the first time. This dance is extremely challenging; not only does it have some intricate movements, but we also have to bring our full beings into the physical in order to embody the very empowered Golden Lion Aslans.

Next, we walked for about 20 minutes along the beach to the site of our picnic lunch which was the only meal we were to have until breakfast the following morning.

After lunch, we swam in the lagoon which everyone agreed was the most magnificent water we had ever been in. It was crystal clear, a perfect temperature, had a soft sandy bottom, and a special quality which dissolved away any of our fatigue. We felt healed and renewed.

smpurp1Then we walked to the nearby sandy point of beach where we would hold our Fourth Gate Activation. This was the most perfect spot, pristine and pure, wide open, flat, with water on two sides and palm tree forests on the other sides.

We set to work creating our sacred circle, raking away any sharp bits of coral, putting together the sound system and generator and setting up 22 bamboo torches around the perimeter of our circle. By the time we were ready, it was late afternoon and everything felt wonderful.

Our ceremony began with the lighting of the torches and the call of a conch shell. Then we each put a piece of wood in our transformational fire, letting go of everything within us which was now ready to be released, healed and transformed, and stepped inside our circle. Here we read the list of 11:11 Anchor Groups all over the world and aligned with them.

Next we entered the lagoon by forming Gateways of Initiation. This happened rather spontaneously, but felt the right thing to do, even though we were all dressed in our Activation clothes.These Gateways finally formed a large, arched circle in the water and from here we began the Lotus Dance. It was exquisite and felt so joyous to be dancing in the warm waters of the lagoon.


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