4 Gate Tahiti – Anchor Group Reports Part Six

(an Anchor Group of 308 people)

BRAVO!!!! Dearest Solara and the whole Master Cylinder participants: We felt your splendid sacred work during the opening of the Fourth Gate. Here in Monterrey we worked a lot to be connected to you and all the Anchor Groups in the world in a very expanded love energy. At the beginning, I thought that there will be around 50 people who would come to the Ceremony. I read your wonderful book How to Live Large & and all the information published in your website. I ordered all the music you suggested for the Sacred Dances and the wonderful Mandala by Aya.

With these tools I wrote what I considered was the most important information in Spanish, to be prepared as an Anchor Group. We made some phone calls to offer some free workshops and let people know what was about to happen. To our great surprise, somehow the word was spread and 452 (=11) people came to our workshops! A dance teacher taught the Sacred Dances and I explained the exercises: The Go, One Heart and One Eye, and the importance of being an Anchor Group participant, the world map and everything that was necessary to bring, including food, flashlights and rocks from a near place called La Huasteca which is considered by the Huicholes (native Mexican Indians) as a very sacred place on Earth. (Our workshops had to be multiplied because people brought more people, so we asked them to give less than 5 dollars in order to help us with the expenses).

Not everyone came to the Ceremony because some of them chose to meditate in their own gardens. Only!!! 308 (also =11) persons came. At the beginning I was worried because I didn t know where we were going to work with so many people. Some nice people offered us their beautiful Quintas and an abandoned ranch where only wild grass grows. When my 3 partners and I visited the places on July 10, at the ranch we saw a wonderful eagle flying in circles, then we knew that the sacred place had to be created and it was going to be a tremendous job. Next day (July 11th) Solara wrote a page explaining the wonderful job they did in Ecuador, creating a sacred place. So we felt that we were already connected with her and on the right track. We worked many hours to clean the ranch, tracing a 70-meter diameter circle and a Sacred Labyrinth designed by my daughter Katya (a young architect). It is important for me to mention the dedication and love of Letty Quiroga, Natalia Ugalde, Victor Longoria, Jesús de los Santos, Memo Cuevas, Katya and me. Seven people who worked three days and nights before August 10th.

We started our work at 4:30 PM on the 10th. First, everyone carried, thanked and blessed their stones (about 5 inches and larger) in order to make the Sacred Circle. The 4 altars were placed with their proper elements on each position. 170 oil lamps were place on metal post, around the circle and everyone lit a candle. A Northern doorway was left opened. Everyone entered the Circle through there and a huge wooden statue of Archangel Michael was placed at this entrance. Before entering, each person was ¨cleaned¨ with the smoke of incenses, sage and other herbs, with the sound of the Tibetan metal bells, sacred feathers and Tibetan crystal bowls.

Twelve Guardians and myself guarded the energy of the circle. Except three who were replaced, everyone else stood up the whole night, without moving from their places until 8 AM. All of us have felt different from then on, as if we were blessed with a wonderful present of feeling at all time connected with Nature. We can feel the energy of a tree, a bird, a flower as if we are one with them & AND WE ARE!!! We finished the Ceremony the next day at 10 AM, because after the Total Solar Eclipse, not everyone, but most people decided to enter slowly with an expanded consciousness to the Labyrinth to continue connecting with the Master Cylinder and the wonderful energies that were anchored. When they reached its central part they honored Mother Earth, kissing the ground and leaving a small present such as a flower, a stone or a personal belonging. Three children of 5, 7 and 9 years old spent the whole night with us and entered the Labyrinth.

THE WONDERFUL THINGS WE EXPERIENCED: At 8 PM on August 10th the sunrays expanded from West to East forming the 11:11 as a huge Gate while at North a very black vortex of clouds was moving very fast. When we held hands to be ONE and sang two songs, I told everyone to watch the sky and 5 very bright falling stars were seen and everyone felt full of Love. Then I felt as being carried upwards and my voice changed and sounded very slow and strong. I knew it wasn t me; it was a message from Archangel Michael telling us „to keep united, to love each other more and to expand our beings in order to vibrate in a subtle way to awaken others and that his sword was a present for us, that the Ceremony was just the beginning of a work we have to do and to keep meditating in groups to continue expanding the energy that the Master Cylinder was pulling to the Earth, that all its charkas had to be awaken, and that it was a very dedicated job to be done during many months.“ (In short, this is the message).

The other extraordinary things were: when people were changing their pareos, we put a small flashlight at the center of the Circle. Suddenly, everyone stopped, they couldn t move because a very strange light came from a star and was connected with the flashlight, like a cylinder of white-blue light. (It was 3 AM) and when they danced the Starry Processional (5 AM) a lot of people were tired and exactly 60 persons held their hands forming a twelve-pointed star. Wonderful coincidence!!! When the 11:11 (Cornwall Time) was getting closer, everyone held hands and during 30 minutes we stood up, blinders on, and connecting our minds (Intermind?) with everyone in our Dearest Planet, especially with Anchor Groups and the 68 people with Solara, before putting our blinders, everyone looked up and saw a huge very black hole opening in the sky. Later on, we concentrated strongly and most people reported that they felt as if they were asleep standing up or carried upwards. The sunrise gave us the most wonderful colors in violet, gold and pink.

We will continue working, now with an expanded love. Thanks SOLARA for being on Earth and for all your efforts. God bless your inner Goddess, and God bless God.…..Aidda O´Ward, Mexican 4th Anchor Group Coordinator.


I have read your reports of the Fourth Gate Activation and can only say WOW! I now understand the reason that I could not attend – I needed to be in South Devon, having come into Oneness and was feeling totally centred with myself. As I leant against the wall surrounding the small bay, I was aware of another energy and it turned out to be my True Love! We actually met at first contact that morning and in the space of three
weeks my New Direction has been confirmed as South Wales! I, like your report, have been feeling less involved with reality and I do believe that from this meeting something wonderful will occur. All my being is at peace after such a long journey and I find the past to be of no importance.

I am so pleased for you and the group that you were able to bring in these energies and the Fourth Gate and I am aware that things feel different. Certainly watching the Solar Eclipse under cloud was an awe inspiring experience – so moody as the old slipped away to make way for the new.….Sandie Campbell


When we finished First Part many wanted to rest, but we had to practice our Main Ceremony, the Fourth Gate Activation for which we arranged every detail including nice collars of cloth with the colors Green, Yellow, Red and Blue to represent the Four Elements.

First we formed circles representing the Four Elements located at each direction. Then we danced in circles with the Greater Central Sun Dance music that enabled us to dance and perform the Four Element’s movements in the pauses. We did this several times and then we began spiraling to the center with the Sacred Spiral Dance music which is extremely beautiful.

When all have met at the center and Four Elements began exchanging collars, thus changing the elements. A great shift could be felt, at least I remember feeling a very HUGE SHIFT. When one arrived to the center there were no rules to change elements, it was a decision to be made in that instant, so it was impossible to know what element you would become afterwards!

Then the transformed elements began making the movements of the element which they have transformed into and then walked by the left to the end of the line at their left, still making the movements. When all had transformed, we had a nice cross and we bent the arms so that the outer points came to the center without breaking the arms, so amazingly we formed a flower of four petals! This beautiful flower of new elements began to open and form a circle!

We were new elements each and all of us! Then each one of us walked around the circle by the outer side in counter-clockwise fashion to match with the color assigned to the torches. So we had equal groups of people at each direction. At this point the colors didn’t represent the elements because they had already been merged; at this time the colors were just to distinguish the directions and express the appearance of our New Directions.

A very joyous Irish music with bagpipes started and we began dancing the directions very delicately at first as the music flowed and then very contagiously, happily and smiling because the music went that way… We found ourselves dancing in circles, each person with a very unique way, but our hands were still connected and suddenly one platelet (person) of each group started coming off each direction and we had the four directions together in the center forming a circle.

At a bell signal they began dancing in circles also, very animated, free. At another signal each went to a direction without a representative of their direction, this was repeated three times until each direction had a representative of all the other directions, thus opening the New Directions! Our dance was based on Solara’s suggested program for the Fourth Gate Activation.

After that, the happiness and the feeling of freedom went so high I can’t remember much of what we did. However I remember we made a circle and start dancing as One until we began spiraling into the center, then we started coming out of the spiral through the Spaces-in-Between as explained in ‚How to Live Large in a Small Planet‘.

Of course this last part wasn’t planned, that’s why I can’t remember; it just came out by itself! I thought no one would follow the spiral without breaking it and exiting through the spaces in the middle, which is the invisible spiral, but amazingly it did work! This concept hadn’t been explained at all but it worked and after the last one came out of the spiral we closed the circle again, but this time we were facing outwards, instead of looking to the center of the circle.

Again amazingly, everyone turned around almost at the same time (talk about synchronicity) and faced to the center. We did the whole spiral another time. After that I can’t remember much. Only that we continued to be in a circle and after many hours which seemed like eternity the music ended and we started hugging and thanking each other.

During the Ceremony we had four Guardians and at some times five. Although some were very tired and sleepy, I think they served as good Guardians. And of course, there were many replacements.

There were times of high energy and clarity. In my experience both during and after the Activation. I remember a lot of colors in the sky running across in curves, energy of plants around, auras, etc. These ’sky energies‘ mostly magenta, yellow, green and cyan, flowed like ribbons or colored light stripes and they were ever flowing. That kept on going for a long time. I remember I could see those colors before but during the Activation I saw them SO VIVID and REAL….. And now I can still see them more vividly than before. Thanks for that gift.

The Activation here was really amazing!

The Ceremony was held before, during and after 11:11 am at Cornwall. We stopped for a while at about 7:30 am here (1:30 Tetiaroa and 12:30 Cornwall) because many were very tired. Then we rested for a while and Guardians had to stand up and walk for a while. At about 10:00 am a new group came and we repeated the Main Ceremony with some variations which came spontaneously. This went until 12:00 when we were very exhausted.

I can undeniably positively assure I felt the energies run my body from the highest to the feet many times and I am very sure that many, if not all of us, felt the same way. I remember the incredible peace, well being and high state of consciousness that lasted for hours even past that glorious day and I wish the heightened consciousness to continue ever higher! And now that I have read Solara’s Report I know it will.

After that, I laid on the ground of our Ceremony and I fell asleep.…. Eduardo Falcone


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