4 Gate Tahiti – Master Cylinder Reports

Some of our extremely colorful Fourth Gate Master Cylinder.„The changes in my life are awesome. I always wondered what „it“ was all about; this 11:11 event was the most awesome event of my life. It gave me confidence, assurance, hope, joy, fun and total commitment to a new way of life which I can’t even give enough thanks for. The unveiling of the duality in its deepest sense is so clear to me now. I never experienced so much joy and happiness in my life as during the 11:11 event. I felt so free and happy to be on this only planet of free choice. I hope that I have helped do my part for the whole of mankind and universe. Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this event. I love you all so much.“…. Dan


„After many hours of deep sleep and even deeper dreams, I feel wonderful today. There is not this typical „back in Germany“ collapse. I still feel so expanded and vast and there is this shift that the outer world, the physical surroundings have lost the feeling of being real. I take a close look at a German house, then I have to take several more looks. I know that they are built very solid, a big storm can’t blow them away, however, they don’t look real anymore. And the feeling is not that they turn into an illusion, but it’s more like they are slowly dissolving. Being in Germany at this time seems to be an important part of Fourth Gate. It’s like the places are merging. I’m still in Tetiaroa, but I’m also here. Things can merge and it seems they do so somehow by going right through my heart.

The Earth-Star Dance we danced created a huge opening which I first perceived outside of me. Now, it’s inside of me. Our almost hurrying away from Tetiaroa and Tahiti to our next destinations seems to include the places we are right now into our dances, into the Activation. I feel the same way with the places I passed through on my flight back to Germany: Auckland, Sidney and Seoul, where I spent so many hours waiting for my next flight.“ ….Laya


„I’m taking time from work to write to thank you for all that you did and to say I hope you are doing well. You went through so much at this Activation, you must be exhausted. Perhaps, that’s an understatement. How you did what you did. It really takes a strong person to pull something like that off. I hope you’ll find the strength to continue in one form or another.

I found the Fourth Gate Activation to be a wonderful experience. That experience has changed me forever. How could I ever go back to the way I was when I now know who we are? I had no idea.

Prior to leaving Los Angeles for Tahiti, I was feeling separate from myself. Sort of standing behind myself and looking through. When I got to Tahiti, I found myself to be more centered and that feeling of being outside myself had left. Since the Activation though, I find that this feeling has intensified and I seem to feel like I’m not all here. Like I’m in a different state, literally.

What’s really odd is my dreams. Sunday night I dreamt that we were all in a circle and you were saying that when the time came, we would know. I woke to see the clock saying 11:23 and in my dreamy state I kept wondering why the clock was showing November 23? What happened to the time? Where are the seconds? After awhile I realized that it was all right and I was still sleeping. Later that morning, I felt like I was swaying. I way lying down, but I felt like I was swaying in the breeze. I also felt like I was hovering over the bed. Not quite touching it.“ …. Walter Rohr


„Thank you Solara, thank you again for all of your hard work and for inspiring me to take a leap into the Unknown. I know that serving something greater has caused massive changes within my own being. I feel the beginnings of the New being forged.

Life feels quite unreal here. Now I know what you are talking about! I feel our One Being stretched out all over the planet, acting as pinion points of Light and and the 4th Gate energies.“ …. Ellen Wilson


Dearest Solara,
Hoping you have managed to rest by now ……after so much exausting preperations for all that we shared in Tahiti. I would truly like to thank you for all I learned through you and OUR ONE Heart and ONE Being group !!!!! Fantastic and lovely people…… I hold all of you in my heart, with unforgettable memories.

Here is a report on 4th Gate which I wrote for a friend:

Just got back yesterday, after 13 magnificent days in Papeete, Moorea, Tetiaroa, Easter Island and Santiago, Chile !!!!! I went to Tahiti with Solara´s 11:11 group for the 4th Gate opening, the Solar Eclipse and the Grand Cross….. So many important events all together in the presence of our Christ Grids south pole axis !!!!

Everything was so magic and went perfectly well !!! I arrived there on the 5th and we had to practice Solara´s dances a lot with a group of 70 people from all over the world…..a great big family in One Heart and One Being!!! We would learn from 9am to 10pm…..exausting!!!!

On the 8th we spent the day at Moorea. That early morning my Higher Self oriented me to do the clearing of Moorea, then activate my Merkaba with the axis, activating our planet´s Merkaba……. So all 70 of us were together there and at the right moment, silently, I did the clearing and later at 12:00 noon, I sat by myself on this beautiful beach, I activated my MerKaBa, extending my prana tubo to the grid´s axis, becoming One with the Grid and activating the Grid´s Merkaba….it went perfectly !!! I also connected Moorea energetically to Sedona, the Sugar Loaf, Cape Point, Byron Bay and many other Sacred points of the Christ Grid.

On the morning of the 10th, we went to Tetiaroa, Marlon Brando´s Island, so so beautiful, for our ceremony for the 4th Gate 11:11. The trip was fantastic, we went by Catamaran, 3.5 hours to get there…Crystal blue water!!!! A great lunch / dinner waiting for us on the beach……. and our ceremony started at 6:00pm and lasted all through the night until 7:00am the next morning !!!!

There are a few scenes, that will never leave my heart, mind and soul….. The moment we started our first Sacred Dance, I opened my eyes and saw us dancing in the sky…couldn´t tell if we were up there or if the sky had come down to earth…..amazing……

Another moment was the actual 11:11 pm activation, we were trying to do the Golden Winged Lion Dance, very very sacred, They are the ones who open the Gates and we were trying so hard to dance it right and we had already failed 3 times and I was totally out of strength to continue….so I guess all of us were the same way, thinking we have to make it now, it´s our last try……

And we made it….all of us together embodied the Golden Lion, from that moment on, our steps didn´t matter any more…..it was the energy that had been embodied and at the end of it….you could see, with your two eyes, the energy aligning in the sky….so so fantastic…..the 4th Gate alignment………

Another moment I can´t forget was seeing all the nature spirits !!!! and that STARRY STARRY night, so many constellations, not a cloud in the sky…. the island is totally flat and we were on a point; we could see the stars from horizon to horizon, like a starry dome !!!! So beautiful !!!! Also, meeting some fantastic people from all over the world, was so nice!!!

Then I went to Easter Island, so peaceful and lovely….no pollution at all, almost no antennas, very little electric and electronic devices…..no TV, only 3000 people on an island of 180 km“, ……I asked my Higher Self if I would have to do the clearing process and he answered, yes, because of the battles and wars amoung the tribes and the presence of much black magic.

I arrived on that Friday morning (the 13th) and on Sunday morning, the 15th, I went on a cliff by the ocean and did the clearing, asking for forgiveness to all the Elders, different Leaders and Chiefs, Birdmen, etc of all the tribes and connecting this Sacred Island to the Grid and to all the other light points which anchor the Christ Grid……It was so beautiful !!!!

On Monday the 16th, I went to Santiago and as the plane landed, you could see how bad the pollution was….. Rose imediately said …Tessie can´t you do something….. and I said only if my Higher Self orients me to…I´ll have to wait for the right moment, and if I will be allowed to do something…..

Later that night….. I received intuition to do the clearing of the center of Santiago, invoking 11 Devas of different places in this section of town, but to invoke also the Deva of Santiago for the whole process: The center, Serro Santa Lucia, Palacio Moneda, Praça de la Constituição, Praça de la Liberdad, Hotel Majestic, Catedral de Santiago, Calle Bernardo O´Higgens, Mercado Central, Serro de San Cristobal.

After we finished the whole process, which we started at 7:00 am and finished at 9:00 am, we went for breakfast and right afterwards we went to Serro Santa Lucia to have a look at the city and then do some shopping…..It was amazing….. There was a whole in the middle of the sky about the size of the center of Santiago and right over it !!!! Blue Blue sky !!!!

The pollution in Santiago is very bad, I hope this will help some and since I invoked the Deva of the city of Santiago, I did offer him the whole process on a diskette, so he could use it as he thinks is appropriate along with the help of the other Devas that had been cleared, to use on other sections of the city…..but the pollution does extend into the mountains….to the seas…..
the whole country !!!!

I´m so happy about this whole trip because I went with 3 purposes: the clearing of Moorea, the activation of the Grids Merkaba and the 4th Gate 11:11 Activation, I think all went fine and plus being in Easter Island was a dream come true and I do thank the Great Spirit for all the opportunities He has given me to serve !!! and I´m ready for more !!!!“ …. Tessie Rinehart


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