7 Gate Rajasthan – Master Cylinder Reports Part Three

PR_DIAM Part 1: Preparing for the New

Greetings One Being! 🙂 The 7th Gate Master Cylinder was so beyond words, it will be difficult to describe what happened with mere text. We can at least try though! 😉 Perhaps this piece of the puzzle taken in conjunction with all the others can form a picture of the 7th Gate. Each dance at the Activation seemed to be a necessary piece of the puzzle in Activating the 7th Gate. There were certainly very noteworthy events, but in reality each moment was part of the Whole. Here’s a journal of some of what happened:

On our first day of preparations, Solara said the Activation was really happening all week, and wasn’t just our time overnight at Jagmandir Palace. A lot happened during that week, with much releasing and transforming going on! At the 6th Gate I can’t think of a single time where someone was crying. Here however tears were being shed all week! Before, during, after, or unrelated to our practice sessions, people would have intense experiences and breakthroughs, sometimes two or three people at once! Whenever that would happen, others nearby would quickly come in and comfort or act as loving guardians for their experience. It was said that which couldn’t go through to the new level with us would be left behind during the week, where sometimes people would be going through things not just for themselves, but for the group, if not the world.

Even on the plane flight to India, I felt tears just under the surface – not out of sadness, but more like relief or happiness with all that was going to finally happen. That almost ready to cry feeling staying with me all week, until the middle of the Activation itself. Much of our inner work was less visible and didn’t involve open tears. I became aware of a couple old issues dating back to childhood, if not Orion. These didn’t go away through the effort of emotional release or intellectual analysis, but rather one morning I’d wake up and it seemed as if an issue had simply evaporated overnight like dew in the Sun, and no longer existed!

Another thing very pronounced during our preparations was the depth of our mental connection and Oneness with each other. We seemed to be of One Mind, where often two people would say the same thing at the same time, or someone would say something you were just about to say yourself. It was quite freaky, and would happen again and again for us. A small example, in Mt. Abu Solara pointed out a vest she thought I might like, one among the hundreds of items there and the thousands of things everyone looked at all week. Somehow she knew my favorite colors and patterns, and although I tend not to wear vests, I do like in-vest-ing. 😉

PR_DIAM Part 2: Bringing forth the New

Anyway, after our grand (and unexpected – I thought we’d just be walking or driving) elephant, horse, and camel procession to Jagmandir Palace, we formed a double line and with presence walked inside to the main courtyard, at about 4pm on the 30th. Immediately upon entering, with barely a chance to put our bags down, Solara and Indigo at the front of the lines led us straight into a double circle, forming the Diamond of the Unseen with our hands, and sending it to the left and right alternatively. At the time I felt this was clearing and greeting our Sacred Space, where it was later said this was claiming our space – another example of similar thinking. 🙂

We then went back out and re-entered our Sacred Space through the Gateways of Initiation. Do the 7 mudras for the 7 Gates in order without error, or get sent back to try again. Ama was our loving yet firm Gatekeeper, who didn’t just look at your actions, but more importantly ensured you had the right focus. Many people got sent back one or more times, even people that seemed to do the mudras correctly externally! Of course, getting sent back was a blessing in disguise, as they would be the most focused and triumphant when they did go through! Once through, people would form a double line on either side for the next people to walk through. Solara was waiting at the end to anoint each person with glitter in three places, with a playful swooshing sound. 🙂 I noticed glitter on my face and hair for several days afterward! Even standing along the walkway as part of the Gateway was a beautiful experience, where I felt a deep and loving connection with E*An*Na across from me, like we were soul siblings holding the Diamond of the Unseen for eons, waiting for this moment. Of course that may have partly been due to us standing at the point where the path turned a corner, so it felt like being at the point of a diamond physically too. 😉

After everyone was Initiated, we proceeded into the courtyard again. We formed a circle and did some vigorous movements with our arms, that seemed to symbolize everyone rowing. We’re all needed to row at this time! After that was graceful free flying throughout our space, which made me think of having reached open sea and basking in the Unknown. Then we returned to a circle, and Iree blew a conch shell 7 times in the 7 directions (4 compass, up, down, and within). As with the 6th Gate, Z*ra danced a hula, during which the Sun set and the palace lights were turned on. After this all the Anchor Groups were read aloud, where we visualized each group coming from where they were in the world to join our One Being. By the end our One Being was very vast! 🙂

On to our first official Sacred Dance, the Starry Processional! I say „official“ because half the time we were doing things „off the map“ that we hadn’t rehearsed and didn’t have names. As always, this dance seems to unlock the door of the Gate. Our star slowly, reverently, went around 1.5 revolutions, divided into three periods with the points inverting at each half revolution.

At this point I’d like to mention maybe half the group was physically sick. Most were fine during the week, but something happened a day or so before the Activation, and I think it was something deeper than just a bad batch of food. 😉 I started getting butterflies in my stomach the morning of the Activation, which at first seemed just nervous anticipation, but it turned into queasiness after the Gateways of Initiation. I felt I was going to fall over or throw up during the Starry Processional, and really wanted to rest, but also felt I’d rather die before missing this! I like to be strong, but here I was away from the familiar, steadying myself with the people next to me, internally asking Anchor Groups for help, anything to hold on.

I used the men’s room during our first break. That place seemed to be a time machine, since whenever I’d come out, the courtyard activities would have totally changed! 😉 The Dance of the 6 Elements was starting, so I ran to get my pareo for it. This featured everyone in one of the four elements, with one dancer representing the Sun (Nova) and one the Moon (An*Nu*Tuk) who would activate each element in sequence. Solara was a Guardian, and afterward claimed she was passing the scepter and retiring from Guardianship. 🙂

We then had a long break for dinner, where it was about 9pm now. The tables by the courtyard in the dim light were very enchanting! Elenra, full of quiet radiance and anticipation, was whispering that the 7th Gate could Activate at any time now, that They were all around us in Spirit and lovingly caressing us. I had no appetite and couldn’t eat much of anything, so figured I should do something useful, so became a Guardian. Even when there was nobody in the courtyard, we had four Guardians holding the energy at all times. Being a Guardian seemed more challenging than at the 6th Gate, even holding the energy of an empty courtyard! During my time Guardianing, the south side Guardian got replaced three times, so there may have been strong energies coming from that direction.

After another men’s room „time machine“ visit, the Greater Central Sun Dance was starting. I thought I was going to miss the start, but Omashar waved me in just before. Along with the two rings, this featured four Pillars (Elara, Indigo, Karon, and Sinan), and also a special addition of three in the center (Solara, Omashar, and Elenra). This group of three, sitting in the center, did very subtle movements, to slide open the remaining door to Seeing the Unseen. You may hear a lot about the high energy of the 7th Gate, but Seeing the Unseen is really more subtly graceful and lovingly reverent.

Our One Being then did the Lotus Dance. This is always more powerful than it seems, with our swaying circle maintaining the Love, and sending it out to our Anchor Groups and the world. This dance seemed to be a keynote for the 7th Gate, where we did it more often than any other, and the most often in practice sessions too (e.g. doing it for the media, doing it with others at Mt. Abu, etc). Anyway, this Lotus Dance seemed to reach into the invisible door created above, and call forth the new 7th Gate energies!

PR_DIAM Part 3: Experiencing the New

What happened next I’ll always remember! After the Lotus Dance, we were stopping for a break, where people were leaving the Lotus circle in different directions. Suddenly, it seemed as though half the people stopped in their tracks at the same time, and after the briefest of pauses, rushed forward back into a circle. About 30 people formed a swaying circle with their arms around each other, similar to the Lotus Dance when the two rings are together holding the Love, but the swaying was a bit more pronounced. As with the three in the middle of the Greater Central Sun dance, this may not have looked like much, but that’s often when the most happens! I didn’t look at a clock the whole time during the Activation, but the position of the Moon implied it was near midnight, the deepest moment of night.

The Love seemed to increase, a glowing feeling within my heart, and a glow coming from everywhere and nowhere. It grew and increased, with no effort on my part, like watching a boulder roll down hill faster and faster. My head felt like it was immersed in liquid electricity, with lines of light force going up the face, while it felt like there was a fire at the base of the spine. Oh my God, I thought, the 7th Gate is Activating, happening right now, and through me! :O Of course it was really through all of us, where others reported feeling the same things, e.g. burning at the base of the spine. Many people were focused on the sky. I totally forgot any feeling of sickness or weariness. In spite of the physical sensations, the 7th Gate energies themselves seemed totally colorless and invisible, not really power or even energy, but something totally new and indescribable, delicate yet strong. All the emotion lying just beneath the surface all week came forth in a great breakthrough of loving tears and an incredible agape feeling!

I’ve always thought myself more a provider of form than a feeler of life for these things, but as we know the Patterning is completely different now! In our last practice session, everyone said what they wanted personally, where I said I wanted to „activate the 7th Gate in the fullest, deepest, and most loving way“. We really have to be careful what we wish for! 😉 Anyway, so I was (as others put it) „blissed out“, „getting fried“, or with a look on my face they wanted to take a picture of. 😉 During this whole period I was trying to remain grounded to properly anchor the energy, as opposed to getting carried away by the experience, and to stay open and focused in the One.

A loving spirit came up behind me and put their arms around me for support. It was a long while before I had a chance to look and see who it was: Orianranah. 🙂 Everyone in the Circle seemed concerned for me, and each other. The One Being takes care of itself! A little bit later E*An*Na came into the circle and supported me from the front too. I was asked if I needed to leave or sit down, but I felt it was important to stay with the energy, not to mention that I don’t think I could have taken a step if I tried, even if someone was giving away a stack of chocolate tennis balls. 😉

The music being played during this time was very special: The Gayatri Mantra, sung in Sanskrit by Deva Premal in her album „The Essence“. It goes: „Om Bhur Buvaha Suvaha / Thath Savithur Varenyam / Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi / Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayath.“ I translate this as: „The One lives in Earth, Spirit, and Beyond / God and the Universe are Love / The Divine Sun we focus upon / May this joyful wisdom enlighten us.“ Very appropriate for India and the 11:11! That mantra was chanted over and over as the 7th Gate energies came pouring in. For an excerpt from this song, listen to http://www.gayatrireiki.org/index/GayatriMantra.mp3 and see if it doesn’t bring back the memories. 🙂 The next song played was the cheerful music near the beginning of the Solara / Etherium tape „A Musical Journey Through the Doorway of the 11:11“, which has always been my favorite piece of Starry music.

Note not being in the swaying circle didn’t imply „missing“ anything. There was a strong sense of everyone being in the Area of Appropriateness. You didn’t have to be in the circle to consciously feel the energies come in, where some mentioned while resting that they knew the Gate was Activating at that moment. Since the 7th Gate Activation was so long, different people would be present at different times. Solara wasn’t in this circle, which seemed to reinforce during these scepter passing times, that the 11:11 Activations are now done more by the One Being and less relying on individuals. If you’re reading this, you’re an integral part of the 7th Gate! 🙂

I don’t know how long the swaying circle lasted. The length of the two songs is maybe 15 minutes. Anyway, once the energies seemed to have fully landed, Solara and others came into the circle and we all did the 7 mudras 7
times in a row. I was still in a dazed shock for a while afterward, where it felt like my hands doing the mudras didn’t belong to me. The mudras seemed to be important, where whenever we did them (3 times total during the Activation) it marked a key point. At this time we also did a new „Weaving Dance“ to appreciate our Oneness, which involved weaving in and out in a circle holding the hand of each person you pass. This was originally done as a way to practice the weaving part of the Golden Lion Dance, but it had nice enough energy to be its own dance.

After the mudras, our circle started getting smaller, as people left to rest or go to other areas of appropriateness. Every few minutes or so someone would gracefully back out, connecting the hands of the people next to them to preserve the circle. Occasionally someone would enter, but on the whole it continually got smaller, eventually reaching just 10 people. This seemed to form a lens, focusing energies like a magnifying glass.

The lens circle eventually ended and moved into various forms of free form dancing that started up. Solara and a few others came back again and we did the Inner Pulsating Star part of the One Earth / One Being Dance, involving groups of 6 pulsating in and out. The 6th Gate activated the Earth-Star, where its energy is no longer concentrated at one point, so is best expressed with multiple stars. After that there was more free dancing. By this time I was finally back to a normal state of consciousness (if anything is normal about an 11:11 Gate Activation, or will ever be that way again! 🙂 and I was able to exit the courtyard.

PR_DIAM Part 4: Anchoring the New

I used the men’s room „time machine“ for the 3rd time, for seemingly just a couple minutes, where somehow in that short period of time, the random dancing turned into everyone doing the Sacred Spiral Dance, which had already begun. There were already ~9 Guardians and it didn’t feel like any more were needed. My „missing“ this dance was actually a gift, and not just because it was high time I rested. Just watching the majesty of one of our Sacred Dances during an actual Gate Activation is a wonderful experience! It gave me the opportunity to take photos of it too, watching reverently with Tiantara by the heater in the spaces in between. Now that the 7th Gate energies had come to Earth, the Sacred Spiral Dance with its focus on True Love seemed an appropriate way to start stirring and working with the New.

The Sacred Spiral Dance turned into the Lotus Dance (2nd time), which of course allowed the new energies to be sent around the world. I was watching with Elara and E*An*Na now. Elara agreed to come get me the next time I used the men’s room, if anything started, hee hee. 😉 I was ready to return, so replaced the first Guardian that needed it. Being a Guardian is of course another very special way to experience a Sacred Dance. After the Lotus Dance, the 7 Mudras were done one more time, which seemed to mark the outpouring of the 7th Gate.

At this point the courtyard emptied, excluding four Guardians of course. This was a quiet period in the middle of the most silent part of night, where many (including myself) slept. In a dreamy state I saw us performing the Lotus Dance in the middle of our resting area, which of course disappeared when I opened my eyes fully. During this period some were working on putting together our globe jigsaw puzzle. At one point the An-Nu-Ta-Ra-Hu dance / chant was performed, along with embodying the celestial camels and canoes (camels signifying the old leaving the planet and canoes the new coming in).

I woke up not long before sunrise. I had just awaken when Solara told me we needed more dancers for the new 7th Gate Dance. I dashed out wondering what this new dance was! Some people had formed a circle, walking around it very slowly, while making the Diamond of the Unseen gesture, alternating inside and outside the circle, not unlike what we did upon first entering the palace. The difference is our hands separated on the outswing, like as done in the 7th Gate Mudra. This action seemed to collect the Diamond of the Unseen energy from the inside of the circle, then send it out to the world on the outside.

When the Sun rose Iree blew the conch shell again as a magnificent wake up call. We all proceeded to do the Starry Processional (2nd time). We started the Activation with the Starry Processional to crank open the Gate, and in a sense we were doing it all night, where this seemed to symbolize the true end of it and the completed opening of the 7th Gate! Physically, our star went around 1.5 revolutions again. After this we started doing the 7 Mudras repeatedly. After about three rounds of the mudras, Solara came and led us through the 7 Mudras around 7 times again. On top of the mudras being done before, that means we did them all about 10 times total here. Others said they thought it was many more times than that. 😉

We proceeded to the Lotus Dance (3rd time). Our inflatable globe was placed in the center. This dance sent the completed, activated, 7th Gate energies across the planet. We concluded our time at Jagmandir Palace with the ever radiant Golden Lion Dance, which of course involved doing the 7 Mudras yet again during it, before marching out across the courtyard and later our world in all directions!

There’s so much more that can be said, but we have to stop somewhere! It’s after midnight on Thanksgiving Day in the United States as I finish writing this, which feels appropriate. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you all eternally! We are so blessed! One Love and Gratitude,

– Arbaline of our One 0:)


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