8 Gate 1 Mallorca – 22 Three Wishes in the Lotus Pool

At every 11:11 Master Cylinder, Anastra comes up with a very original and unique way
to honor Solara for all she has done on our behalf.
This time, Anastra created an amazing journey through
a labyrinth of silk scarves that dropped one by one as Solara passed through.
At several points along the way, Solara was presented with paper Lotuses
in which people had written messages of gratitude.

In the center of the room was an exquisite, shimmering Lotus Pool.
Here, Solara was given three candles which represented three wishes that she could make.
One was for the planet; one was for our One Being and the final wish was for herself.

As the wishes were made one by one, each candle was placed
in a water-filled bowl containing floating candles

that was in the center of the shimmering Lotus Pool.

Here are photos of Solara’s journey into the Heart of the Lotus….

You also can make three wishes:
one for the planet,
one for our One Being,
and one for your deepest heart’s desires.

Light a candle for each wish and place it in the Heart of the Lotus.

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