8 Gate 1 Mallorca – Master Cylinder Reports Part 2

For me, the anchoring of 8th Gate began the minute I stepped into the template of the group. I had arrived a day late as my flight was cancelled due to hydraulic issues with the landing gear (hmmm – grounding issues perhaps?), and had to be re-scheduled. During that time, I realized I needed to recommit fully and completely to this Gate. I had been pulled strongly to be at 6th & 7th Gates, and since 7th had been sure I was coming to 8th and so had been coasting on that knowing without letting it really sink in to be felt with my whole being. When this happened I was shocked to find that part of me was not in alignment; so the recommitment and full alignment was necessary, as nothing short of my full being with my focused intent was needed.

Once there, I could feel small anchorings at different times in our circle, mostly when Omashar played his music and our lineage was called forth for healing, and alignment into the New. A larger anchoring and clearing happened during the Earth-Star Dance. Actually, it felt like each dance performed was a part of the Activation and went deeply into the Greater Reality like small anchoring pins. A huge chunk was anchored in with the reading of all the countries of the world and with the heartfelt song done in a circle around them that followed for “One Heart, One Life, One Love”.

The actual Activation was pure Heaven. The site was a pristine, beautiful and pure location that was more than ready to receive this energy. Dragon energy was strongly present, as was the Earth Mother and the Elements. Sacred Dances were done, but it felt to me like the actual part the dances had to play had been anchored in when we had done them in our group “practice”. We had only to be present on a larger scale than ever before, with all of who we are, and who we have been. Each of us bringing our full lineage, gathering in Peace and in Love with focus and intent, as representatives of our One Being – world wide and beyond.

I felt 8th Gate anchor in during the Elements Dance, and fully anchor in after birthing the White Dragon. I saw a huge braided column of energy very reminiscent of Dragons anchor to the core of the Earth. Then I felt it radiating outward into all the weaves of the planet, and I felt myself merging with each part of it as well.

Then there was a large subtle shift, as if a re-seating had taking place – and I heard the words “There, now can’t you breathe a little better?” And I felt in myself, and in the Earth that with that shift, an alignment had taken place and we could all breathe! The constrictions in the flow were gone. And I had a strong knowing that this would impact us all in our lives as we returned to them. Things would simply flow with a deep knowing that all is in its place and all is in Divine Order. A deep level of Surrender and Trust was reached with this Activation, and this is very much needed to proceed to the second part of 8th Gate.

Upon returning home (as there are no accidents), I went to see the movie “Bridge to Terabithia“ with my family. I ended up sobbing at the end of it, for it seemed to me to represent the Gate we had just activated. The new Kingdom is before us. However if we enter it without purifying ourselves of our outdated beliefs in “right & wrong”, “good & evil”, “you & me – separate and uninvolved with one another” then we re-create what we are ready to let go of. We cannot take these things into this new Kingdom, and they must die from us, or we must die to this place, taking them with us.

I think that many are choosing to leave this planet now with the new Kingdom before us, and they do us a great service. In service to the One, they are taking from our collective Being what cannot enter this Kingdom. If they choose – they can return as the wise and pure “children” to come. Like in the movie, the children are ready to open our eyes to a new Kingdom without the old beliefs of duality. They create with pure hearts and minds and paradise unfolds before them. If we can open our hearts like these children, a world of great beauty and love stands ready to become our reality.

We are at the beginning……..Once upon a time…….

I serve the One, as the being that I Am…. Ti-Mon-Ra-Yllia-Na, Angie (Florida USA)


It is always so difficult to reflect back on a Master Cylinder week and find the words to adeptly share it with others. The 8th Gate was very different for me than the 6th and 7th Gates, at which I experienced the most intense infusions of energy during the actual Activation ceremonies when the new energies were so tangibly anchored into the planet. During both, I was acutely aware of the actual moments that the Gates activated. This time, however, the best way I can describe it was that it was more of a peripheral experience during the actual “Activation”.

My breakthroughs and transformations came throughout the week of preparation with the most focused Master Cylinder Group I have yet had the pleasure of working with. I was amazed at the instant cohesion of over 130 people from over 35 countries; I was entranced by the waves of sound through the room as simultaneous translations in 6 languages echoed around us; I was in awe of such a diverse group being so intently focused and holding the energy with each dance or activity performed… They always got it the first time… and they didn’t just GET it, they brought the energy in with it… incredible. This allowed me to experience the following highlights throughout the week:

A personal breakthrough as an outside Guardian during the ever so powerful Earth-Star Dance for the first time. Each time I have been in this dance, it has been incredibly powerful and a true merging within myself. Being on the outside, though, it was like an exponential merging shared with everyone within that space. And it allowed the last piece of blockage that was in my heart, keeping me from really living in the Greater Love all the time, to disintegrate. I felt the shift with tears streaming down my face as I held the space around the dancers. That shift gave me the ability to teach from a totally different space in my Being. So, I thank each one of them for that…

I understood on a whole new level the incredible amount of energy that Solara expends to hold each session during the week. When she was beyond exhaustion and needed us to step in and help, I was asked to lead an evening session and teach the Lion Dance. It was arduous, full of confusion (as it usually is), extra challenging with two circles dancing in a very oddly shaped room and translations being needed with a lot of background noise, and magnificent all at the same time. This incredible group stuck with it and actually completed the dance (which rarely happens in one session)… When it was over, I understood true exhaustion.

I got to experience the incredible soul level recognition of my One True Love, my other half, whose energy I have felt approaching since before the 6th Gate in 2004… Three years of feeling his energetic presence… And not only do I have a face to go with it now, but the most beautiful, profound shared moments echo throughout my entire Being each time I relive the moments of revelation on deeper and deeper levels throughout the week; moments that I apologize are too personal to share. But, believe me, it will be worth the wait and all the struggles when you are finally ready to meet and you will feel every cell in your body click into place in Sacred Union like you never thought possible. Just the physical presence of that person will create the energetic shift within you to whole new levels you never dreamed possible.

I was also one of those who for some reason was given information in dreams and meditations about the new form of The Elements Dance and the addition of the dragons. So, I got to experience the joy of co-creating something new with this group and like a proud parent got to watch it not only become manifest, but become a key element of this activation.

My experience on the Activation day of The Elements Dance was very different than those in the center Lotus, some of whom I heard really felt the energies anchoring in a sublime, tangible way. For me, the Water Dragon came into my body and I could feel him / her breathing and feel myself start breathing deep, raspy dragon breaths over the shoulder of the Lotus petals, wanting to see into its Heart where the White Dragon was being dreamed into Being. My head and upper body were moving like the Water Dragon would move, trying to see and trying to blow its breath to the Heart of the Lotus, as if the breath were part of the dreaming, part of the birthing. I knew each of the Dragons was present and awakened for the first time in eons for this very reason. And it was very obvious that this is part of the reason the 8th Gate will not be completed until the second half in 2008, which I am very much looking forward to…. Araya (in transit)


8th Gate energies have been and continue to be Deep and Huge bringing so many new elements into my life….

Before we met in Mallorca my life savings, possessions and dearest love were taken. I had nowhere to go, but to myself, and I had to stay here in this area of the planet, forced to live only one Moment, one Breath at a time. It was impossible to rush.

I felt such a big part of this Gate coming, yet at times things appeared impossible. It was when Solara finally announced „Mallorca, February 11th“ that there came, a long „AAAaaaaa!! “

All the signs were there, the path lit before me, and a voice inside me kept saying, “ It’s only been eons I have been waiting!“ So what if it was much more money than I thought it would be to come from Taiwan. I had enough.

Many would say it’s crazy to surrender what I had to be part of the Master Cylinder at 8th Gate Activation. But thanks to these powerful new energies of the Greater Reality, I can now trust the One will continue to take care of me. Even if I get „old!“

Greater understanding is what I asked for, and wow, did it come. To all of us. Incredible. By the second day, we were dancing off the map to an endless song by (King) Omashar. The dance never ended, just turned into laughter.

I don’t know how many of us got fevers and coughed, all around the awakening of the Dragons.

We were never obviously so multidimensional before…

Every time I began to fall asleep the night before the Activation Day, I was awakened by what we were all doing. Right then, as we were resting! I remember Nova especially, explaining what it was we were doing, simultaneous to all of us in action! It had an otherworldly super-clear energy of “ All of Us Are The Gate.“

In the arrival to our Activation Site, moving through and becoming the Gates of Initiation and stepping onto the land into our Sacred Dances was this point of Entry now fully present and prepared throughout.

Even though physically our arrangements were unusual and could yet be more ideal, the ease and the joy with which we moved, simply trusting, surprised at every little discovery..

It was priceless. Beyond any value system we practice today. I thank all of you, my greatest healers and teachers, for impressing me again and again.

You have made it safe for me to calmly witness the residue of worry, money flow, and expectations that have come up since processing time began.

The red carpet has been rolled out. I feel people responding in ways they had not before. I love being.

In The Core of the Lotus World,

I hold us and our next meeting place in the deepest awe. You know what I mean…. Ongralea (Taiwan)


One month after the 8th Gate Activation still a strong energy is all around… giving to me love and being able to be more conscious about who I am… I already took away some expired „things“ in my life, I surrendered to my feelings; I walk knowing that all of you are deep inside in my heart! I can feel you!

Thank u, thank u and thank u for this iNcReDiBLe experience… !!! I have no words to explain how i feel… I just wake up every morning knowing that I’m connected with the Greater Reality and am part of the One Being.

Tons of love !!!…. Guadalupe (Mexico)


In the middle of December 2006, I registered to participate in the 8th Gate Activation and from that time I have experienced such strong purification on me that I have never felt before. Right before my travel and also during the travel to Mallorca, I had to face more unexpected difficulties, so by the time I have arrived at Mallorca I was tired and nervous. As soon as I arrived, I realized that everything was so different than I had imagined. I was disappointed about it and felt to leave for home immediately. On the first day, I fell very ill; I had fever and got tonsil inflammation. I spoke to the others and my feeling connected with some people so that we understood each other and could talk about our feelings and thoughts, just as with my Hungarian friends.

I liked a lot that throughout the preparation we were in a loving atmosphere and could openly express our love to each other. The talks provided me with new and interesting information, the practices and the Sacred Dances were beautiful and powerful. I liked singing and dancing together. The New energy was loving, healing and transformative at the same time. During the workshops old life-feelings came up inside me continuously. I can describe these kind of feelings with the help of Angeleyez, which is a popular Hungarian rock-music group.

Tükröm széttört és benne én
Álltam nem túl ?szintén
Örvény húzott és körbe zárt
Mélybe zárt

My mirror broke into pieces and inside it me
Standing not too honestly
Whirlpool closed around me
Pulled me into the deep

Nincs már út a hajnal felé
A Hold ködbe zuhan
Nincsen már az égen se fény
A szél fönt némán suhan

There is no way towards the dawn
The Moon falls into the fog
Neither any light on the sky yet
The wind glided in silence above

De hallod a jég hogy csendül
Magasban hogy zúg egyedül
Megfagy minden és széthull a földön
És végleg elnémul

But you can hear how the ice rings
How it booms alone at high
Everything froze and broke up in the earth
Once and for all was silenced

Nincs már út a hajnal felé
A Hold ködbe zuhan
Nincsen már az égen se fény
A szél fönt némán suhan

There is no way towards the dawn
The Moon falls into the fog
Neither any light on the sky yet
The wind glided in silence above

Ezernyi könny tengerré vált
Fájdalmas napok a múltamból
Nincs több szó
Csak elrontanám
Ha elmondanám
Elt?nve mélybe süllyedek
Ringatva, csendesen esek

Thousand tears created a see
Painful days from my past
No more words
I’d just damaged it
If I would say it
Disappearing I am sinking into the deep
Rocking, silently I’m falling

Most érzem, hogy újra éledtem
Elhagytak az átkozott napok
Elsüllyedt tükröm összeforrt
Régi fénye új utat rajzolt

Now I feel revived again
The damned days left me
My sank mirror welded
Its old light drew new way

Piroska (Hungary)


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