8 Gate 1 Mallorca – Anchor Group Reports Part 3

Mexico City, Mexico


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Our exchange and coming together was sacred and beautiful in every way. Everyone’s contribution and spontaneous initiative weave itself in a sanctuary of healing. The altar of intent was vibrating with Light, prayer and goodness. The presence of the four elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air come in unity, which will continue to be carried on throughout the four directions of our Mother Earth.

We all enjoyed the healthy conscious feast and exchange of sacred tea, oils, and water. This experience and the way of coming together are to be honored, shared among and passed on to sister and brother. In this way it may go and circle, uniting every Nation along the spiraling flow of interrelatedness and Rainbow Light. Than we may all come to be ONE with „all our Relations“. When I say „all our Relations“ I refer to all the beings and nonbeings that co-create upon the Earth and beyond in Space. Among which are the two legged one (people); winged ones (birds), standing people (trees), minerals, stars… among the infinite ever evolving, ever present Divine.

Now I’d like to take a moment in silence and send my blessings and prayers throughout the Earth to reach you Solara and Annu and every Anchor Group. I like to say Namaste (Soul in me, greats the Soul in you) for your commitment and for giving a birth to such an enlightening vision that as a conscious wave unites all of us in a single moment. In No Place“ and No Time, but depth of infinity and gratefulness. HO!

The time of Ceremony and Sacred Dance is now. I feel that every day is the way to GO, but I will be happy to see us gather at least once per month to connect and find our way. The dances and prayers need to continue to be shared and spread. It is up to us to initiate these energies from month to month and see us grow. Our Toronto Anchor Group was dreamed from us as the sacred 7 number. By next year it will be such a joy to see us 70 in circle. Everyone’s contribution and wiliness is a matter of choice and act of power.

May we all listen to each other. Grow from one another. To become as One is to awaken from the dream and find home.
May the awakening of the Lotus flower see as today singing, dancing, chanting, the art of becoming. May the spirit of Valentine find its roots deep down with us and spread its arms wide and far, may it give us in every day the Flowers, the Love, the opening of the Heart .

In Grace, Light and Love…. Biljana


Melbourne, Australia

WOW!!! The Eighth Gate activation here was amazing. We felt a huge shift during the Starry Processional dance. This seemed to be a shift that took us off the map. We swapped stories of how we felt later over dinner. After a couple of dances, we had a break where no-one spoke. We just sat in silence. I stood with a glass of water near a window and simultaneously looked out into vastness and inwards into infinity. We rose in a spiral through a lotus and into a space I can’t describe.

Last Sunday, I could see points of light encircling the planet as we activated the 8th Gate. It was like a lightwave that extended from group to group, from Lotus to Lotus. Each Lotus became a petal of an ever expanding Lotus.

We will meet again on March 10 and look forward to seeing Anastra, Solenra and Barvel who participated in the Master Cylinder. We are a beautiful group.

I have tried to descibe this journey to others. It’s like travelling down a road with only a flashlight. The way ahead is illuminated, but only a few feet can be seen. The destination can’t be seen. At times the flashlight goes out and the going gets hard. You reach down and find a candle in your pocket. You light it, but the illuminated area is smaller this time. A gust of wind comes and the flame is blown out. Rain comes. Still you persevere. Occasionally there is a flash of lightning and an amazing landscape is shown, but only for a second. We see others with us. An inner knowing is all it takes that we are travelling and moving at an amazing speed.

Thank you. Infinite Love…. Aumanarius


College Station, Texas USA

The incredible sweetness of Lotus Love was experienced by our little group of 5 as we danced spontaneous versions of the sacred 11:11 dances, and shared a momentous seven hours connected to the Master Cylinder and the other 500+ Anchor Groups around the world, receiving and anchoring the transformative and precious energies of 8th Gate.

This poem was created especially for this activation:

We cannot see it. It makes no sound.
Yet we know it’s all around.
It is our vehicle. It is our ground.
It is Truth and It is Love.

As if it were planted by The Great One’s hand,
Grows in our heart ‚til it takes command,
Connecting us with sky and land —
It is Truth and It is Love.

…. Audrey Nelson

smpurp1 Hannover, Germany

The perfect rooms for our Group I find in Eddesse, a sweet village near Uetze. The Anchor Group had 12 persons. In the beginning, everyone said something about oneself, so we better know each other. Than we talk about 11:11 and the 8th Gate and the keynote ´Awakening the Lotus Heart / Entering the Lotus World`. We hang up the world map on the wall (with a marking of every Anchor Group on it) and also a picture from Christiane who was our direct connection to the Master Cylinder in Mallorca; and we pay homage to her „Oh Christiane, there you are on Mallorca, we send you love, love, love.“

Next, we practise the GO and the One Eye and with the 7 mudras of the last Gates, we bring in their energies into our room. After a smal break, we practise the dances: the Starry Processional, the Lotus Dance and the Dance of the Elements. For the last, we had colored scarvess and all elements made there own noise like stamping feet and deep tones for the Earth element, the Air element whistle and so on, and we had a lot fun.

We revel in the music of Omashar and the venerable music of the Starry Processional. On colored pieces of paper we wrote all Anchor Groups and laid them down around a picture of Christiane in our middle. We read the Anchor Group list and then we connect us with all in One Heart.

Then we started the music and dance the Starry Processional. Despite the short practice time, it succeeds well and we sensed the powerful energy. After we had done the GO, we grab at our colored scarvess and presented our creation of the Elements Dance. The union of the elements was a quite special experience. So we do the GO again and now we found ourselves as a group in Oneness, because the Lotus Dance succeeded in complete harmony and after some exhalings of the petals, the energies of the 8th Gate came in. They came so softly. After we ended, we stood for a long time in a circle and the energies of the Lotus Love were with us.

To the parting, we have sung everyone an AYOKA. „No matter whether you come or go, we join together in One Heart „. We were a great group and together we had much joy on this day. Between the trainings / dances and the practices we shared our delicious food, enjoyed the exquisite hot soup of Uta and the warm beverages, because the Sunday was a cold and damp winter day and we didn’t get the rooms as warm as we would have liked. What a day !

With waves of Lotus Love from Germany…. Claudia


San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Activation in Puerto Rico was a success. The same was in Arequipa, Peru. We synchronize with Mallorca and Peru. In my house there were about 45 members; the energy was wonderful. We did all the mudras, and 7 dances. Was a marvelous experience. Everybody was happy. Beautiful just beautiful. Thanks a lot Solara for your valuable information….. Margarita Fabian

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