8 Gate 2 Titicaca – Anchor Group Reports Part 5

Osasco, Brazil

As our Anchor Group members started arriving, everyone looked gorgeous in their white clothes. This is when we had our first surprise – we should have been a group of 12 or 13, but 2 of them simply did not show up. So, we ended up with an Anchor Group of 11 lightworkers; 8 of them being women…. all dancing and rejoicing as One Heart.

The entry into our sacred space was very special; Jonny and Glaucia stood face to face as Guardians at the entrance creating a synthesis of male and female energies. Each one of us stood in front of the doorway and did the 11:11 Mudras before entering. From then on, it felt like the energy subtly changed and we were in our own time frame. We read the 8th Gate Anchor Group Master List aloud and from then on, strict silence was maintained at all times. Our minds seemed to spit out everything that had previously been learned. We Opened the Lotus Heart and moved into the 11:11 Sacred Dances.

Carmen: Our Dance of the Elements was wonderful. I can close my eyes and again feel all that energy and emotion; each element group in such a state of attunement and magic. It looked like the dance had been rehearsed for a long time; the energy flowed perfectly among the group.

Cibele: I sensed a shift in the energy as soon as the elements started to fuse. It was strong and I kept paying attention, thinking that the Activation was about to happen. I also felt there was a difficulty in awakening the White Dragon. After a while, that particular energy dispersed. I looked at my companions and heard within myself that each one of us was being prepared to BE the portal.

Andre: At one point, there was some confusion; we’d already done all the practices we knew and still no Activation. Most of us moved to our resting place, whilst leaving three people in our circle: Kozera, who was on Guardian duty, and Eloa and Mylene who were resting on the floor. Glaucia then told us that the Master Cylinder must have been experiencing difficulties and our next step would be to repeat all the Mudras and do the Lotus Dance again. But I had just one thing on my mind and that was to relieve our Guardian, Kozera. I quickly took up my place as Guardian and Kozera went straight towards the spot where Mylene and Eloa were lying. She placed one hand above their heads. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when viewed from above the three of them looked exactly like the image of a dragon with open wings.

Kozera: I was on Guardian duty while most of the people were having a rest and food. I started hearing many far away voices, telling me that the Activation was to going to start immediately. But, as a Guardian, I was committed to total silence and could not move in order to sustain all the energy, so I just stayed still and trusted. Then, someone came to relieve me and I saw a beautiful light globe spinning near the roof. In perfect synchronicity, we were suddenly doing the Mudras and then one of the Sacred Dances; but this time I sensed a huge forcefield emerging. All of us felt something like an orgasm or manifestation – the Activation had been achieved.

Otilia: By the end of the Lotus Dance, we started to spin and we saw a profusion of lights that simply defies description. I could sense that there was something like an immense white crystal, multi-faceted and with a central cylindrical shaft sparkling blue and golden light like a diamond. I started to shake and my tears were the only way to express what I was experiencing at that time….

Eloa: I was totally elated as I danced the Lotus Dance! As we started, we experienced different sensations; a state of euphoria took hold of me. I looked around and saw that many people in the circle were feeling things because they were trembling and sweating a lot. I looked at Glaucia, who was Guardian at the time and she was also trembling. By the end of the dance, we spun around like a whirlwind as if we were in a playground, but not one of us looked like we would fall down! I sensed that in order for us to really be ONE and activate the 8th Gate, we would need to be open to the Unexpected – open and pure as children.

Glaucia: During the second time of doing the Lotus Dance, people were spinning at such a fast rate and the vibration level started going higher and higher. The picture I had before me started to blur and transform into images of dragon faces in red, orange, blue, yellow, green. And then it all froze. Everything froze the moment the White Dragon awoke – yes, the crystaline White Dragon was fully awake, serene, gentle and strong.

Eloa: Everyone lay down around the circle with their heads pointing in towards the altar, forming the shape of a flower. The energy was subtle. It looked like we were in two different dimensions at once. Some time later, we stood up and exchanged experiences. I saw that we were really united, and that even without words, we could work together; our objective had been achieved. Then, I understood what must be done for this world…. and that I also have a role to play in that.

Kozera: We bade each other farewell, certain that humanity is right now benefitting from all this work and Universal truth.

Andre: I felt very happy and fulfilled, but also very tired. I then took my long jorney home, back to Sao Paulo, with the bus and subway. When I finally got to the station near my home, I casually took a moment to once again look at the train that had taken me there. I immediately saw the number painted on the carriage: 1111….

In the Lotus Heart’s Love…. the Osasco Anchor Group


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Our Anchor Group channeled and completed a series of seven community healing ceremonies from April 11, 2009 through to June 9, 2009 to synchronize with the 8th Gate Activation: Part Two and to celebrate all that is possible. Isabel and I facilitated these “7 Paths to Love” ceremonies so that participants could journey deeply into their experiences and harmonize their energies and spirits in order to hold a higher state of consciousness for the 8th Gate Activation Ceremony and beyond.

This two and a half year journey from 8th Gate: Part One to Part Two has been lovely and challenging and heart-healing! We have seen so many new groups arise, more and more conscious groups network and share in tolerance and acceptance. The cross-fertilization of ideas, wisdom and love has been powerful. Thank you for all that you have done to raise awareness and anchor another way of being. Love to all…. Julei Busch


Baradero, BA, Argentina

The day of the 8th Gate Activation began with the first rays of sun. The expectation grew and the feeling of unity became stronger while we were traveling to our destination, Baradero. A marvellous landscape and a brilliant sun welcomed us as One.

During the course of the day, we danced the 11:11 Sacred Dances, aligned as One Being with Solara and the Master Cylinder at Lake Titicaca and all the Anchor Groups. Soon, we were in No-Time, No-Space.

Whilst we were meditating, we began to feel huge waves of subtle energies in harmony with everything around us. And…. with the sound of the instruments that played magically, we gave expression to our purpose: the Anchoring of True Love.

During a break, the Guardians anchored waves of energies that were coming in. The sky had a special light, and was pure and clear.

In the Dance of the Elements, the Water Element naturally moved in harmony with the spirits of nature; the Devas in complete Oneness. Earth and Air Elements danced in unity and synchronicity, expressing True Love to the Core.

At last, a splendid sunset completed our ceremony. Our hearts beat strongly and…. in silence and gratitude, everyone immersed themselves in Lotus Love before we returned to Buenos Aires.

Waves of Pure Love and thanks to you all…. Baradero’s Anchor Group


Viña del Mar, Chile

Thank you Solara. Thank you to everyone that received the 8th Gate energies in the Master Cylinder. Thank you to all the Anchor Groups worldwide that we were supporting.

Mission accomplished! We did it!

Until the next Gate of the 11:11 Doorway.
With the Purest True Love in the Heart of the Lotus…. Patricia

Gracias Solara. Gracias a todos los que estuvieron recibiendo la energía de esta 8 Puerta en el Cilindro Maestro. Gracias a todos los Grupos de Anclaje de todo el mundo que estuvimos apoyando.

Misión cumplida! Lo hicimos!

Hasta la próxima Puerta del Portal 11:11.
Con el más Puro Amor Verdadero del Corazón del Loto…. Patricia


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