8 Gate 1 Mallorca – Master Cylinder Reports Part 1

I would say that the 8th Gate for me was a totally life changing event….

And it was also something that at first I really struggled with because prior to hearing about Solara & 8th Gate, I had tickets booked to go to Bolivia and participate in some ceremonies there. So when I first learned of it I was confused, but then i started having some dreams about it and seeing the numbers etc and I thought I better go check it out.

What was really amazing for me was how much everyone was truly ready to open up and get to the core of their being. After a couple days together as a One Being, many people were really opening up and crying and releasing. Also I was in Awe of the energy and sensitivity of it all. Doing the Mudras was a real sense of Deja Vu and stirred emotions in me.

Not only was meeting everyone such a huge gift. But also being on the island of Mallorca was something else. I remember when I first got there someone told me that the air here is sweet, I didn’t quite understand, but after a few days of experiencing the energy, I really understood; it was like the breeze coming off the ocean was so Alive. It was an incredible setting. The day of the Activation for me was such a feeling of connection and One Being. Doing the dances was such a rush of energy and especially the
Aslan Dance gave me a real sense of taking on that energy.

I have not one single regret about going to Spain and participating in the 8th Gate. I truly believe that Solara comes from a pure, true place and brings everyone along with her who are ready to surrender.

Anyone who is seeing the 11 11 numbers or comes across Solara’s work by coincidence, should absolutely do what they can to experience it or go to an Activation.

One Love…. George (Canada)


First of all, I would like to state that it was the most significant, most powerful and liberating event of my life. I am very grateful to Solara for all she has done for the Highest good of humanity. We all felt Unconditional Love pouring out from our open hearts, unity and wholeness. We met our Starry family and new key people in our lives.

One of the most beautiful feelings I have had during the Activation was when we made a huge Lotus laying on this sweet, fragrant earth in petal positions. I was facing the Sun so when I squinted my eyes a little, I could see pink light around it. I remember thinking that of course it is pink; it is the river of Lotus Love. I saw this beautiful pink energy slowly and solemnly descending to Earth. It felt so fresh, calming and Divine! In 15 minutes or so, parts of this energy changed color to deep purple and in another few minutes to golden. Almost immediately after that, people started to stand up, but I felt I could stay like that for a long, long time to bask and soak this new energy of Lotus Love.

Welcome to Earth the Lotus Love! The Earth as a whole is ready for you.

I feel honored to be a part of such grand and important event. Muani…. Yulia (Maryland, USA)


An incredibly comprehensive liberation is in full swing. You Solara and the Activation were like a catalytic converter for this process. First a little painful, but then ….only LOVE. Im feeling: I AM LOVE – with You, with all…. It’s indescribable. but you know what I mean. Old emotions coming up still, but I let it go easy. M U A N I, M U A N I, M U A N I…. Katja (Germany)


I am called to report about the 8th Gate Master Cylinder beginning from the present moment. I sense that living in the present moment is essential as we walk in the Greater Reality with Pure Love emanating from our hearts like a thousand suns as Aslans do! I deeply wish to remain open and prepared to experience the unexpected. The energies from the Master Cylinder still radiate from my core (due in part from listening to Omashar’s beautiful music on CD to reawaken the energy).

I hold my thousand hearts tenderly as I walk from place to place. I am a Queen of Queens and no longer afraid to shine brightly. I am finished hiding. I am no longer holding back. This is a new way of existing. I am learning how to wear this new internal clothing. I had dimmed my internal light for many years. The Activation turned my dimmer up to the BRIGHTEST level and FULLEST power. I now notice when I hold back and drift into old expired patterns – like forgetting how beautiful, great and powerful we are. It is time to pull myself out of those unneeded patterns! I have noticed that the more I carry on like a Queen of Queens, the more others notice and comment on “the glow.” I have noticed this when Arbaline and I are together. Recently a friend who had never seen us together rushed toward us taking many pictures. Yes, our One Being is glowing radiantly. We are being seen and people are drawn to us – hungry for the energy. This attraction is evidence that our One Being is fully aware of our magnificence now that the 8th Gate has been activated.

The path to Activation day was an incredible journey. It shook me up to the point of total exhaustion and total surrender. The day before the activation, I had the highest fever I have ever experienced as an adult. Several others fell ill too. It was time to eliminate all the toxins to make room for the new and to welcome in deeper levels of love… levels going Beyond the Beyond. Determined to be physically present I showed up for the afternoon session sporting a hat, scarf and sunglasses. Fortunately, the caring One Being stepped forward and encouraged me to sweat out the fever in my room. I also was given medicine, advice and a lovely acupressure treatment! Arbaline acted like a true King of Kings – caring for me so lovingly and tenderly (as always). The One Being inquired about my health in the days that followed. At the Activation several people lent me clothing to combat the cold wind. I am thankful to have the opportunity to be embraced and loved by our One Being in a genuine and unforgettable way. Thank you all for helping me feel these deep levels of Love.

On the Activation day I felt a strong heart beat and intense amounts of Love. Though our particular group was running late, I felt in the midst of the Activation ceremony before we arrived. As Solara later noted, the Activation ceremony began before we arrived at the site because many Anchor Groups around the globe had already begun. The earth was alive with waves of love coming from many directions!

For me, the most significant time period at the Activation was after Elements Dance. It seemed we were not unified strongly as One Being, but I intensely felt a natural interconnectedness from other sources. The singing wind, bleating sheep, birds and bird song, clouds, sun, trees, Anchor Groups, and the dragon-shaped ridge were dancing with us. We formed a large circle after the Elements Dance – swaying together. Love poured from us into the core of the earth…so much love. At one point I could not tell if I was shedding tears of joy or tears or sadness. Had we activated the 8th Gate though it felt strange? It was not until Solara declared, “It was a strange day, but we did it,” that I knew the answer.

Muani! (Love)…. Alanah of the One (Washington USA)


I will start my story the day before, during the building of the mandala, where all the nations of the world formed themselves as ONE, with the love, focus and intent of the ONE Being present on location in Mallorca, a nd the larger ONE Being of Master Cylinder / Anchor Groups and all manner of Beings who were / are in tune.

As we gathered around the physical focus of flowers, I found myself being as Guardian / Anchor to this sacred undertaking. I was on my feet opposite Solara and Indigo as the names of the countries written on the Diamonds of the Unseen were read out, honoured and brought in energetically to create the mandala.

At first the chanting of the names felt a bit rote, then as I sank into the process I allowed the focusing power of this to bring in the nations through my body. I felt the Earth and her human and non human beings in their physical locations in my body as each Diamond was named, brought in and placed as mandala. And each nation felt different. For the 15 seconds or so of focus, my body moved for that country.

I moved from the ONE HEART position to an embracing arms wide Guardian stance, to a huge LOTUS HEART position with my back so arched and chest opened as far as I could. To gentle pushings of love from my hands at my side, to gentle scooping pushes with my arms down. Some nations I couldn’t feel and could only repeat the name over. Other nations I could have sobbed and wailed without end. The Middle Eastern nations were the hardest and I am grateful they don’t all start with the same letter!

Allowing the energy of each nation to move through me for 15-20 seconds, then the next, for the few hours the process took was amazingly transforming and I believe set me up for my usefulness the next day at the Activation. I peeled off many layers of myself to find the ONE who was not tired, continuously. At the end of the process I felt clean and deeply satisfied.

That evening at the last session, I felt so heavy I could hardly move physically. I felt pushed / anchored so deeply in the earth.

The morning of the Activation found me ready. I was early to the buses as I wanted to get a front row seat.The sacredness of the time was honoured and the bus was silent, energetically quiet and respectful in its anticipation / journey to the site.

I took in the beauty of the land and the energy of the ancient trees that were everywhere. Although not physically imposing height-wise they were so deeply rooted in the psyche of all things.

Mountain Gateway. Honoured. Honouring…. Big buses could go no further. Minivans, cars, walking…. Toilet queue. Goldfish pond. Stone staircase…. Sebastian…. Walking through the open air antechamber field. Guardians had begun to form on the perimeter. I passed through, then put my bag up at the site. Solara concerned with timing.

I returned to the antechamber field and took up a position on the perimeter and brought in my ONE True Love to hold me. Warm, loving, sacred. JOYOUS. The wind was cold at times and I would open to it to release my resistance. And at other moments allow my Love to warm me.

In the first line for mudras with 7 others. The ground beneath my feet was slightly sloping and I was momentarily concerned I would not find a flat spot. Found it, relaxed into the balance. Beautiful energetic flow with the mudras allowing me further.

Formed the initiation path on the other side of the Gatekeepers. Second in the long line forming to take us into the Activation site. Watching a flock of birds forming / writing ancient language above the Activation site. Activating me. Arms tired. Missed my cue to open initiation pathway with my partner. Pulled back in / down. Felt the urgency to be fully present physically by the importance of this Activation. Arms tired. Peeling off layers to find ONE not tired. Cold wind. Cold body. One True Love behind me. Giving fullest attention to each and everyone who walked past me…. ALL through.

Initiation pathway closed in and journied itself in / up. Walking Through. Walking through the line of our ONE BEING present here I felt my body slip further into the invisible. I was walking lightly and deliberately and could not meet any eyes. The importance was so REAL. A gap had developed between me and the person in front of me. When I caught up, I realized those before me were walking as ONE Being. I stepped into that space, bringing with me the serious focused intent I had found walking.

Solara leading us walking as ONE Being onto the Activation field. Huge circle. Opening THE HEART OF ONE. Iree, conch call; Hoku, ancient Hawaiian memories / ceremony. Connecting / reconnecting / plugging in. Solara reading out all the names of the Anchor Groups in their physical place names. Collectively bringing them in.

Moving into Starry Processional Dance. 2 circles. I was on the outside just near the place where the inside and outside points, as they had formed around the circle, met. ONE person too many. I felt the call to step out. Very Strongly.

Moved slowly around the outside of the Guardian circle into a gap. Did the GO. Took a solid position. Noticed other Guardians. Some doing unsymmetrical hand movements. Indicated to be replaced. Moved around circle to balance and remember instructions to Guardians. Did this a few times. In and out of circle.

I wasn’t watching the dancing in the centre. The energy all around was fairly scattered. Noticed some of the Guardians brought in to act as Guardians had taken up seated positions on the stone walls in order to watch. Annoyance, concern flowed through me as I indicated to be replaced, again only to be ignored. Used this to indicate I was meant to stay where I was. Tuned into the dancing. Grounded. Moved as authentically in tune as I could. Feeling not watching.

Lotus Dance. I felt the need to move with the petals as they opened out and sent the LOTUS LOVE energy all over the planet. The movements were very slow and I had to trust that as a Guardian I could move slowly. I could not have stood impassively and watched with unseeing eyes. I was not in the dance. I was working as Guardian who was working as an active transmitter / receiver of the energy.

Felt the tiredness in my arms and back again. Stripped off layers again until I found ONE who was not tired. As I moved inwards over the course of the Activation each NEW ONE / self I came upon was more joyous, more sweet, loving and gentle. Movement. Single Lotus forming, dancing, pulsing the energy.

Finishing. Lunch. Some Guardians left as well. Loosening, reforming, realigning Guardian circle. I found myself opposite the “entrance point” into the sacred space in the centre of the Guardian circle.

Aslans, forming, entering. I felt such sadness that bordered shame that I indicated to be replaced. I left the field altogether. Went to lunch. Back in time for the end-mudras out to the planet.

Assessed Guardians. All okay. Energy was fine; no-one wanted replacement. Whatever the purpose of the Aslan Dance, it was complete. I moved back into the Guardian circle opposite Omashar’s music place.

Insertion Point Dance. I was not watching the dancing. No distractions. The energy intense. Constantly doing the GO. Grounding. Grounding myself, the Guardians and sometimes many of the dancers. I was assisting the groundedness of the ONE BEING. Doing the movements of the GO slowly, deliberately and focused as an allowable Guardian movement and as a mudra in itself. I really slipped into my reason for being there.

Elements Dance. Felt the importance. Felt the scatteredness of the dancers forming their groups, preparing, remembering their steps. Couldn’t look. Constantly doing the GO again. Intense energy. Grounding. Grounding. Grounding. Working hard like the total pleasure it is to do a good day’s physical work. Felt some Guardians really kicking in. Photographers all around. Feeling the significance. Wanting to capture it. Bliss.

Had a look at the dancers. Felt confusion on the field. Many wanted so desperately to do it right. Saw the shifts and movement happening with many as they noticed another out of step. Each was working hard and FULLY TO ME IT WAS ONE BEING on the field ebbing and flowing, releasing and embracing what is and what is not.

ONE circle. ONE Being. Omashar. Music. Omashar’s voice stretched open so wide with such sweetness, tenderness and gentleness of the LOTUS HEART t hat it was like raining sweetness. Towards the end of the ONE Being singing “Earth and Star…”, I heard with my ears the heavens echo back with the same words. Rejoicing. I felt this to be the confirmation of completion for this aspect of the ONE / myself.

Mandala / Lotus was formed. I couldn’t hear the instructions from my place in the Guardian circle, b ut as the mandala increased in size all, including Guardians were called in. I had finished a hard day’s work and was feeling that physical alignment and satisfaction and happiness, and I just wanted to sit where I was and watch for once. But I still had to work with the Mallorcan Guardians as they were a bit lost, so I came into the mandala and formed a pair with a beautiful woman from African bloodlines who was so fully into her nobility.

I thought we were all forming the countries of the planet in our diamonds, and I explained to her quietly as we lay together that each couple was the opposites coming together as ONE. I wanted her to know consciously what she was doing. And she did. And of course the petals of the LOTUS HEART are formed from the coming together of opposites. separation and duality are dissolved. Forming ONE big Lotus. To thank the Guardians, ourselves, Anchor Groups and all manner of Beings in attendance.

Really all over now. I moved into the circle and then out again. Couldn’t stay. Couldn’t stand. Went and sat on the Earth. Drank heaps of water. Relaxed. Toilet. Back again. Significant connections.

Gathering belongings. Minibus. Joy. Big bus. Sharing love, joy. Delicious rocking movement back to hotel. Walking directly to my room. Bath. Bed. Sleep…. Brenda of the One (Australia)


Connecting with Kimberly while waiting for the bus on 13.02.07, I noticed her peacock feathers and asked if she had seen the white peacock en route to the Activation site. She said “What?” Repeated myself. She said “Where?” Explained as best I could – on the other side of Palma, before we went through the town streets that led through the BIG GATE. In a stone fence enclosure on the RIGHT side of the road, right next to the road. Saw quite a few peacocks. It was like – “Ooh peacocks! Ooh lots of peacocks! Ooh, A White ONE!!! Ooh, Where is its mate?”

I was actively looking for its mate, thinking surely there would be breeding pairs. The bus passed. Kimberly asked me to email you my little story. She said the white peacock was a symbol of the ONE BEING. Can’t get my head around ‘symbol’ being real in the Invisible. So maybe she meant sign.

Anyway, when I was re entering the moment I remember I was looking for another Peacock as its mate. Of course the HENS are quite different. So I suspect I saw several hens, but not consciouly at the time.


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