8 Gate 1 Mallorca – Master Cylinder Reports Part 4

The experience of an 11:11 Master Cylinder is a unique and sublime experience. For me it was the most REAL experience ever. And is still happening…. like an ever flowing River of Love….

From my first contact with 11:11 one year ago on 11 February 2006, when I participated at my first 11:11 workshop facilitated by Elén and Karon, I felt the 11:11 energies so deep in the core of my being. These are such pure raw energies, more real than everything I ever experienced.

When the information about the 8th Gate Activation appeared on the Solara’s website I deeply felt that I had to be there. I even felt that I already was there, like it was already happening…. So I did everything in my power to be in Mallorca with my starry family. It was not easy at the beginning, because I didn’t have the necessary money, but the One Being empowered me through Monique’s emails, and I finally found a solution. Everything is possible when you are committed to be where your heart is called. And everything becomes easier than you expected.

For me, an important part of the Master Cylinder experience was re-encountering my starry family. I felt so deep the connection with some people that I met in Mallorca; they seemed so familiar to me! Feeling each other so well, understanding each other to the core of our beings without words…. just being One. Pouring Love from every cell of our beings, constantly expanding ourselves vaster and vaster…. until we are truly One with everything in this world and in all worlds, everything we see and everything we don’t see….

The Activation was not a simple one-day activation. It was a whole process of purifying and strengthening our One Being, of opening our hearts to the deepest core, unifying our will and becoming One. The unmapped Lotus World disconcerted our One Being just in the Activation day, and showed us that we are at the beginning of a new journey. We were again like newborn babies, who almost have no clue how to walk in the new landscape of Pure Love…. although Love is our nature. The newborn baby is now experiencing such new ways of being, learning again everything…. and the day of the Activation was his first contact with the new world… a pretty blunder contact. But I know for sure with my heart that we will reveal such a magnificent new One Being, that we will amaze even ourselves!

I personally felt the most intense Lotus energies before the day of the Activation itself, when we danced the Lotus Dance in the middle of the Elements Dance. The energies were so sublime that I have no words to describe this experience…. After we finished the Dance, I felt like a sphinx, sitting still there forever, so expanded, so complete, pouring Love in all worlds within worlds… And I still feel that a part of me is there. Ever since then, I always feel The Lotus that we are.

For more than one week after my arrival in Romania, every night I dreamed about the One Being dancing continuously the sacred Lotus Dance. I was awakening every night in my room having the physical sensation that we were holding hands; I was almost seeing everyone near me physically… I never had such intense dreams, such real dreams. The physical barriers just melt, and the worlds are overlapping. And now even if I am asleep or awakened I feel The Lotus that we are… even when I am walking on the street or traveling on the subway, I always dance the Lotus Dance and always anchor together with you the Lotus World energies.

I feel so grateful that I experienced this with you all! My heart was longing for experiencing this with my starry family. I thank every Queen of Queens and every King of Kings that I encountered for being such magnificent beings.

I especially feel to thank Solara, the Mother of all Queens and Kings, for gathering us together, for being so real and so committed and for offering herself every second to the One. She is an example for me. An example of being REAL, being free, being conscious, full of Love and compassion, so natural and so alive! Thank you Solara for being you and for inspiring all of us to be true, totalizing all aspects of our real beings!

Pure Lotus Love to all of you bright beautiful beings, winged Golden Lions of The One!

We truly are One for ever, standing together in the Lotus World…. Diana of The One (Romania)


Hello Dearest One Being!

A Master Cylinder is so vast and on so many levels that none of these words can hope to truly capture what went on. There are so many things that I could say about 8th Gate, that it’s hard to choose what to share. Below are just a few of the most memorable or significant things I experienced. My most special part of the Master Cylinder was of course being able to attend and share it with my True Love Alanah! We first met on the physical not long before 7th Gate, when it was too late for her to come to that Master Cylinder, so the 8th Gate is very special to both of us.

Those who remember me from 6th and 7th Gates may recall that I have a tendency to find tennis balls, which to me are like signs representing the unexpected playfulness of the Universe. Sure enough, on my very first day in Mallorca, on my first walk into Port d’Andratx, I was barely outside the hotel when I found a tennis ball on the ground!

No two Master Cylinders are the same, and the differences in and Newness of the 8th Gate became apparent quickly. One big change is Solara taking less of a central or primary role in the 11:11 Master Cylinders as we move through the Gates, so that more of the One Being can step forward. For example, we had some of our sessions facilitated by people other than Solara, e.g. Sebastian taught the Earth-Star Dance and Araya taught the Aslan Dance.

As an example of the unique energies present at a Master Cylinder, one dinner Alanah and I happened to sit next to Ongralea. That reminded Ongralea that she had seen Alanah and myself a couple hours ago at a bus stop leading to Palma. That was very unusual, since neither of us had left our rooms all afternoon. I asked if it was just people who looked kind of like us, but no, she was sure it actually was us! How Alanah and I were in two locations at once, and what the other versions of ourselves were doing is still a mystery! 🙂

Another “coincidence” was that Alanah and I checked into hotel room 4108. Interestingly, at my job back home I had just moved offices (my last day in my old office was my last day there before leaving for 8th Gate) and my old office was also in room 4108. Many are changing jobs, relationships, and residences at this time, where the above covered two out of three. (Living with Alanah also covers two out of three, but in a much stronger sense!)

Many people had powerful dreams during the Master Cylinder. At one point Sebastian mentioned some people having bad dreams, and that it’s a natural thing. Although I hadn’t talked to him about it, I had intense dreams the night right before that. I dreamed (for the second time at the Master Cylinder) of experiencing a big flood. I also dreamed of being on a steep mountain which had huge boulders breaking off and falling away. I never got washed away or fell down the mountain, but all these dreams did give a strong impression of the old leaving. The night before the Activation I dreamed of us dancing, while Alanah dreamed of a field of Aslans and a giant eagle!

During one session we each embodied our King of Kings or a Queen of Queens, and then walked around greeting others and recognizing them and ourselves as one. Doing that may seem unusual (and indeed many of the things we do in a Master Cylinder are highly creative) but I found it to be one of my favorite and most effective practices all week. The next morning at breakfast and for the rest of the day (and for the rest of the Master Cylinder for that matter) everybody else seemed newly radiant in an impressive way, as Queens of Queens and Kings of Kings!

Another seemingly simple thing that was memorable was when we learned the word Muani (pronounced Moo-An-Ee) which means “I Love you” in the ancient Inca language, and which we said many times during the week.

On two nights, Solara and several of us played rousing games of “Have You Ever”. This is where you take turns asking the others have you ever done something, starting with a general question, and then getting more specific as it reveals a special experience in your life. It may seem like just a game, but I found it enjoyable to get to know others better, to appreciate their unique life events and to share my own, where often we’ve had similar experiences. It can’t help but strengthen our One Being! Another one of my dreams involved playing “Have You Ever” some more.

At the Activation itself, a significant event for me took place during the Gateways of Initiation. While being part of the passage or Gateway for the rest of our One Being to pass through, I suddenly realized that we were literally the Gate itself. We don’t just experience the 11:11 as something outside ourselves and find its energy in some other place, but rather we are the 8th Gate and activate it by embodying its energy! Interestingly, about the time everyone had been Initiated, the Sun came out and the cold wind disappeared.

The strongest energy I felt on a physical level was during the Lotus Dance. Specifically the final grounding done when the outer circle steps back, sends the energy out, and then finally grounds the energy as their arms fall just before stepping forward again. It felt like we were knee deep in liquid Love!

The Elements Dance we did was very different and new. It had the presence of the Dragons, the Lotus Heart circle, and of course that’s when the 8th Gate actually Activated. What’s more, usually the Elements Dance ends with everyone discarding their pareos in the middle, so the elements become One and everyone is wearing white. Here however we kept our pareos and the elements retained their identities, although blended together in brilliant colors. I found that significant, with the 8th Gate’s focus on blending serving the One with personal fulfillment. The 8th Gate Master Cylinder featured people from all over the world, speaking many languages, with many cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints. In spite of all that, we all chose to come together, in alignment of essence, purpose, and destiny, to activate the 8th Gate!

Once everyone had stepped into One circle together, Solara, who hadn’t physically been in the Elements Dance until now, except at the very beginning, entered it. After a short while, visibly moved, she reverently went to the center, picked up the White Dragon bundle in the middle like a newborn baby, and walked out.

During a Master Cylinder we often go off the map of the Known, and don’t know whether a Gate will actually be activated until it happens. Some were initially wondering if what happened was a good or bad thing, whether we had succeeded or failed in the Activation. Solara happened to enter the circle right next to me, which enabled me to see right away that her tears (and she wasn’t the only one with them at the time) were due to our Entering the Lotus World. This was soon confirmed by her comment that “It was a strange day, but we did it”. :

The first thing we did after the Elements Dance was the Pulsating Star Dance. Interestingly this was also the first dance done at the 7th Gate Master Cylinder after the 7th Gate had really Activated, where it seemed to be a good way to stir and ground the new energies. My circle had 3 men and 3 women, where we happened to be positioned such that the 3 men and the 3 women would alternate going to the center. I found that a very effective energy for this Dance, and appropriate with the 8th Gate’s focus on Kings, Queens, and True Love.

Alas no Master Cylinder lasts forever (although on another level we’re continually doing the Dances!), when eventually we started leaving each other in the physical (at least for now) and returning to our respective countries, like Golden Lions marching out into the world in all directions. Even though some of us had an airport van pick us up at the early hour of 4:15 am, others came out and sang Ayoka to us, which was very sweet. :

Many thanks to everyone, and True Lotus Heart Love! MUANI!…. Arbaline of our One (Washington, USA)


In February 2006 I got to know about Solara. 2006 wasn’t an easy year for me. The waves between old and new overflowed me. I was smashed in the toggle switch and was drifting on the melting ice-floe. At that moment in November, when I decided to participate in the 8th Gate Activation everything changed. In five minutes after making this decision I was calm and the waves of limitless Love started to arrive with each day. Everything was so natural and easy – money, tickets, visa. I met new friends – very dear and beloved ones.

All 11 days in Mallorca I lived in such Love that I’ve never experienced before. Every day, every dance, every movement intensified this love. On the 7th of February we marked the Anchor Groups on the world map. At the moment we put the map on the floor and started to name the cities, I was filled with such incredible waves of Love. It was so tangible, solid and new. So solid and new that I could hardly breathe, talk, move. It was endless happiness. It was happiness to talk Starry Language in our circle, look into the eyes of the people and to be endlessly appreciated and honored by all the people. It’s an endless happiness to hug and kiss every person in any moment and know that we are the ONE family.

When I returned home, I began to sleep strangely. For exactly 10 days, I was on the border between the dream and the awake and the whole night I danced the Lotus Dance with our Starry Family, but it was with the feeling that I wasn’t sleeping. On the 11th night it was the Activation. I needed to go through it one more time.

You’re always in my heart. MUANI…. Galina (Russia)


Dear Queens of Queens and Kings of Kings:

My path towards the 11:11 started off during the Activation of the Fourth Gate when I read “The Star-Borne”. I was certain I was one of them. I had a longing feeling for a very long time. And now was the time of returning, the time of making contact and of the reunion with the right beings. It was to arrive and to know that I belong to this place. Every day since my arrival in Mallorca at the Master Cylinder was a day of complete activation—activation of my memories—activation of my heart in the One—activation and expansion of my being.

It was beautiful, and still is beautiful to remember, the way how we started to move…with every movement…with every exercise….the GO….to open ourselves in the One Heart, doing every Mudra with sensitivity, becoming ourselves greater, the softness and the subtlety moving us into the Greater Reality. Transforming ourselves through the Sacred Dances; slowly learning through every step to move ourselves deeper into Oneness. And to feel Solara always present with all her greatness…with her expanded being …lovely and perceptive.

The experience of the Wave of Love every time we opened ourselves into the One Heart transported us…with the beautiful music of Omashar. To connect ourselves beyond the physical with every being present, to look into their eyes, and go beyond in openness.

The deeply emotional moments when we awakened the Lotus Heart in all the countries of the world when, in spite of distance, we reached out to make contact with people and countries so far away. We watched Solara give every country so much love and hold within her heart all who lived there, calling out each country by its name, and the ocean waves of Love coming out from our hearts in concentric waves traveling kilometers until getting to their destinations.

Throughout, we continued to make ourselves whole until feeling full and perfect. Then we embodied our true nature as Queens of Queens and Kings of Kings so we could advance majestically to the place of the Activation. Through the silence, we felt the deep greatness of those two guardian mountains which pulsed from their hearts of living rock. We opened ourselves in the One Heart and honoured them. Entering the center of the Activation site, we felt that the elementals were already present. We listened to the trees moving with strength….singing. The freezing air gently touched our beings at the same time as an enormous warm bubble enveloped us. Whilst from the stars, the energy descended in the shape of silvered rings and all of us moved out of time in that vast space, our hearts totally opened, receiving and delivering Love. Many of us worked responsibily in service so that we could align in perfect clarity with all the Anchor Groups.

Our faces touched with stardust shimmered while we moved our bodies with every dance. The Lotus Dance was full of sensitivity…. of purity….of strength. We felt our bodies anchor that energy of Lotus Love. Then we followed the guidance of Solara and laid down on the ground becoming petals of the Lotus, with Alexia, full of sensitivity, the other half of my petal. Feeling the heat envelop us….wishing to stay there eternally. Existing fully integrated in just one flower. Connected and beating with the heart of the Lotus , grounding that Love into the earth.

I am honored to have met you again. I love and respect you profoundly.

With Lotus Love…. Isabel from Mexico

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