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Caracas, Venezuela

I participated in the 8th Gate Activation with the Anchor Group organized by Abjini in Caracas. It was a truly unique experience.

I’ve learned and I’ve gained so much during the years and devoted myself to spirituality. However, by actively participating in the present process and after being part of the 8th Gate Activation, I have begun a great quantity of tasks and have had internal experiences which have changed me forever.

The most important thing is that I’ve lost all the ideals that I used to have. At first, it was very hard for me…. and afterwards I was in shock. However, I realized that I was dealing with old energies. I also lost all my past paradigms which kept me out of balance. Later on, I understood that I was submerged in a delicious energy. It was really difficult to adapt myself to it, because every day I undergo tests. It is really a wonderful experience as I feel that I’m guided back home.

I just want to thank you Solara, for your dedication and the Love you give to us and all the wonderful beings within and outside our beloved planet. We can definitely feel the Winds of Change.

Hoping that we will all gather together soon. Please receive a Rain of Love…. Maurice


Christchurch, New Zealand

WOW, WOW, WOW! I am supremely glad that I listened to the call of my heart to gather people together to form an Anchor Group for the 8th Gate Activation.

From the first instance, in knowing I was going to do this, it happened with EASE. I knew I was going to synchronize time-wise, which meant we were going to anchor throughout the night. When I first started calling people, the response was “Fantastic, how exciting!”.

One of the best points of the event for me was looking around at these amazing people and being so grateful, knowing people were just as committed as me. And not committed in a heavy way, but with a lightness of spirit that follows through with the way that feels best.

We had lovely meetings before the day of the Activation with new people joining us at each one. Every time it was interesting to unify with another person we didn’t know; it brought up stuff for us all. I wanted to keep our group open to anyone who wanted to be there, so we breathed and flowed with it magnificently.

For us, the conditions during the actual Activation were extremely challenging, i.e. middle of night, drizzling with rain and cold. I guess Christchurch was challenging us. Everyone was fabulous and I love us all for what we did together. It was a truly unique and wonderful experience.

The events unfolding in my life since the Activation, both light and challenges, are…. I am without words really. I feel as though I am experiencing the liberation I have been waiting for.

I am grateful. I am a divine ecstatic being.

Big smiles and hugs in the One Heart…. Emma


Hagen-Hohenlimburg, Germany

We formed an Anchor Group with two of us as we know each other very well and are used to working together.

After cleaning and preparing our room we began at 9:00 am by reading aloud the Worldwide Anchor Group List. It was a very powerful and lovely feeling to connect with so many people worldwide. We became aware of the energy of the One building so strongly, connecting all the Anchor Groups and expanding out into the whole world.

We repeated the GO! a few times, connecting ourselves with Mother Earth and the One Being. We both noticed immediately that a very deep feeling of Love and joy was sent back to us from the essence of Mother Earth. We were surrounded by very loving energies, feeling connected with everyone and everything as ONE in ONE LOVE; it was very intense and wonderful for us.

The waves of energy increased in intensity throughout the whole morning; they felt very powerful, yet refined. We felt the Lotus energies, the deep Love of Mother Earth, the Master Cylinder in Mallorca, the other Anchor Groups and all that was joined in Love and Peace.

We did the Lotus Dance and spent some time in these harmonious movements. The energies poured through us and we anchored them, sending them to the other Anchor Groups and into the whole world. Wow! As we felt these wonderful energies we allowed them to carry us into the Lotus World.

It was very special and we would really like to take part in the second part of the 8th Gate Activation…. Tanja & Angelika


Lund, Sweden

First of all, I want to express my gratitude and deep respect for Solara’s brave and clear walk on this planet….

And also to ALL of you out there who are walking with me into the Winds of Change heading towards the Light so that we can finally be able to See each other as the One we really are.

It’s very cold in Sweden and I’ve always been called Sunshine, Angel and Light Being without really “getting it”. Maybe this is why the universe asked me to hold an 8th Gate Anchor Group here through a person I’d never met before! At first, it didn’t speak to me, but right away 11:11 showed up in the most magnificent ways and it was impossible not to find out more about Solara and the 11:11.

I then discovered the synchronicity of my memories: things I have written about in my diaries throughout the years, things I’ve painted, things that surrounding me in my home. It all fits as part of the puzzle!

The week before the Activation was hard; I felt really sick and dizzy like I had been on a carousel and I could hardly hear in both ears! It felt like I was in a tunnel. The day before the Activation, I went to buy the most beautiful flowers in various colors. On my way back home, struggling in the freezing hard wind trying to protect the big bouquet of flowers, someone shouted through the wind, “Oh, how beautiful you are!” I turn around and there was a person that I hardly knew…. She repeated herself with emphasis, “You are a really beautiful woman!” and she smiled with such warmth. When I came home, I realized that I could hear clearly again and the sickness had totally gone!

That evening, Catherine and I met to clean out our Activation space and get the room beautiful for the Lotus Love energies; it was a very powerful action for both of us. The room filled with subtle, warm Love energies and we both enjoyed a very special moment that night.

I find it hard to describe what actually happened during the Activation. The sun was shining brightly through the east and south windows and it felt like a strong connection point to Mallorca. Intuitively I had placed a Christmas decoration made of small round mirrors like a eight pointed star on our hearts, and as the sun reflected on them it looked like lots of spaceships coming in all over the walls.

The Starry Processional Dance was like walking through eons of lifetimes which somehow carried it All. Around 2:30 pm, the Activation suddenly felt like it was over.

In the evening I felt angry; the next day I was exhausted. Then for some hours or days I felt over-sensitized. My skin was so sensitive that it almost sent shivers through me just by touching the air…. Everything felt soft and loving.

After that, everything has been quite hard…. feeling totally tired, sometimes loosing faith. Remembering, but not feeling enlightened by it; more like endless confusion and feeling a bit scared. Then, I started looking at all of my writings and history…. reading bits of Solara’s books…. and it feels like it is necessary to allow myself to just get through the days.

Today, I can feel the exploding strength of the GODDESS!

THANK YOU!!! Hope to see some of you soon…. Helene


Almaty, Kazakhstan

When our Anchor Group made two lines of people at the beginning of the 8th Gate Activation, we realized that there were 22 of us. During the first hour we danced and it harmonized our group; after that, the energies became calmer.

We danced five 11:11 Sacred Dances, some of them twice. We experienced the high point of the energies during the Dance of the Elements; it was so beautiful. The energies were powerful, yet tender and we had a brilliant experience of Oneness. Everything that was previously known in theory became the Reality. The vastness of the event is breath-taking!

We send endless Love and gratitude to Solara, the Master Cylinder, and all the Anchor Groups around the world.

With Lotus Love…. Olga


Rossau, Sachsen, Germany

There were four people in our Anchor Group and we met at 9 am on the day of the 8th Gate Activation. Our room was painted in the colors salmon red, white and gold. We listened to music while placing roses and candles around the room; everything went very harmoniously.

We began by tuning into the energies and then read aloud the locations of all the other 8th Gate Anchor Groups. Next, we danced to beautiful music and at 10 am we established our Guardian with each of us taking our turn to serve as Guardian every hour.

Around 10:30 am, we felt the first wave which felt a cold energy. Towards 2:30 pm, we felt the main wave of 8th Gate energies come in and we all knew it right in the same moment; we also knew that around 3:30 pm nothing else needed to be done. We celebrated the day with a nice meal and everyone was very happy, although we felt the main wave to be a cold energy.

These gigantic energies that poured through us triggered many processes which were very intense, so we looked at them and transformed them. We did not bathe in the energies of Love, but rather transformed ourselves.

To walk together as One on the same path brings all hearts together in a wonderful way.

From the Heart…. Ruth

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