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Bucuresti, Romania

The 8th Gate energies have been working with me since the Activation, and now I can say what a wonderful experience I have had; what a miracle it was for me to discover another aspect of my being! Sometimes during the Activation, I felt a little ashamed of what I was feeling – sometimes I was sad or constricted, which I can see in the pictures of myself.

I discovered that I like to dance, but in the energy of True Love. During the workshop in Mangalia, I danced the 11:11 Sacred Dances for the first time and released a lot of pain, but during the Activation it was different. When we danced the Lotus Dance, with the sacred and divine energy of Pure Love, I felt that I was not myself any more…. I was the Dance; I was the Lotus, and I felt like the flower of the One Heart moving slowly. My soul was transformed; I did not feel like myself anymore.

During the Activation, we were all a beautiful flower, moving slowly in the Waves of Love…. The Love of the One came in and we only felt our hearts, a warm energy coming from the deepest core of our beings and pouring outside. I felt a thrill through my body and all of us knew in the same moment that the energies of the Lotus World had arrived. We were all silent and still…. then we all moved our bodies in time with one another!

It is hard to express in words what we felt, for anyone outside to understand, but we all felt the same in essence. I want to re-encounter you all and dance together. I miss you all so much and I miss us being close together. At least for a few days, it would be wonderful to dance together, quietly and peacefully, in the Love of the One. I sometimes thought that I am sad, but I have discovered that I just feel nostalgic and I miss you….

Since the 8th Gate Activation, I have lived with grace and I keep myself in peace and in my heart. During the Activation, I felt the energies fully; I danced the 11:11 Sacred Dances with my soul and I deeply felt their energy. Ever since that day I feel so expanded and I see different colors. The world that I am living in is different from other worlds.

I am so glad that my heart now feels the impulse to Love because I thought that my heart had dried out. I’ve had a delicate experience, full of Love… An aiona ke ina o.

I embrace you with Love…. Yvora



Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Aquí os comparto unas fotos del Grupo de Anclaje que nos reunimos el Domingo pasado en Santiago de Compostela para apoyar la apertura del Cilindro Maestro de Mallorca. Estuvimos presentes 14 personas (12 mujeres y 2 hombres), aunque en las danzas sólo participamos 12, formando una bella estrella de 6 puntas en la danza de la Procesión Estelar con la que abrimos.

Debido al mal tiempo que nos tocó ese día (y que continuamos teniendo) con mucha lluvia y vientos demasiado fuertes, decidimos hacerlo en Humana, el centro donde nos reunimos las Mujeres de la Luz de Galicia cada mes.

Nos divertimos mucho y nos la pasamos muy bien, sobre todo en la Danza de los Elementos donde algunas participantes se sintieron realmente “poseídas” por los nobles espíritus del agua, la tierra, el fuego y el aire, improvisando danzas realmente poderosas… También sentimos mucha alegría y mucho Amor, sobre todo en un momento especial donde estábamos en círculo casi sin movernos, sólo escuchando una música angelical…

Ojalá que más personas se puedan unir a las próximas aperturas ya que participar en estos trabajos es algo sumamente gratificante y provechoso para el planeta… Así es y así se siente…

Reciban un abrazo y mucha paz…. Karina Malpica

not-8SanDeComp1We are a small group in Spain and we are ready to go further with the 11:11. Domingo Diaz, who participated in the 8th Gate Master Cylinder in Mallorca, is our friend and we have done energetic work with him in different sacred places throughout Galicia. We are also part of an international group, called ‘Women on Light’ (http://www.mind-surf.net/mujeresenlaluz), and we promote 11:11 Anchor Groups among us. Women from our group in Queretaro (Mexico), Barcelona (Spain) and Zurich (Switzerland) also anchored the 8th Gate energies on this great day. We are very happy to keep growing in this work.

Thank you very much for all your Love…. Karina Malpica


 Burshtyn, Ukraine

Our Anchor Group in Burshtyn, Ukraine, thanks Solara, Annu, Zina and everybody for this possibility to join the world net of Love, to help and support the 8th Gate Activation.

The Activation on the 11th of February was amazing!

There were eight of us; our group has a very close and trusting relationship and we feel connected to each other without words. We didn’t dance, as we don’t know the 11:11 Sacred Dances and we did not want to confuse them. So, we anchored the 8th Gate Activation by listening to our Hearts.

After aligning with the Master Cylinder and the Worldwide Anchor Groups, we felt the Activation begin. Everyone felt the energy flow differently. The first waves were harsh: we saw it like thick water flowing around the Earth. In the places where the energies met, huge waves arose. They started from Mallorca, Spain and went across the whole world.

The waves became smaller and smaller, although it continued for 2 hours. Then, the surface became smooth and still. The New Energies reached the Master Cylinder, and from there a merry wave went through the wires of netting to the whole world, turning on the light of each one as it went. Soon, it calmed down and a Wave of Love embraced the world. WE ARE ONE! Love entered our bodies and through them, softly entered the Earth! At this point, we felt the Activation was finished.

The next day, we found one more sign of the successful Activation. A participant from our Anchor Group had a phone call from her friend who said that the statue of the Blessed Virgin in her apartment started to change color. It began on the evening of 11th February. The beige color of the inner part of the cloak became pink. When we went to our friend’s home, half of the statue was colored pink and we took pictures. On the following day, it all became pink. For the next three days the color became more visible and now it doesn’t change. It was a good sign that the New Energy is here and working with the updates of our souls and the whole world. Here are the photos of the Statue – the head still has the original color.

Thank you for participation! Love and Peace to you and your dearests! Peace to the whole World…. Olga Gudz


München, Germany

We were a group of seven people. We met twice before the 8th Gate Activation to practice the 11:11 Sacred Dances.

On the day of the Activation, we spent some wonderful hours together in which we surrendered to the energies. During the Activation, we felt very strong energies coming in at four different times. The Sacred Dances and all the Love that we shared with one another made all the participants very happy.

The Activation was a big service to humanity and Mother Earth and the joy and knowing of this was shining out from all our faces…. Hildegard


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