8 Gate 1 Mallorca – Anchor Group Reports Part 6

Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Hi everyone!! I’m Yani from the Riviera Maya in Mexico; I hope you all feeling good and full of love. Let me tell you about our experience this February 11th.

The Anchor Group here in the Riviera Maya had 6 persons (2 from Cancun and the other 4 were from the Riviera.) We found an amazing place called Xpu-Ha. One friend of mine has 8 small rooms in this place, so he gave us the 2 most near to the sea. We wanted to make the ceremony in front of the ocean and with a beautiful big tree as Guardian. But that same day in the morning Carlos, one of the guys who came from Cancun, wrote me a message to my cell phone explaining that he had problems to hear, and was scared about how he could make it because he needed to read the lips, but in the night near the ocean we didn’t have light, So my husband bought a big light for this, but at night this was not enough, so we all decided a last minute change, the place in the sand near the door to our room facing the ocean. So we slept for some hours and at 12 pm we stay all nervous because was our first time participating in all of this.

We checked the movements of the Lotus Dance and we talked about the Elements Dance, and then we started. We put in order the place and the music and all the little details. When we started, my husband took the place of Guardian and we decided to make the star dance, resting on the sand and making a star shape with our legs on the floor and meditate with the music.

At 4:00 am when we returned to the circle, we had a special moment. We started with a lot of laughs. I was a Guardian in that moment and saw the group dancing the 4 Elements song and in that moment I felt a lot of love, a sweet enormous love, was so warm and nice that I cried. I cried for love, I cried for hugs and kisses. I felt God, I felt my angel carrying me and taking care of us with his enormous wings.

Then the energy had a pause, and we meditated again, we had a beautiful sunshine. But when we felt again a lot of energy was at 6:30 am. We asked some beautiful red roses if they could take the place of the Guardian so the 6 of us could make the Lotus Dance. We started to dance and felt a lot of energy arriving to us and coming out from us. We danced like 20 min and when we opened the big flower, when we made only one circle, the sun painted all with a beautiful golden color and a little hummingbird flew in front of the circle and then just disappeared.

We had a lot of peace and we felt really happy, our Angel for sure use the word ONOYO (love), we start to smile and then we applauded, and hugged each other. We just stayed there and saw the sky making a lot of different colors and enjoyed that magnificent nature painting. Made by us, made by God…. SOTHYANA.


Caracas, Venezuela


Dominican Republic with the Whales

Hi just to give some feedback from the humpbacks!! What an awesome time; they were so amazing and knew exactly what was required for the Lotus energy.

I asked them what they wanted us to do on the evening of the 10th and they asked me to ask as many people as possible to visualise the planet Earth being gently lowered into the divine Love and protection of the Lotus so that it could envelope it with joy and the deep love of the Greater Love.

So that’s what we did. It was so wonderful that the whales joined us in great numbers…. mothers with their newborn calves and rowdy males. They were so gentle, not knocking or hurting us by mistake. We were very close in the water sometimes! By the end of the day, I visualised what changes had taken place and there was the Earth nestling within the Lotus!

The evening after, I read a book called “Animal Voices” where a communicator named Mary Getten described talking to an orca called Granny where the whale talks about the need for us to love the Greater Love symblolised by a giant Lotus flower linked into the planetary grid!!!!!!!!!

So the whales were ahead of us and knew exactly what was required for the greater good of the planet. It was such an honour to work with these incredible creatures. They gave me so much information at night times and during the day i was treated to a sound bath from a huge male.

Much Lotus Love…. Madeleine


Santos, São Paulo, Brazil

I wish I could express in words this wonderful experience. But that these words would change into devices inside your hearts. In a way that emotion, as we felt and lived in this day, would come to each one of you.

Now we realize that “No one else will ever be the same”.

Now we understand that “We are One in this Universal Orchestra”.

I can say that miracles have been happening since January 27, 2007, once I accepted in my physical body, the task to set up the Anchor Group here in Santos / São Paulo. And that in just three meetings in that same week, we found the place, shared the tasks, learned the dancing, acquired the dancing Cds, cleaned up and consecrated the place and did much else…

It’s worth saying that the place we got was a penthouse at the 15th floor that had never been inhabited before and was located in front of the sea and the mountains. It’s also worth saying that on February 11, 2007, at 5:00 am, we were there for our rehearsal and at exactly 5:45 am, we started our sacred Starry Processional Dance, and thus opened the Portal.

The group was formed in just five days by 18 people. More people wanted to join, but that was not possible due to the space we had. The people were touched in their hearts and could feel the emotion and deep feelings of love. We let the energy flow and just followed along, side by side. We felt the need for the Guardians to take turns, because the energy was too strong and there were falls.

At some times, we felt the urge to go inside the sacred circle, where we had several moments of amazing spiritual experience. Everybody was conscious and the sensation we felt was different from any other we had ever felt before. As we put ourselves in the position of Guardians, we could feel the force energy of the situation we were living at the moment.

We performed the Lotus Dance, and the Elements Dance, and the seriousness, integration and dedication of the group surprised me in a way that made me feel grateful and happy!

Our hearts had opened into love petals of the Lotus color!… Rubia Galante

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