8 Gate 1 Mallorca – Anchor Group Reports Page 8

São Paolo, Brazil

We were 48 people in total, with 9 Guardians in position at all times. We danced the Starry Processional Dance for 66 minutes without a pause…. we just couldn’t stop dancing it, as it was so strong and powerful. During the Activation, I saw a huge clear Lotus Flower, like a crystal, with very strong energy coming down and lots of Love flowing in. Many times during the day we felt that the Master Cylinder was needing our help and support and we sent lots of Love and energy.

During the reading of the Anchor Groups List, we had a very strong rain which stopped when the reading was finished. After the 8th Gate Activation, my vision has opened even more, and also the feeling of gratitude for everything. Solara and Annu, thank you so much for the opportunity to receive such strong energies of Love through this Gate. And thank you Cris Boog for trusting me to facilitate your Anchor Group.

With much Love…. Flávia Wegmann


Veszprem, Hungary

We treasure in our hearts the memories of the 8th Gate Activation. We started the day at 9 am, dressed in white, at the Spiritual Center in Veszprem. We read out the locations of the Anchor Groups – so many people!!! Then we got enchanted….dancing together, holding hands lovingly, hugs, laughter, true encounters.

The wonder happened at the Benedek Hill as we began the 11:11 Sacred Dances. There were 90 of us and we were dancing for hours. It was such a beautiful place, and we could see the town below us…. We felt the air stop moving and the sun shone on us! We were dancing, spinning in the sunshine and emerging in the PRESENCE. We surrendered to the incoming energies, feeling strong flows several times, with our hearts throbbing, opening up, and flowing warm waves. It was an uplifting feeling, our hearts full of joy and gratitude, UNITY and PRESENCE! Only the PRESENT moment existed and only LOVE. We were together until 9 in the evening. We all felt transformation starting inside us, on all levels. We cried, laughed, danced and relaxed.

Thanks to all of you from the depths of our hearts. We are happy to know that we are not alone – plenty of us are linked together, aiming for the same goal….We are ONE.

Light and Blessing follow all of you on your path! …. Agi Kalazi


Corrientes, Argentina

Grupo Luna Azul


Valley of a 1000 Hills, South Africa

On Friday February 9th, we experienced previously impossible, stuck situations open up and resolved with harmony and ease; this continued throughout Saturday the 10th. Sunday the 11th started off with intense energies pouring in, although we managed to ride the enormous waves. We found ourselves expanding Love outwards to all and receiving Love back – a perfect circle of giving and receiving. A most powerful experience! We thought it would be interesting to pinpoint all the Anchor Groups, using Mallorca as the central point, to see what pattern emerged. We were amazed…. All Love and blessings…. Susan


Private Group, Middle East

Wow, the 11:11 experiences were really something! On the day itself, I had decided that I was too young, too hopeless and too clueless, so I thought I’d stay out of it. However, throughout the day, I couldn’t take my mind off the Activation and at around 4 pm, I felt this almost irresistible urge to join in as a Guardian. STILL, I ignored it, and decided to go on the computer to take my mind off it. I was on the computer for about 2 minutes when I noticed that the clock was set wrong. The Time: 11:11….

It was almost amusing when I thought about it afterwards, as it was so clear that I was meant to be an Anchor. For an 11:11 to actually come up, I thought that the situation was quite urgent. Sure enough, when I got into position as a Guardian, I could feel immense energy…. way too much for the amount of people currently holding it. So, I prayed hard for more people to become Guardians…. It was extremely intense. I did at one point become “fried” in the energies. I realized I was swaying forwards and backwards, and my eyes were closed, so I took a break.

I’m surprised my parents didn’t notice anything odd – I was anchoring in the bathroom of all places, because my bedroom door didn’t have a lock and the bathroom was the only place I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed. I can’t say I actually felt the energies anchor fully because I wasn’t able to anchor for the full Ceremony. But I’m pleased that I was called by some invisible force for what seemed to be the most powerful and intense moment when you needed an extra helping hand. I’m grateful I was a part of it.

I felt the core 8th Gate energies just once, when I first read about the Activation. It was pure, sweet Love like nothing I’d ever known before…. sheer ecstasy, almost painful…. It was something that cannot be described, only experienced. I only felt it for a brief moment (I think I’d have exploded or torn my heart out if it had been for longer because it’s difficult to handle Love like that!) but it was enough to assume that I was meant to be a part of it all, and that it was going to have an effect on my life. I’m so grateful for that, and I wouldn’t give anything in the world to change it.

I hope everything went well at the Master Cylinder! Thank you!
Lotus Love…. Anonymous, 14 years old


Arlington, Texas, USA

What a beautiful experience the 8th Gate was! I anchored at midnight for the 9 am start time in Mallorca, Spain. I saw light beams shooting out behind me, one right after the other. The sky opened up and I found myself standing next to Mt. Shasta. She opened up and revealed the most sacred of sacred writings: ‘The Lotus Sutra’, from Source itself…. This brought down the most beautiful of beautiful moments. I was a Guardian from midnight until 6:30 am, U.S.A time. My Spirit was flying and meeting with others around the Universe, celebrating the moment. I remained in the Guardian position, making sure others were alright.

This was a rare moment and I was blessed to be part of the One. Each and everyone of you are Beautiful beyond anything I have ever experienced thus far on my journey….I can only imagine Being in the One in Mallorca, Spain….This was off the Map.

Blessings and Peace to Mother Earth…. Janet Fleschner

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