8 Gate 1 Mallorca – Anchor Group Reports Part 4

Newtown, Wales UK

What strong energies! We had a couple of people pass out and had to double up the Guardians. Here’s our report:

We were expecting between 45 to 50 people to attend the 8th Gate Activation here in Newtown Wales UK. Angel and myself had been snowed in for 2 days with no heating and eventually no hot water. We knew somehow we would make it to our venue in the village of Berriew as we had never missed a Gate Opening yet, but we had no idea how.

Saturday night two Angels, Mark and Alex arrived. Mark fixed the hot water and helped us to get the flowers, PA equipment, food and all the gear into 2 cars that we had managed to get half way up the lane as the snow was now beginning to thaw.

We got down to our venue and spent Saturday night making altars of flowers to the Four Directions and calibrating the energy of the Hall. Setting up the PA etc. When we left at midnight, the hall was transformed.

33 people made it on Sunday Morning despite the snows across Great Britain. What a powerful number, the number of World Service and of the One Being.

We linked with all the Anchor Groups World Wide and the Master Cylinder and began the Star Alignments‚ the Starry Processional Dance‚ then came the Union with the Lovers from Beyond the Stars from 2nd Gate, followed by the Earth-Star Dance. It was an unusual Earth-Star Dance‚ as many of the people who had not made it through the snow were the ones who knew the dances well. Eventually the dance rectified itself and the Merger was beautiful.

The dance of the Four Elements came next to birth the Spirit of the Ethers. As the Spirit of the Ethers burst into the hall in irridesent splendour, waves of energy pulsated through the hall. Many wondered if the Gate had opened. After a break, we relived the opening of the Sixth Gate: One Earth-One being. Linking with the Master Cylinder and all Worldwide Anchor Groups, we began the Lotus Dance. It was the strangest Lotus Dance I’ve ever encountered, but everyone remained filled with love and joy even though we could not seem to synchronise the dance.

Then with renewed vigour and synchronicity came the Dance of the Six Elements‚ to birth the One Heart. The Elements donned their bright costumes; the dance was wild, free and wonderful. Such love flowed through us all as we gathered around our beautiful One Heart Being who shimmered with pink hearts and so much radiance until we all became One.

Finally we lay in a mandala formation as we put the call out to bring forth our True Loves. In this state of bonding and ecstasy we opened the Lotus Heart, bursting the membrane that had kept separate all the fragments that were predestined to join together in Sacred Union, and found ourselves floating upon a River of Love in Lotus Boats, with more and more Lotus Boats joining the procession as we led the way into the Sea of Love and the Lotus World.

Thank you to you all who braved the snows. Our Blessings and a Big Thank you to Solara…. Amma Ra & Angel


Sorocaba, Brazil

Hello my friends 11:11.
My personal experience was joy, happiness, a state of being light and peaceful! The dances were wonderful and very joyful…. nobody wanted to stop. I had some visions about the Earth floating over a white Lotus’flower. It was a great and pleasant event, all together.

The Great Light guide all!…. Jomarion


Puerto Octay, Chile


Visit http://www.aibandu.cl/Portal11%20Informe.htm#Informe%20Puerto%20Octay for a full report in Spanish.


Oxborough, England UK

We had a wonder filled day. The energy was very strong and grew. It was also very soft and gentle, yet as deep as deep could be; full of light, laughter, spontaneity and joy.

As it was pouring with rain on the morning of the 11th until just after lunch, we did most of the dancing and other activities in our host’s house, and then later went down to the moon meadow to finish off as it were. The sun was shining then, and it was quite warm; the energy there was great. It was a beautiful day and experience. It was a day full of joy, deep intent, a deep flow of energy, laughter and fun too. We were connecting with and receiving and transmitting to the Master Cylinder and all the Anchor Groups …. what felt like huge amounts of energy throughout the day.

The 8th Gate wasn’t opened suddenly or dramatically as has happened with 11:11 Gates sometimes in the past, but rather it seemed to blossom forth over a few hours ending with what we felt was clear deep embracing love…… .unconditional love that seemed to open up from the depths of our being of Oneness.

At the end we were tired and yet feeling that lift of joy and deep love that enhanced and drenched our beings. There were several people who had wanted to come to these celebrations, who were not able to be with us physically on the day, but they tuned in with us during the day and their support was very much appreciated.

Thank you Solara and your team for all that you have done…. Pam and Scilla


Boston, Massachusetts USA

Until the final days, I wasn’t sure if people come. We were four. The Energy was strong and beautiful. It’s one of the most energetically powerful experience in my life. We were One.. with Master Cylinder, with the whole planet and Universe

We would like to go on with our exploration of the Nvisible in our Oneness. Do you have recommendations for Anchor group gatherings and anchoring 8th Gate’s energy?

Love and blessings from Lotus hearts…. Samadar


Lins, São Paolo, Brazil

Our group was formed by 19 people who switched time to time as local Guardians. Despite our lack of experience, I believe our aim was reached. Participants related a feeling of strong energy at the same time. Some related the presence of Light beings and others, lights from orange to golden ruby. Everyone described a change in themselves. It was a amazing and grateful experience.

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