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The pages on are provided in five languages.

The translation of the original about 400 pages is still in progress – here you can see, which parts are available in which languages.

“X” : The section has not been translated into that language.
“O” : This section is currently in the process of  translating.
*ok” : This section is available in the corresponding language

 1. Gate Egypt  X  ok X X
 1. Gate New Zealand  X  ok X X
2. Gate Ecuador  X  ok X X
3. Gate Slovenija – Montana, USA – Australia  X  ok X X
4. Gate Tahiti  X  ok X X
5. Gate Hawaii  X  ok X X
6. Gate Ireland  X  X X X
7. Gate Rajasthan  X  X X X
8. Gate 1 Mallorca  X  X X X
8. Gate 2 Lake Titicaca  X  X X X
9. Gate Bali  ok  ok X X
10. Gate Chiapas, Mexico  ok  ok X X
11/11/11 Silent Watcher Ceremony in Moray  ok  ok X X
‘A Mu’a Ceremony on Rapa Nui ok  ok ok ok
The 11:11 Doorway  ok  ok X X
Sacred Dances  ok  X X X
11:11 Practices  ok  ok  X  X
11:11 Master Cylinders  ok  ok  X  X

The Eye of AN Dance

Created in April 2012 by Solara and our One Being in Rapa Nui. Our newest Sacred Dance was birthed at our 11:11 ‘A Mu’a Ceremony in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) in April 2012. It’s purpose at the ‘A Mu’a Ceremony was to align the Eye of AN with the “Eye Turned Towards the Sky” of […]

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The Eleventh Gate Master Cylinder

By SOLARA Organizing the Eleventh Gate Activation required a superhuman effort. For some reason, it was way more complicated and challenging than usual. It overstretched us beyond all previous definitions of the word. All of the details which go into an 11:11 Activation such as negotiating with the hotel, arranging transportation, renting a sound system, […]

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